Israel’s Money Machine

The Unz Review

The stars came out in Hollywood on November 2nd, or at least some of them did. The gala event celebrated the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and raised funds to support its mission in Israel itself and on the occupied West Bank. The organization being fêted was the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF), which has fourteen regional offices in the United States and operates under the slogan “Their job is to look after Israel. Our job is to look after them.” In attendance were Arnold Schwarzenegger and actor Gerald Butler. Entertainment was provided by the singer Seal. (more…)

The broken mirror in the American mind

By John Kaminski

Dishonest officials fail to explain bizarre fires and chaotic shooting

The broken mirror in the American mind

It’s almost as if our consciences have been deliberately and systematically aborted, or consigned to insignificance by the puppetmasters who insist that everyone should believe their government even when they know it is lying.

This is the new freedom those who are controlled by Jews speak about.

What do you see, my friend, when you behold your own reflection in the splintered shards of shattered glass that once was the mirror of your American dream? (more…)

The Putin Deception

This anti-Putin article was originally published on the Henry Makow site and comes to us via the Truthseeker. Henry Makow himself admits in his brief introduction that the article by Andy Sloan is “farfetched”.  He goes on to caution: “Nevertheless, Putin’s bona fides need to be scrutinized carefully.” The article is prefaced by our usual disclaimer : “The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of anyone associated with this website.”  [LD]


Freud Outed as Fraud and ‘Vile Sex Crazed Creep’

By Ysenda Maxtone-Graham
The Daily Mail

With pictures, captions and comments by Lasha Darkmoon

LD: Freud researcher Professor Frederick Crews suggests in a new book that Sigmund Freud, founder of psychoanalysis, was not only a fraud but a “vile sex crazed creep” who would grope his female patients. Women would always come away from his treatments in a far worse condition. An amusing anecdote is often told about Freud that is instructive. He was once told he worked too hard and asked why he never went on vacation. “I can’t take a break,” he replied cynically. “Because when I get back, all my patients would be cured!” [LD] (more…)

Evil Jew Soros Plans Flooding Europe And America With Third World Immigrants

Strategic Culture Foundation


It’s an open secret that the “Soros network” has an extensive sphere of influence in the European Parliament and in other European Union institutions. The Soros List has been made public recently. The document lists 226 MEPs from all sides of the political spectrum, including former President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz, former Belgian PM Guy Verhofstadt, seven vice-presidents, and a number of committee heads, coordinators, and quaestors who are working in collusion with Soros to bring about the demise of Europe as we know it. (more…)

How Mueller and President Trump are Pulling the Biggest Sting in History

Sourced from via the Truthseeker

On the crisp fall night of October 9, 2016, there was an electric energy in the air at Washington University in St. Louis for the second presidential debate. Hillary Clinton ended the first debate with a below the belt attack on Donald Trump accusing him of bullying a former Miss Universe beauty queen. There was a sense in the air that Trump – famous for his counter punches – would swing back with a TKO, and boy, did he deliver. (more…)

Trump’s Long Game Is To Drain The Swamp

LD:  The following pro-Trump article has been sent to me by Lobro, the Darkmoon site’s most ardent Trump supporter. I am given to understand that it represents Lobro’s viewpoint exactly — in “total sync with Lobro’s Theory“, to use Lobro’s own words. I’ve added a powerful 15-minute video at the end. This reinforces the viewpoint that Trump and his intentions may have been hopelessly misunderstood by a public that has been kept in the dark about many sinister things emanating from the Clinton camp. So let’s give the article and the accompanying video a respectful hearing. Feel free to comment as you please, either for or against the material presented here.


Buckle up for a Massive Purge in Washington

By  James Howard Kunstler
Russia Insider

“The whole extravaganza is heading toward a constitutional crisis that might clean out the system like a Death Wish coffee enema.”

November 4, 2017.  What America might want to know right now is: how come Hillary Clinton doesn’t have any legal problems? Why aren’t Department of Justice (DOJ)  investigators examining the financial records of the Clinton Foundation? (more…)

Before Our Minds Were Hijacked


Before our minds were hijacked, part 1


“The early northern Europeans, who had made the decision to retain their individual sovereignty, talked of them as monstrous organisms. Sometimes they called such a group a “giant” because the group acted like one single enormous person. Sometimes they called it a snake or serpent because the group organism moved in a sneaky fashion and was poisonous. Dragon was the common term for ‘body politic’. Dragon was an unreal, animallike idea-creation obviously invented for only one purpose — to designate the indescribable group-monster.” — John Harland, Word Controlled Humans,  1981, p. 21

If you think the world has gone crazy—and there’s plenty of evidence it has always been crazy—it could be because of the dominance of words from outside your brain interfering with your own perceptions that form naturally inside your everyday thought processes. Call them inklings or intuition. They trigger barely audible alarms every time something doesn’t sound quite right to you. Minus the programming, this is your own innate intelligence speaking. (more…)

‘Trump is f***ed’ after former campaign chief Paul Manafort charged in Russia investigation, says ex-aide

Sourced from The Independent

“Mueller is going to go over every financial dealing… Trump is at 33 per cent in Gallup. You can’t go any lower.”

Sam Nunberg suggested the President may not be able to survive the Russia probe. (Getty)

Donald Trump “is f***ed” after his former campaign chief was charged as part of an investigation into Russian interference in last year’s election, an ex-aide has said. (more…)

New York terror attack leaves eight dead and 11 injured as truck ploughs into cyclists and pedestrians


On October 31, 2017, 29-year-old Sayfullo Habibullaevich Saipov of Uzbekistan drove a flatbed pickup truck in a vehicle-ramming attack on cyclists and runners along 1 mile (1.6 km) of a bike path alongside West Street in Lower Manhattan, New York City, killing eight people and injuring at least 11 others. Upon exiting the vehicle, he was shot in the abdomen by police, and then arrested.

The killer shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ before being shot by police.

The driver, identified as 29-year-old Sayfullo Saipov, swerved out of traffic and into a cycle lane on the West Side at around 3pm as the city was preparing for its Halloween parade. (more…)