The Mass Invasion of Europe by the Migrant Hordes
Recent excerpts from  selected News Reports
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October 5, 2021

Here they come . . . in unstoppable  numbers . . . when will it stop? 

The fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban has sent thousands of panicked Afghans scrambling to flee the country. But it has also panicked European politicians who are terrified of another mass movement of Muslim asylum seekers. They worry that new migrants will fan the embers of the far-right and populist movements that reshaped politics after a wave of asylum seekers from the wars in Syria and Iraq made their way to Europe in 2015. Read More

Are Most Conspiracy Theorists Mentally Disturbed?

By Fred Reed
The Unz Review
September 17, 2021


Fred Reed is in no doubt that most conspiracy theorists  are mentally unhinged — fanatical cranks with more than a few screws loose.  Published originally on the Unz Review as “I Say It Was Poltergeists: The Detowering Finally Explained” , Fred’s negative views on the mental capacity of the average conspiracy theorist has met with considerable hostility from the Conspiracy Theory Network.  

This article, with quotes and pictures added,
has been slightly edited for brevity by LD.

“The mentally disturbed do not employ the Principle of Scientific Parsimony: the most simple theory to explain a given set of facts. They shoot for the baroque.” ― Philip K. Dick Read More

Antisemitism Spirals OUT OF CONTROL!!! — Jews Demand Tucker Carlson’s Head on Platter.

Tucker Carlson’s response — “Fuck them!”


Fresh calls for Fox News to fire Tucker Carlson over ‘replacement theory’

By Martin Pengelly,
The Guardian,
September 25, 2021

After the Anti-Defamation League renewed its call for Tucker Carlson to be fired from Fox News for voicing the racist “great replacement” theory about immigration, the primetime host had a pithy response: “Fuck them.”

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Must not Criticize Jews: Ukraine passes law banning ‘antisemitism’

Jewish Telegraph Agency
SEPTEMBER 23, 2021 

Linked from the David Irving website,  which comments dryly: “Lenin passed the same law in the 1920s!” In other words, the more you ban antisemitism, the more it will flourish and spread.  

(JTA) — Ukraine’s parliament has passed a law stating that “antisemitism and its manifestations are banned” in that country. Read More

As the US Suffers its Greatest Economic Crisis Ever, Israel Screws More Blood Money out of America

“Israeli Officials Not Worried
About Additional $1 Billion in US Military Aid”

— Title of article on

By Dave DeCamp,
September 22, 2021

Presented by Lasha Darkmoon with brief commentary

Israeli officials told Haaretz that they expect Congress to approve an extra $1 billion in US military aid for Israel even though it was removed from a stopgap funding bill in the House on Tuesday.

The stopgap funding bill was pushed through to avert a government shutdown.

The $1 billion was removed due to pressure from progressive Democrats. Because no Republicans were expected to vote for the legislation, Democratic leadership needed support from the progressives.

An unnamed Israeli official told Haaretz that the situation was nothing to be concerned about since only a few lawmakers oppose the aid.

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Blacks Invade New York Restaurant Demanding To Be Served Food as a ‘Natural Right’

Linked from the David Irving site,
September 22,  2021


This is all about Covid restrictions. You now need to produce a vaccine card to gain entry to New York restaurants. But what happens when Blacks, claiming exemption from vaccination on religious grounds,  storm into a restaurant and demand food  “because every American has a right to a meal’?

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The Conspiracy Theorists Were Right: the Covid vaccine IS a “Poison-Death Shot”

MIKE WHITNEY — The Unz Review —  SEPTEMBER 16, 2021

The importance of  this devastating anti-vax article can hardly be exaggerated. If the information here is correct, the world faces a truly horrendous future. Those who have already read the article should read it again and email it to all their contacts. I have bolded and increased the print size of the really important bits that need special emphasis. I have also added a few significant pictures. [LD]

“I’ll do one more mind experiment with you: If everyone on the planet were to get Covid and not get treated, the death-rate globally would be less than half a percent. I’m not advocating for that, because 35 million people would die. However, if we follow the advice of some of the global leaders– like Bill Gates who said last year said “7 billion people need to be vaccinated”– then the death-rate will be over 2 billion people! SO, WAKE UP! THIS IS WORLD WAR 3! We are seeing a level of malevolence that we haven’t seen in the history of humanity!” Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, Author of The Zelenko “Early Treatment”

—  Protocol that saved thousands of Covid-19 patients. (“Zelenko schools the Rabbinic Court”, Rumble; start at 11:45 minutes) Read More

Sensational Report: Archbishop Viganò Excoriates Pope Francis and Accuses the Vatican of Complicity in the Covid-19 Catastrophe

Edited and presented by Lasha Darkmoon
September 17, 2021

Published on Truthseeker,
September 18, 2021

LD (by way of brief introduction) :  The 7-minute video below  is one of the best introductions so far  to the Viganò Controversy. This  has far reaching consequences not only for the Catholic Church and the papacy of Pope Francis but also for globalism, the depopulation agenda, and the Covid-19 scandal.

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