Sheikh Imran Hossein — ‘The Big War Is Coming’ (Video)

LD :  Muslim scholar, philosopher and eschatologist Sheikh Imran Hosein (pictured) predicts that Armageddon, the war to end all wars, is now upon us. Prophecies of Armageddon and the end days, he points out, are to be found in the texts of Christianity, Judaism and Islam alike—and they are all identical in the doom they predict.

The coming war will wipe out billions of people in a nuclear holocaust that is now inevitable as well as imminent. In fact, we are told that most of mankind will perish and the earth become a nuclear desert.  According to the Sheikh, not only will most of mankind perish but will also “deserve to perish”. To find out why, listen to the video. 

The first 2-3 minutes of the Sheikh’s lecture are fuzzy and unclear,  so give the video a chance to get started.   Read More

The lie that will not die

By John Kaminski
13 February 2019

If you disagree with what they say, they can put you in jail, simple as that. One way or another, they’ll find a way. Because now there are laws that insist you may not defame the memory of the dead, you may not oppose sanctions against Israel, and you may not disagree with what government officials have told you is the truth. Even though you know what they say is not true, you must agree with it or they will put you in jail, after first ruining the rest of your life. Read More

Madison Avenue, or The Anti-White Agenda of Jewish Ad Agencies

Author of Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947
February 1, 2019

“In these commercials … straight white males are always the targets, portrayed as fat, fumbling fools … incapable of solving even the simplest task.” — Thomas Goodrich 

While Israel sits nice and comfy behind its wall, Jewish enablers have been pushing white genocide via replacement with hordes of darks flooding the Euro nations of earth.  Now, while this program has been in place since the end of WWII, Jews are currently ramping up their attacks against we whites in advertising.  Just as with population replacement, the end game of Jewish advertising is also nothing less than our extermination.  
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Les Visible — ‘For Those who Believe, Some Direct Evidence of what Lies Beyond and Within.’


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“Seek, and ye shall find.”

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I was not going to write a post today. I had intended to write, perhaps only one or two in the next few weeks …because I am presently concluding the coming book about Practicing the Presence of God and I have found, through experience, that unless I give a project my complete attention for the necessary time span, it can take significantly longer to be finished than is necessary. Read More

Lost in Trump World

War in the Shadows (of You Know Who)

By Andrew Bacevich
5 February 2019

“Let’s get out of Afghanistan. Our troops are being killed by the Afghanis we train and we waste billions there. Nonsense!  Rebuild the USA.”

The news, however defined, always contains a fair amount of pap. Since Donald Trump’s ascent to the presidency, however, the trivia quotient in the average American’s daily newsfeed has grown like so many toadstools in a compost heap, overshadowing or crowding out matters of real substance. We’re living in TrumpWorld, folks. Never in the history of journalism have so many reporters, editors, and pundits expended so much energy fixating on one particular target, while other larger prey frolic unmolested within sight. Read More

How We Lost Our Country


Jewish control of finance is a moral carcinogen that has destroyed the world’s churches and universities and corrupted every government on Earth. It is also deliberately destroying the world’s families.



All the bad things we have enthusiastically said about our enemies — from Hitler to Gadhafi — have all been false. In reality, the Western powers have gone around the world killing all those leaders who were genuine champions of their people. Read More

European Court Rules Bishop Williamson Guilty of Hate Speech for Denying Holocaust

31 January 2019

British Catholic bishop who denied the Nazis used gas chambers during TV interview in Germany loses hate speech conviction appeal
Bishop Richard Williamson (pictured) denied the Nazis had used gas chambers during a 2009 interview

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled Germany was within its rights to convict British bishop Richard Williamson of Holocaust denial. Mr Williamson, 78, sparked an outcry in 2009 by denying that the Nazis used gas chambers during the systematic murder of six million Jews during World War II.

His lawyers tried to argue he should not had been convicted because the comment was made during a television interview broadcast in Sweden, where Holocaust denial is not illegal. But the interview was recorded in Germany, where it is a criminal offence to dispute the mass murder of Jews by the Nazis. Read More