Under the Heel of the Rothschilds



“And one man, Donald Trump, is supposed to reverse all this?”
— Arch Stanton

That America is on “life support” has been clear for a long time—in fact, ever since the Swinging Sixties and the end of the Vietnam war. America’s rapidly deteriorating condition of the late seventies is what led to my search for what happened to the promise of “the American dream”.

Dangerous Delusions of the Donald: Includes full Press Conference video (77-mins)

in Washington

Abridged by Lasha Darkmoon

LD: The article you are about to read will probably make you want to vomit, particularly if you happen to be a staunch supporter of Donald Trump. Even if you dislike Trump, the article  might strike you as grotesquely unfair. This article shows the mainstream media at its venomous worst. It is billed as “a vivid dispatch from the epicentre of US democracy still quaking from the aftershocks of a petulant, preening and poisonous presidential press conference that has exposed the DANGEROUS  DELUSIONS  OF  THE  DONALD.” (more…)

Why Trump Triumphed: The Awesome Story of an American Hillbilly

Daily Mail

 J. D. Vance (pictured), is a former U.S. Marine who served in Iraq, studied at Yale Law School and now works for a big Silicon Valley investment firm. This article is a review of his book Hillbilly Elegy in which Vance reveals the grinding poverty of his early years in small town America. It helps to  explain why America’s underclass voted en masse for Donald Trump.

We are barely four weeks into the presidency of Donald Trump yet already it has led to enough dramatic incidents to last a full term.

Perhaps never in American history, and certainly not in living memory, has a new presidency opened amid such controversy, with protesting crowds on the streets of cities across the world.

Yet tempting as it is to join the chorus of execration, it is surely a much better idea to try to understand how on earth America — and by extension, the Western world — got here in the first place. (more…)

Trump Presidency Ends In Ruins — ‘It’s All Over!’

“It’s over for Trump and the hopes of millions of people in the USA
and the rest of the world.  I see very dark clouds on the horizon.”


Less than a month ago I warned that a ‘color revolution ‘ was taking place in the USA.  My first element of proof was the so-called “investigation” which the CIA, FBI, NSA and others were conducting against President Trump’s candidate to become National Security Advisor, General Flynn.  Tonight, the plot to get rid of Flynn has finally succeeded and General Flynn had to offer his resignation.  Trump accepted it.

forced to resign after exactly three and a half weeks in office,
proving Trump is not in charge and is controlled by his ‘Controllers’.

The Case Against Donald Trump: ‘Do Not Be Fooled!’

LD:  Harold Smith appears to have been a Trump supporter to start with, like so many others who couldn’t bear the idea of Hillary Clinton in the White House. Being a realist, however, Harold has weighed up the situation by examining the facts on the ground and has arrived at a disquieting conclusion. Trump is a fraudster, he believes, a corrupt politician who is most unlikely to “make America great again”. In fact, if the Iran situation is allowed to escalate, leading to an all-out war with Russia, the world could be heading for catastrophe — and Trump would be to blame for doing nothing to stop it.


in dialogue with Ungenius


In Memory of Peter Sarstedt and the Beautiful People of the 1960s

1969 . . .  the cusp of a new Golden Age . . .  the era of ‘free love’, the Flower children, and Where Do You Go To My Lovely.


Abridged by Lasha Darkmoon
(Includes one of the most unforgettable hit songs of the 1960s)

PETER SARSTEDT, defined by one classic song released in 1969; he died a few weeks ago at the age of 75.

Many popular songs catch the feeling of the time. That’s why they become popular. But few songs are able to freeze that moment to the extent that nearly half a century after we first heard it we can sing along to the lyrics.

That was what Peter Sarstedt, who died on 8 January, aged 75, achieved with his No 1 smash Where Do You Go To (My Lovely). And what a song! Sounding unlike anything else that was around in 1969, it topped the charts all over Europe and in Australia, and was a hit even in Japan. (more…)

The Futile Efforts of Donald Trump


LD: In this article, Israel Shamir advances a startling thesis: the reason the Jews are so anxious to swamp the West with Muslim migrants—the more unruly, extremist, and fanatical these migrants the better—is that they want to use these Muslims as a tool to destroy Christianity with.

They can’t afford to do this themselves; that would make them look too bad and give them an image problem. So instead, employing a more devious and underhand tactic, they plan to egg on these Muslim zealots to do their dirty work for them. The Muslim jihadis, in other words, will one day take on the role of the Jews’ unpaid Christ killers. Or, to use Shamir’s words, their “silent partners”.  

All this stems from a pathological hatred of Christianity that has burned in the Jewish psyche like a small flame for the last 2000 years and shows no signs of abating. Christianity, in short, is the target here; it lies in the Jews’ cross-hairs. This is what this Muslim invasion of the West, courtesy of the Jews, is really all about.

An interesting thesis. I think Shamir could be right. [LD]

President Trump had paid a hefty advance to the Jews. He did (almost) all they wanted for their Jewish state: he promised to move the US embassy to the occupied Jerusalem thus legalising their annexation of the holy city; he condoned their illegal settlements, he gave them starred positions in his administration; he told the Palestinians to drop their case in the ICC or else, he even threatened Iran with war. All that in vain. Jewish organisations and Jewish media attack Trump without slightest hesitation and consideration. His first step in curbing the soft invasion wave had been met with uniform Jewish vehemence. (more…)

Who’s The Real Enemy: Muslims or Jews?


based on a Comment

Muslims  or  Jews?

A commenter on on the Darkmoon site called Howling Mad has this to say: “I believe that all this Muslim/Jew discussion is slightly one sided.” He seems to be implying that there is very little difference between Muslims and Jews in their general culpability and danger level to Western societies.  

Here is my response to Howling Mad:

So you attempt to even it out by saying Muslims and Jews are pretty much the same and represent the same degree of current threat, as well as being responsible in past times for equal carnage, equal wreckage, equal subversion, equal corruption, equal manipulation, and equal mental deformation of the societies in which they find themselves.

Here are a few examples of equal culpability – if I get this wrong, please correct me. By all means let me know if the points I raise are irrelevant to our discussion, or if they are of no consequence in the grand scheme of things:

—  Jews and Muslims are in equal and total control of the nation’s finance.

—  Jews and Muslims are in equal and total control of the nation’s legislative, executive and judicial branches.

—  Jews and Muslims are in equal and total control of the nation’s media and entertainment.

—  Jews and Muslims are in equal and total control of the nation’s academic protocols and institutions.

—  Jews and Muslims are in equal proportions responsible for Bolshevik slaughter of 60-odd million Russian Christians.

—  Jews and Muslims are in equal proportion responsible for fomenting all the wars in the last 250 years, with the resulting murder of hundreds of millions of people, including innocent women and children, and the decimation of entire white societies. Was Nathan Rothschild a Muslim? I can’t remember. If so, refresh my memory.

—  Jews and Muslims in equal proportion have cashed in on the Holohoax.

—  Jews and Muslims are in equal proportion responsible for policing the internet and removing URL’s damaging to their interests, dictating the educational curricula in Western societies.

—  Jews and Muslims in equal proportion dominate and manipulate the pharmaceutical juggernaut and its petrochemical offshoots like Monsanto, in order to effect the genocide of billions of people.

—  Jews and Muslims in equal proportion committed all the terror attacks and false flags in the US and worldwide, (e.g., USS liberty, 9/11, Madrid, Paris, London tube bombings. Please do refresh my failing memory, but I can’t seem to recall one single bona fide attack with the possible exception of the attack on the USS Cole. Even that, however, is highly questionable.

—  Jews and Muslims are in equal proportions responsible for the degradation of Western culture: for decadent art, decadent literature, decadent music, decadent manners and mores.

—  Jews and Muslims are in equal proportions responsible for the moral swamp of pornography, LGBT promotion, Pussy Riot and Femen, drug promotion, and the systematic dissolution of authority in the nuclear family and in  society at large.

OK, so Jews and Muslims are just the same. Equally bad. Equally abominable in every way. Equally to blame for every sin under the sun. Thank you for restoring the balance that previously tilted the burden of blame toward the poor, wretchedly maligned jew.

Would you perhaps care to add to this list of imbalances that need remedial action?

Is it possible, do you think, that we’ve been getting it wrong all this time by focussing undue attention on the “good Jews” and insufficient attention on the “evil Muslims”?

Is it time, in your opinion, to ditch the disreputable anti-Semitism that dogs our footsteps and replace it with a nice respectable Islamophobia — the type that has been made so trendy and fashionable by the “elite media”?

Oh yes, and while you’re about it, please do remind me who owns the elite media?

 —  §  —

Being a white male of Christian background, I believe you Muslim bashers would do well to take a trip to Europe. Try paying a visit  to the Muslim neighbourhoods in some of our great European cities.

Being a White male of Christian background, I’ve spent the last four summers (4-5 months each time) in Sarajevo, Bosnia, 85 per cent of which is Muslim. Not only have I never experienced the slightest aggravation or insult due to my religion—I am perfectly open about my Roman Catholicism—but have made many excellent Muslim friends. I have attended a couple of Muslim funerals. I have been invited to their country cottages and estates as an honored guest. The hospitality I have received at the hands of my Muslim friends, in the various countries I have visited, has always been exemplary.

Not long ago I visited Turkey and Albania, both predominantly Muslim countries, and both equally welcoming to Christians. Macedonia, which is roughly half Muslim and half Christian, is another country I have had the pleasure of living in for a short period. Never once during my stay there did I experience the slightest disagreeable incident.

What you are referring to in negative terms is the phenomenon of young, displaced, uprooted men assembling into criminal gangs in their new country of adoption. Sometimes, unfortunately, this can occur. In my youth in Toronto, the worst were the Hungarian gangs. This was after their parents had just escaped from the reign of terror launched by (((Bela Kuhn))) and his (((hired thugs))). The Hungarians acted pretty much like these hoods in Paris, Brussels and London today – for the same motives.

For similar reasons, Somali refugees don’t mix very well in Western countries. They hang out in their cafes and are quite okay as long as they are left alone and not hassled.  Sometimes I go into Somali or Ethiopian or Eritrean dives because they make really good coffee there, and I am treated just fine. The Somalis complain how they are losing control over their second-generation kids who are joining the Jamaican mob and taking up their worst habits. They consider the Jamaicans weak and dumb for allowing themselves to be sucked into the White culture around them and becoming enslaved by it. This never happened to the Somalis in the warrior lands of the Horn of Africa.

The Somalis know how to fight. They have been fighting for centuries. Not all of them are Muslims. Some are Christians—among the oldest Christian communities in the world. They have their cultural pride. Above all, remember this: they would never have come to the West—they would have stayed home in Africa and been quite happy living in their own country—if only the Yanks had left them alone, instead of meddling in their affairs and bombing the hell out of them.

It’s the same elsewhere, you’ll find,  all over the Middle East and beyond.

Who is bombing Syria, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan? Who is creating the Muslim refugees you guys are all complaining about? Answer: the Americans, with the help of their junior partners in Nato, especially the Brits.

You have only yourselves to blame for creating the refugee problem.

Get the Jews off your back, the people at whose bidding you bomb so many innocent people in different lands, and maybe you will sort out your problems one day.

Meanwhile, don’t blame the Muslims for your problems. The Muslims are the victims of your belligerence, not the source of your misery.

So much bullshit for a small planet.

LOBRO VAN HELSING is a retired Canadian academic who is constantly on the move and likes visiting strange places; at present he is living in South East Asia.

Palestinian Rage: Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem ‘will cause all-out war’

By Stanley L. Cohen

An 800-word excerpt from this article

Stanley L. Cohen is a New York lawyer and political activist who takes an anti-Zionist line in his defense of the Palestinian people and their rights. He sees Donald Trump’s support of Israel as morally indefensible. 


One need not be a soothsayer to note a steady unbroken pattern of Israel swallowing more and more of the occupied West Bank even as U.S. politicians, republican and democrats alike convene feel good peace conferences or wax on about the need for justice for Palestinians.

Freedom to offend everyone but the Jews

By Arthur Topham

Fake News sites come in all sizes, shapes and flavours during these heady days of Alternative vs Zionist media wars. And one of Canada’s top deceptive “Fake News” sites has to be TheRebel.Media run by “Rebel Commander” Ezra Levant, Zionist Jew and self-chosen saviour of Canada’s dumbed down goyim ‘christians’, assorted atheists, Germanophobes and most recently Islamophobes.