Israel Is Here To Stay


Franklin Ryckaert here argues that “Israel is here to stay” and suggests that the Palestinians would do well to accept whatever little land Israel is ready to offer them.      

“The only realistic choice for the Palestinians 
is to accept a rump state or no state at all.”
— Franklyn Ryckaert (more…)

The Concluding Words of the Book of Ecclesiastes — Read by Sir Lawrence Olivier

The Book of Ecclesiastes is one of the shortest and most memorable books of the Old Testament. It was said to have been written by King Solomon several hundred years before the Christian era.
This particular passage — Chapter 12, the last chapter of the book —  has special memories for me.
When I was a child, age seven, playing on the veranda of our house overlooking the lake in another land, I remember my father taking up the family Bible and beckoning me over. I sat on his knee as he read me these exact words from Chapter 12 of Ecclesiastes. I was totally enthralled by his reading, although I didn’t understand a word at the time. It was as if I had heard these words, or their echoes, many times before in other lifetimes. I didn’t know what they meant, but I knew they meant something profound. It was only much later that I was to read and understand Plato’s famous words: “Nothing important is learned; it is simply remembered.”
In the final sentence of the Book of Ecclesiastes — see picture quote above — the ancient doctrine of karma is clearly stated, as it will be stated again several times in the New Testament. [LD] (more…)

As Thousands Left Homeless From Hurricanes, Trump Sends $75 Million MORE to Israel



17 September 2017.  As many Americans struggle to get back on their feet after their homes were destroyed by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, the United States government has insisted that the only way to raise money for relief efforts is to increase the national debt—while setting aside another $75 million in aid for Israel. (more…)

Jez Turner — ‘Whites Won’t Survive Without White Nationalism’ (includes 12-minute video)

How To Feel Good

(sourced from Western Spring)

Is this man ‘dangerous’?

Below are the words of a recent letter from twenty-four year old Lawrence Burns, who is currently serving a four year sentence in an English prison.

For what, you may ask?

Well you don’t go to prison for being a left-wing extremist or for shouting, “Kill all white men!” (more…)

Palestine Will Return

By Mahmoud El-Yousseph


There are 12 million Palestinians in the world. Half of them are refugees living in squalid camps and in permanent exile. They are not allowed to return home to their rightful properties. However, under the 1950 Israeli discriminatory “Law of Return”, every Jew, no matter where he or she resides, enjoys automatic Israeli citizenship at the expense of Palestinian refugees who have lived on the land for generations — my late parents included.

I am the proud descendant of a race whose land has been stolen. (more…)

The 16th anniversary of 9/11 — Is Osama bin Laden chuckling in his grave?

for the Daily Mail 

53 per cent of Americans now doubt the official version of 9/11. Even Osama bin Laden has begun to express his doubts from beyond the grave.

“Yep, I haven’t got a clue who did 9/11 — but it wasn’t me!”

[LD] Today marks the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 hoax. Don’t expect this article in the Daily Mail to proclaim it as an inside job. No chance of that. The importance of the article lies in the fact that it could never have been written five years ago. I suspect the writer of the article is a 9/11 skeptic, though she can’t afford to come out and say this openly in a mainstream newspaper. Any brainwashed beginner however, previously happy to accept the traditional narrative of Osama bin Laden as the mastermind behind 9/11, is bound to have second thoughts after reading this fascinating and factually fair article. [LD] (more…)

Panic in Tel Aviv: Is Netanyahu losing it? (Part 2)

Part 2 : The Ticking Time Bomb


Pictures, captions and comments by Lasha Darkmoon


To understand the state of panic currently afflicting the ruling elite in Israel, which has gone to the extent of openly threatening to bomb the presidential palace in Damascus and Iranian military formations in Syria, one need only refer to recent remarks made by Robert Ford, the last US ambassador to Syria. (more…)

Panic in Tel Aviv: Is Netanyahu losing it? (Part 1)

PART 1 : Will Israel start a new war?


With brief notes and comments by Lasha Darkmoon

“It is time to say ‘No’ when Israel comes knocking.”
— Philip Giraldi

When politicians are feeling the heat, they start a war and their popularity goes up even if the war is unnecessary or completely ridiculous. Donald Trump, the presidential candidate who promised that he would not take the nation into another Middle Eastern war, did so when he launched a fifty-nine cruise missile barrage against a Syrian Air Base even before he knew for sure what had happened on the ground. It was totally stupid but proved to be popular, even among talking heads and Congressmen, some of whom described his action as “presidential” in the best sense of the word. (more…)

Hurricane Irma Rages

Hurricane Irma has caused catastrophic damage in Barbuda, St. Barthelemy, St Martin, Anguilla and the Virgin Islands as a Category 5 hurricane with winds of 185 mph. Anything over 157 mph is classified as a Category 5 hurricane. There is no such thing as a Category 6. Mountainous  waves are expected to lash the coasts and destroy all the houses they hit. Americans are stocking up on food frantically as 2.7 million properties are threatened with destruction in Florida.
VIDEO  :  10.38 mins