Demon Technology: 5G vs. Human Race

By Paul Wagner
Edited and abridged by Lasha Darkmoon,
with added commentary and must-see video


Progress now means “life getting worse all the time”. We are living in a dangerous world on a giddy-go-round to doom. 


Over 180 scientists and doctors in almost 40 countries are warning the world about 5G health risks. These scientists spell it out in a recent letter in response to ‘Resolution 1815 of the Council of Europe’: Read More

The Impeachment Pantomime

The political theatrics that begin Wednesday raise several questions. For starters, will Joe Biden be investigated for mounting evidence of corruption? And why is the corporate media turning the CIA “whistleblower” into a phantom in plain sight?

By Patrick Lawrence
ICH, November 13, 2019

Now that “Russiagate” has failed and “Ukrainegate” neatly takes its place, many questions arise. Will the Democratic Party, this time in open collusion with the intelligence apparatus, succeed in its second attempt to depose President Donald Trump in what might fairly be called a bloodless coup? Read More

The Madness of Angela Merkel: Open Letter to a Psychopath

. . . by Silvana Heißenberg

Freely translated from the original German by ‘Q’.
A milder version of this article can be read on The Ethnic European

Sincere apologies to our readers
for the incendiary language used in this article.
Do not read if you are easily shocked!

Dear Frau Merkel,

You are utterly despicable!—the most criminal Chancellor the German people have ever had to endure! You have brought the German people nothing but terror and tribulation, war wounds and death! This you have done by deliberately importing into our country illegal immigrants from barbarous lands. Hundreds of thousands of mercenaries, terrorists and other die-hard criminals have invaded our once peaceful Germania. Read More

Carl Jung on Life After Death (video)

According to Jung, the psyche is not bound by time and space. It can therefore continue its existence after death in a dimension beyond time and space. This is not just a “belief”, Jung explains. To those who have experienced the concept through transcendental  intuition, it is “knowledge”. You don’t believe in life after death; you either know it or you don’t. Let Jung explain in his own words:   

VIDEO  :  4.30 mins

The Murder of Morality



Any philosophy that doesn’t recognize
the primacy of the individual is a trap
aimed at turning you into a number.

A world without hope
doesn’t have long to live.

When they killed the churches, they killed morality. Churches were the glue that tied neighborhoods together. It didn’t matter that religions destroy themselves as they try to conceal their own false dogma or succumb to their own human frailties. Now most neighborhoods are gone, too, vaporized first by malls, then by immigration, and more lately by the Internet. Read More


Tradotto in Italiano da GIAN FRANCO SPOTTI 
‘All This Will End’
by Lasha Darkmoon


Devi capire:
Io che dall’oltretomba ti parlo –
So cose che tu non sai.
Un abbraccio, un bacio
è ciò che brami. Una mano umana
che ti salvi e ti soccorra.
Ordunque allunga la mano,
urla, lascia che le lacrime scorran!

Tutto questo avrà fine.
Non andrà più così il prossimo anno.
I morti
non piangeranno. E dico questo
per riparare il tuo cuore infranto: ogni lacrima
ti metterà a nuovo
e laverà via le tue passate macchie.

The Enemy Within: Trump vs. the Deep State

By Chris Hedges

Abridged by Lasha Darkmoon with brief commentary

November 11, 2019


Is Trump an enemy of the Deep State . . .  or is he secretly working for it?

“Trump committed political heresy when he dared to point out the folly of unchecked militarism. He will pay for it. The war between the deep state and Trump began the moment he was elected.” — Chris Hedges Read More

An Obituary of the Western World

A World Based On Lies Is A False World

Paul Craig Roberts
5 November 2019

“Everyone can claim to be a victim except white male heterosexuals. They are branded “exploiters” of everyone else, and they are unable to get out of this trap. In the Western World white heterosexual males face the same fate as the bourgeoisie under Lenin.” — Paul Craig Roberts

Read More

We Are All Palestinians

. . . and some in Congress are beginning to see the light.

By Philip Giraldi
November 5, 2019


being bullied by Israeli settlers in her own land 

In spite of the fact that Israeli snipers continue to shoot scores of unarmed protesting Gazans every Friday with virtually no coverage from the media, there are some signs that the ability of Israel and its friends to control the narrative regarding the Jewish state’s appalling human rights violations is beginning to weaken. Read More

Trapped in our own fairy tales

By John Kaminski

Only common sense
can save us from
our own obliteration

“Americans will continue to exist in a semi-conscious coma . . .”

We can’t escape the conditioning that has misled us throughout our lives to properly assess the damage we have done to ourselves by letting our societies go as far down the road to totalitarian chaos as they have. Not only are we at a loss as to how to correct the imbalance between haves and have nots, but the vast majority of the population should now worry about their planned elimination in this multifaceted social tsunami now being inflicted upon us by forces often described as “too big to fail”. Read More

Life After Death: A Debate

Edited by Lasha Darkmoon


Consisting of comments made by two talented writers with a special interest in the philosophy of religion, Arch Stanton and ‘Saki’. This discussion arose in response to a poem written by the great Victorian poet Christina Rossetti who spent much of her life longing for heaven. Readers are invited to share with us their experiences of the afterlife, if they have had any, or if they know someone else who claims to have had contact with the dead.   

“If the sun and moon should ever doubt,
they’d immediately go out.” William Blake

Read More

Gilbert Huntly: ‘Four Poems of Love and Death’ (Italian translations)

Translated into Italian

Original English versions


Acque oscure da solcare;
Un albero spezzato, la paura assale.
Così lontan salpare, così profondo da scandagliare,
Nessuna stella a cui il timone affidare!

Nessuna sorridente luna che illumini;
Nessun faro che guidi
Offre speranza, e nemmeno facilita
Questo viaggio nella Notte.

Ed ora prego il mio Dio
Che il mio viaggio finisca presto –
E guidi la mia nave e la malandata vela
Verso più miti venti;

Nel sole lasciarsi trasportare;
La mia anima verso l’alto innalzare;
Placare questa tempesta che lacera il mio spirito,
Per poi mandarmi alla deriva, e poi morir!

—   §   —


Lontano, lontano nel torbido mar
Il mio amore sognando ad occhi aperti sta ad aspettar
Mentre compone versi scrive per me –
E per il mio ritorno.
Il suo mento, così perfetto e delicato,
Getta ombre che danzano sulle rime
Mentre candele tremule segnano il tempo
Del mio ritorno.
Le sue dita bladiscon la penna scrivendo
Amore poetico che sente dentro,
Aspettando l’alba, il cambio di marea –
Ed il mio ritorno
Ahimè! Mai più le nostre braccia si stringeranno!
E mentre questa nobile nave affonda
Io grido il suo nome mentre son sul ciglio
Del Non Ritorno.

—   §   —


“ Sempre ed Eternamente”, mi diceva l’amor mio,
“ Sempre ed Eternamente il mio amor ti darò”.
Le diedi allor un bacio in segno di risposta
Che “Sempre ed Eternamente”
è una fantasia di rima

Diventa ancor più certo col passar del tempo,
A carne e sangue pensa il tempo e l’avvizzimento –
Il ritorno alla polvere, ancora;
E il luogo del Sempre ed Eternamente
Nessun mortale può raggiungerlo.

Perché “ Sempre ed Eternamente “ sono nello spazio degli dei;
E per il prezzo di amare, ci chiedono il dolore
Di sapere che “Sempre ed Eternamente” è
Una promessa fatta, in vano.

Ma senza la tradizion infrangere, ho rivelato di nuovo il racconto,
Dicendo “sempre ed eternamente” amerei anche lei;
Poiché il concetto di Eternamente
a apparire il nostro amore bello e intenso;
Così quando si dirà “sempre ed eternamente” –
la bugia sarà lusinghiera.

—   §   —


Il vetro dello specchio mi rivela
Un fantasma che di rado vedo –
La visione di me stesso, così come sono
Di carne ed ossa – un mortale uomo.
In giorni di gioventù, con poca riflessione,
Pensavo aver raggiunto la perfezione:
Immortale…..sempre giovane.
E così in qualche modo alla vita mi aggrappai.
Ma ora che i giorni si ingrigiscono sempre più.
Non sono più uno spensierato attore.
So quanto io sia stato benedetto,
Dimorando qui in mezzo agli altri.
Ed io, come loro, avvizzirò e morirò
(Oh fugace tempo, dove sei volato?)
La carne in così poco tempo polvere ritorna.
Ah, è troppo tardi – si impara troppo tardi!

The US Has Officially Gone Insane

by Finian Cunningham
Strategic Culture
October 29, 2019

Ezra Pound said it long ago . . . Finian Cunningham says it today.

The low-ball mudslinging and pantomime palaver among America’s political class is like a theater of absurd. Any form of vilification is now acceptable. President Trump and his Twitter rants may have helped set the bar of indecency to an all-time low, but Democrats and Republicans have quickly joined the descent into madness. Read More

Gilbert Huntly: Four Poems of Love and Death ***

1.  Dark Waters

Dark waters to navigate;
A fractured mast, I fear.
So far to sail, so deep to sound,
No star by which to steer!

No smiling moon illuminates;
No beacon’s guiding light
Does offers hope, nor tend to ease
This journey into Night.

And to my God I pray now
This voyage soon to end—
And steer my craft and tortured sail
Into a milder wind;

To drift into the sunshine;
To lift my spirits high;
To still this storm which tears my soul,
Then beach me there, to die!

—   §   —

2.  No Return

Far, far across the roiling sea
My lover waits in reverie
While penning verse she writes for me—
And my return.

Her brow, so perfect and refined,
Casts shadows dancing on the rhyme
While candles flicker, marking time
For my return.

Her fingers, coaxing pen to write
Poetic love she feels inside,
Awaiting dawn, the changing tide—
And my return.

Alas! No more our arms we’ll link!
And as this noble ship does sink
I cry her name, while on the brink
Of No Return.

—   §   —

3.  Always and Forever

“Always and forever,” my lover said to me,
“Always and forever will I give my love to thee.”
Then I to her bestowed a kiss in token of reply
Knowing “always and forever” would amend
As time goes by.

That “always and forever” is a fantasy of rhyme
Becomes more clearly certain with the passages of time,
For flesh and blood does age and wilt—back to dust, again;
And where Always and Forever is—
No mortal can attain.

For “always and forever” is not for flesh and blood.
Always and Forever is a province of the gods;
And for the price of loving, they exact from us the pain
Of knowing “Always and forever” is
A promise made, in vain.

But, breaking not tradition, I bespoke the tale anew,
Saying “always and forever” would I likewise love her too;
For the concept of Forever makes our love seem fine and high;
So for “always and forever” will be told—
The soothing lie.

—   §   —

4.  The Truth in the Mirror

The looking glass reveals to me
A spectre which I seldom see—
The sight of me just as I am:
Of flesh and bone—a mortal man.

In younger days, with less reflection,
I thought I had achieved perfection:
Bullet proof . . . forever young.
And thus somehow to life I clung.

But now that days are getting grayer.
No more am I a carefree player.
I understand how I’ve been blest,
Sojourning here among the rest.

And I—like they—will wilt and die
(Oh fleeting Time, where did you fly?)
So soon the flesh to dust returns.
Ah, this too late—too late one learns!