Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám in 40 lines, illustrated (includes video)

Translated by Edward FitzGerald
(First Edition, 1859)


9782819924142_200LD: These ten 4-line verses (or quatrains) from the Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám, amounting to 40 lines, contain the essence of the entire poem.

In the original complete version, the poem runs to 75 quatrains in 300 lines.

These 10 selected verses, the most frequently quoted, encapsulate an entire philosophical worldview which in many ways is startlingly modern. And yet the Persian poet (pictured here) who wrote this work of Sufi mysticism did so in the early part of the 12th century. Read More

Trump vs Clinton: Choose Your Poison

Introduced by Lasha Darkmoon with an update

It beggars belief that out of the 224 million people who populate America, the choice of POTUS should be narrowed down to two of the most toxic individuals imaginable: a sexually degenerate businessman who makes lewd comments about his own daughter and a criminal psychopath who lies every time she opens her mouth.

As of today, the criminal psychopath (Clinton) has a 7-point lead over the lewd businessman (Trump). It seems the American people feel happier to be governed by a dangerous psychopath with her finger on the nuclear button than by locker-room lout with his finger on his zip.



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Putin Bans Rothschilds From Russia

If Putin were one of the bad guys on the Jewish payroll,
why would he ban the Rothschilds from Russia?


Putin played the New World Order game long enough to climb as high as the position of President — then he abruptly turned his back on them, prompting Jacob Rothschild to accuse him of being a “traitor to the New World Order.” 

Brave Vladimir Putin!— he has now banned Jacob Rothschild and his New World Order banking cartel family from entering Russian territory “under any circumstances.

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US Army Chief Threatens War With Russia

051016milleyArmy Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley warned last night that the United States was ready to “destroy” its enemies in comments that were clearly directed at Russia.

“I want to be clear to those who wish to do us harm….the United States military – despite all of our challenges, despite our [operational] tempo, despite everything we have been doing – we will stop you and we will beat you harder than you have ever been beaten before. Make no mistake about that,”said Milley. Read More

The Jewish Origins of the Open Borders Movement

By Andrew Joyce, Ph.D.

Sourced from the Occidental Observer

Who are the world’s best gravediggers . . . digging the graves of America and Europe and filling them to the brim with White corpses? To find out, read this disturbing article by Andrew Joyce. 


In a 2015 essay on ‘Whiteness studies’ I attempted to lay the groundwork and contextualization for a more developed study of the scale and devastating impact of contemporary Jewish intellectual activism in our colleges, universities, and wider culture. In that essay I noted the importance of Jewish activists including Noel Ignatiev, Ruth Frankenberg, Ricky Marcuse, and Terry Berman, who between the mid-1970s and late 1990s engaged in an effort to develop an academic discipline known as ‘Whiteness studies.’ Read More

Putin Ups the Ante: Ceasefire Sabotage Triggers Major Offensive in Aleppo

By Mike Whitney

“Syria is the summation of all the errors
of a dysfunctional empire collapsing upon itself.”


The attack on Deir Ezzor was a flagrant act of betrayal. For the first time in the five year-long war,  US warplanes targeted an SAA military outpost killing 62 Syrian regulars. The surprise attacks — which lasted for the better part of an hour and were followed by a coordinated ground assault by members of ISIS – were intended to torpedo the fragile ceasefire agreement and send a message to Moscow that the US was prepared to achieve its strategic objectives in Syria whether it had to launch direct attacks on defenders of the regime or not. Read More