Obese Jewish Tranny is Biden’s New Assistant Health Secretary

Renegade Tribune
January 20, 2021

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LD (brief introduction) :  In 2011, Richard L. Levine (left), age 54, had his penis surgically amputated and was transformed into Dr. Rachel L. Levine (right). Dr Rachel, who has two children, divorced her wife Martha Peaslee Levine in 2013, two years after transitionising. Now aged 63, Dr Rachel has been appointed Assistant Secretary of Health by President Joe Biden—the first  openly transgender federal official ever to be singled out for such high office. [LD]. Read More

Despair, Depression, and the Inevitable Rise of Trump 2.0

RT via Information Clearing House
January 20, 2021

Glenn Greenwald tells RT his Biden administration predictions.
(See full 29-minute interview at end of article)

America, Joe Biden says, “is back.” Beyond the sloganeering, journalist Glenn Greenwald reckons that means “militarism, imperialism, and corporatism,” he told RT’s Chris Hedges.


Could Biden be setting the scene
for Trump’s return in four years’ time?

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Countdown to Wednesday: America at Fever Pitch as Biden and Kamala Head for White House

By Lasha Darkmoon
January 18, 2021


Will America survive ‘the New World Order’ to be ushered in on Wednesday by a Deep State  dictatorship disguised as a democracy?

Los Angeles Times. (Cliff Hawkins, Getty images.)

I almost fell out of my chair when I opened my inbox yesterday and read the title of a sensational new article some helpful correspondent had emailed me for my perusal. 

Inauguration Cancelled, Trump Remains in Office,
ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CNN, MSNBC to Lose Licenses

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Hold On To That Fear

By Mike Ferner
Information Clearing House
January 15, 20221


Dear Congresspersons and Senators,

This letter is about that nauseating, trembling fear you felt when the hate exploded at you on January 6. Please don’t forget it. Journal about it before it fades. Tolerate the nightmares. Keep pen and paper on your nightstand to record what woke you from screaming fits. Don’t block it out. Don’t let it go. Read More

Election 2020: How the US Government Turned Its Back on Democracy.

The People no longer decide what happens in America. Americans are now living under the heel of a totalitarian dictatorship thinly disguised as a “democracy”. And Trump played his part in this transference of power from the People to a powerful elite determined to implement their own shadowy agenda.  So argues (or suggests) the Serbian writer below who now works full-time for RT.

By Nebojsa Malic
January 11, 2021 (updated) 

A protester is seen hanging from the balcony in the Senate Chamber
on January 6, 2021 in Washington, DC ©  Win McNamee / Getty Images / AFP

A crowd of protesters stormed Congress protesting a presidential election they claimed had been fraudulent. When this happened in Serbia in 2000, the US called it “democracy”. When it happened in Washington, DC – not so much.
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First Thoughts on the Breach of the Capitol by Trump Backers: The Left Will Now Enact Permanent Hegemony

Kevin MacDonald has no doubts about the Election being stolen. Websites like The Occidental Observer, he predicts, could well be targeted for daring to point this out.  New censorship laws introduced by the incoming Biden administration could destroy the last vestiges of free speech, ushering in a dystopian neo-Bolshevik America.  “It’s redundant”, MacDonald adds, “to point out the outsize Jewish role in all this.”

The Occidental Observer
January 6, 2021

“Imagine the rioting if Trump had won . . .
The hole we were in, already deep, has just got a whole lot deeper.”

— Kevin MacDonald

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Anarchy in the USA: Is Civil War Looming?

By Lasha Darkmoon
January 7, 2021


It has been impossible for me to find any YouTube videos that present the recent scenes in Washington objectively. All the big media outlets, without exception, are anti-Trump and pro-Biden. The front page headline in The New York Times is typical — “TRUMP INCITES MOB.” A British tabloid screams: “ANARCHY IN THE USA.”

The video below is hopefully a bit more objective since it comes from DW, a German public broadcast service. Read More