The Gospel of Thomas: 48-minute video recording

In The Gospel of Thomas, wherein the secret sayings of Jesus are recorded, Jesus says: “If the kingdom of heaven is in the sky, then the birds will get there first.”
This esoteric Gospel was not included in the Bible for three reasons: (a) it was only discovered in the 1940s, so it was unknown to the original compilers of the Bible; (b) it is thought by many scholars to be a work of fiction, though proof for this contention is lacking; (c) it is also thought to be a “gnostic” text and therefore judged to be “heretical”, e.g. it preaches reincarnation.
The Gospel of Thomas is one of the Gnostic Gospels, consisting of 52 texts discovered in Nag Hammadi, Egypt, in 1945.

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Trump vs. Bolton: Locked in Deadly Warfare

They are at at each other’s throats, spitting fire and fury.
Who will survive the carnage?

William Rivers Pitt
Truthout & ICH
June 18, 2020


I thought it was over in September 2019, when Donald Trump and his third national security adviser, the execrable John Bolton, got into a “You’re Fired/I Quit!” fight on the front page of all the papers. “Maybe he’s really gone now,” I thought wistfully of Bolton, the war-humping neoconservative ghoul who has haunted U.S. foreign policy in one form or another since the Reagan administration, lo these 40 long years. Read More

Jews Say Antisemitism a Virus Symptom

Feeling a bit antisemitic recently? Maybe you need a medical checkup. Some Jews are now beginning to suggest that that there could be a correlation between Covid-19 and ‘Jew hatred’. Hence the title of the original article: “Antisemitism a Virus Symptom”.

Australian Jewish News
June 15, 2020

Could ‘Anti-Semitism’  have been a contributory factor?

AMONG the miseries resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic has been an upsurge in right-wing extremism and antisemitism, with Jews being accused of manipulating the pandemic, prompting a platform called ‘All Together Now’ to release a paper with strategies to reinforce an equitable Australia. Read More

Next Stop Nowhere

By John Kaminski
9 June 2020

Accept the trance
or leave the dance

“When Jews step forward as innocence itself,  then the danger is great.” — Nietzsche

“One may smile, and smile, and be a villain…”
— Shakespeare, Hamlet

When they’ve got you by the short hairs and also by your wallet, how was it you were going to plan to resist? After they have taken your job, your house and your access to money, what will you do? What could you possibly have done? Where could you have possibly gone to retrench to escape the eyes of the spies of the banks? Read More

Tucker Carlson: The riots are not about George Floyd or racial justice. They’re about Trump and seizing power

Tucker Carlson
Fox News

Their overriding goal
is to remove Donald Trump from office.

For the past week, all of us have seen chaos engulf our beloved country. The violence and the destruction have been so overwhelming, so shocking, and awful and vivid on the screen, that it’s been hard to think clearly about what’s going on. Read More

Trump and Netanyahu: To be Charged with War Crimes by International Criminal Criminal Court

By Philip Giraldi
Strategic Culture and International Clearing House
June 8, 2020

Published on June 4 as “Operating Outside the Rule of Law: Washington Pressures International Criminal Court”.

According to Philip Giraldi, Donald Trump, a shameless Zionist puppet , is Israel’s partner in crime. America and Israel are both joined at the hip and are currently under investigation by the International  Criminal Court (ICC) for war crimes. Both countries  are now widely regarded, and justifiably so, as gangster states. 

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The Bolshevik Destroyers Have Been Targeting Small Businesses and Supply Chains

By Kyle Hunt
Renegade Tribune
June 3, 2020


First the coronavirus hoax was used as an excuse for the government to mandate the closing of many small businesses in the United States. Our supply chains were also severely disrupted as workers were not able to go do the jobs that keep America running. We were told that this was alright, since big government was handing out trillions of dollars to big banks and big businesses. We just needed to shelter in place and weather the storm, since safety is much more important than doing business. Read More