Why It’s Important for Trump to Win

Election storms lie ahead, with an upsurge in street violence and the threat of civil war, but if Trump doesn’t win — it’s goodbye America.

By Kevin MacDonald
The Occidental Observer
October 21, 2020



MacDonald — A vote for Trump is a vote for America.

Trump’s 2016 victory was seen as nothing less than a cataclysm by the American establishment—the greatest shock to the system in memory and perhaps in the entire history of the Republic. After all, Trump was vehemently opposed by the entire establishment  from far left to the neoconservative and Chamber of Commerce right. It was, one might say, a hostile takeover. Read More

Three Italian translations [*POEMS*]



Dove sono I campi di cricket di ieri?
Dove sono i giocatori sul verde prato del villaggio?
Dov’è il gagliardo giovane che batteva la palla
Sopra i tetti come mai si era visto?

Dove sono le sognanti guglie, dove il fruscio di toghe
Lungo antichi chiostri ricoperti di edera?
Dove sono i gufanti docenti  in acciottolate città
Citando l’Odissea e l’Iliade?

Dove sono le vecchie care signore in abiti lunghi,
Acclamanti i giocatori sul verde prato del villaggio?
Sono tutte andate oltre, ci hanno detto, verso nuovi luoghi
Dove ognuno a modo suo sereno è.

Andati sui nuovi campi di cricket! – Dio li benedica tutti,
Battitori e difensori, lanciatori e palla.

Cricket on the Village Green, by Xanadu


Qui è la sera. Presto ti vedrò.
Le stelle fan capolino.
Le campane della chiesa
Suonan di gioia. La ridente luna
Ti dice che tutto va bene.

Ah, mai più rivedremo
Una sera come questa!
Lascia questo momento duri sempre –
L’amante e il bacio.

Evening, by Xanadu


Ti ricorderò sempre per
I raggianti sorrisi che mi desti:
Molto tempo fa, amor mio, prima
Che tu perdessi la tua dorata chiave.

Ma ancor di più ti ricorderò
Per il tuo gesto di vendetta:
Per il giorno della porta chiusa in faccia
E del tuo colpir alle spalle.

I’ll Always Remember, by Xanadu

Trump Victory Will Usher In New Golden Age

In accordance with our policy of strict neutrality, we publish here an article by a passionate Trump supporter. This will hopefully help to counterbalance the anti-Trump articles we have published. Further pro-Trump articles can be expected within the next 12 days. 

By Vid Rebel
October 22, 2020

This article has been slightly abridged.

“A golden age lies ahead.”
— Vid Rebel

My predictions sometimes are great and at other times not so great as in that vision I had before my 8th birthday. I saw a future in which more than half of the population would die in a grand conflagration. I was told this would not happen until I was old. Read More


19 October 2020

The engine of our enslavement


Status update on the road to oblivion: Yes, you better be worried. Very worried.

Automatic blockages of your thought processes result every time Facebook or Twitter or YouTube or Amazon erases what the Jewish archons of the world determine is detrimental to their dastardly design. Read More

Bombshell Interview: ‘Vote for Trump if you Love Israel’

A recent interview with Trump’s key Jewish advisor and campaign manager reveals a shocking truth: if you vote for Trump, you are in fact voting for Israel and Jewish supremacy.

By Lasha Darkmoon
October 18, 2020


Trump Presents Netanyahu with a Golden Key
to the White House in a Sickening Ceremony
(See 3-minute video here)

While surfing the internet yesterday, I happened to come across a link to an explosive article by Jackson Richman (October 15) on the Algemeiner website. This featured an interview between the Algemeiner website and  Boris Epshteyn  (pronounced ‘Epstein’ with a ‘sh’ in it), key strategic advisor for US President Donald Trump’s 2020 election campaign. Read More

How Microwave Radiation is Poisoning the Earth and Plastic Junk is Polluting the Oceans

Arthur Firstenburg
Newsletter August 2020
15 October 2020


“Someday science may have the existence of mankind in its power, and the human race commit suicide by blowing up the world.”  — Henry Brooks Adams, April 1862

Early on October 6, 2020 at 5:29 a.m. Mountain Time, SpaceX launched another 60 satellites, to join their fellows racing through the ionized layer of air that protects us and gives us life. At about that time, a good friend of mine here in Santa Fe was awakened by a severe nosebleed. That evening, I told the grocery clerk at the checkout counter that I was feeling unusually tired. “So am I,” he said.
Read More

Trump’s Endless Wars

By Nicolas JS Davies & Medea Benjamin
The Progressive via ICH
October 12, 2020

Also published today on Truthseeker

The pretend peacemaker has repeatedly
endangered the nation and world.

“Besides not ending any of the wars that he promised to end, Trump has come dangerously close to starting even more catastrophic wars. . . .The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists in January advanced the hands of its Doomsday Clock to just 100 seconds to midnight, closer to self-destruction than ever.”  — Nicholas JS Davies & Medea Benjamin. Read More

SHOCK VIDEO: ‘I Don’t Care WHO You Are . . . This Should Flippin’ BLOW YOU AWAY!!!’

HighImpactTV — October 8, 2020
Sourced from Truthseeker

LD:  This highly entertaining 13-minute video has collected quite a lot of heated  feedback from the commenters on Truthseeker, both for and against Donald Trump.

It begins with this announcement:  “This is NOT a Campaign Ad or a  Hit Piece for the OTHER Side.” And it goes on to add in the second frame:  “BIDEN & All Politicians  (LEFT & RIGHT) Are just as CORRUPT and HYPOCRITICAL As This Video Reveals TRUMP To Be.”

With acknowledgements to our German American correspondent ‘PG’ for sending us a link to this video in an email and challenging us to publish it “as a counterbalance to the pro-Trump articles you have been publishing recently”.

Readers, please feel free to attack or defend the video as you wish. This is well worth watching if only for its entertainment value.  

VIDEO   :   12.59 mins

The Vampire: A Poem by Charles Baudelaire *

Translated from the French
by Lasha Darkmoon

LD:   In August 1857, less than two months after Charles Baudelaire published Les Fleurs du Mal (‘The Flowers of Evil’), a French court banned six poems from its contents: Lesbos, Femmes damnés, Le Léthé, À celle qui est trop gaie, Les Bijoux, and Les Métamorphoses du Vampire. The poem below, though it also featured an erotic vampire, was so well written that the censors decided not to ban it;  though it was thought that it might have a corrupting effect on susceptible young men— if not women with lesbian tendencies. The femme fatale described in the poem was Baudelaire’s mistress, Jeanne Duval, an actress and dancer of mixed French and black African ancestry. A sex addict who frequently visited brothels, Baudelaire was completely bewitched by her. Here is a sketch of this temptress by Baudelaire.   Read More

Will Joe Biden Make America Great Again?

“What would Biden’s foreign policy look  like?” John Kiriakou asks.
His answer: “Just look at his supporters!”

By John Kiriakou,
October 7, 2020
“Information Clearing House” 

Could this be America’s New Messiah?

Many of us are counting down the days until we can throw President Donald Trump out of office, out of Washington, out of our lives, and out of the daily news cycle.  With the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, there’s even more immediacy to replacing Trump.  But what would we get with Joe Biden as our new President? What would a Biden foreign policy look like? Read More

Hydrogel: Fast track to hell

6 October 2020

Independent doctors call hoax on Deep State’s faux pandemic

“The vaccine will do away with the need for computers or phones because hydrogel will enable your body to connect to the Internet.” — Dr. Carrie Medej

“Once the vaccine is inside your body,
there’s nothing you can do about it.”
— Dr. Andrew Kaufman Read More