Are the Jews secretly backing Donald Trump … while pretending to hate him as ‘the new Hitler’?

greenblatt16e-1-webSIMULATED  OUTRAGE in the Daily News

LD :  Arch Stanton makes a highly controversial claim in this article: that the Jews are going flat out to give the impression they hold Trump in total detestation, portraying him as the ‘New Hitler’ who will unleash Armageddon if elected. However, the same Jews are deliberately (in their controlled media) making Hillary Clinton look increasingly unelectable, Stanton claims, and they are doing their best to whip up a tremendous enthusiasm for Trump among the masses . In other words, Trump is their man of choice — but they need to pretend they hate him. Read More

Don’t Vote: It Only Encourages Them

not-voting“It is a mistake to blame the people. No one can be jailed if everyone is blamed. That is a Pharisee-Jew trick and trap.”

This is the essence of the democratic-government-by-the-people myth. The Jews have long hidden behind the myth that “the people” control the government, therefore the people (voters) are to blame for government ills. As the “government-by-the-people” is comprised of an army of bureaucrats who are simply doing their job and following orders, no names can be named that might pinpoint the blame for what is in fact Jewish perfidy. Read More

Questioning the official Jewish version of history

Operation Bernhard  —Another kosher offering by the chosen ones

Adolf Burger displaying a forged £5 note
Adolf Burger displaying a forged £5 note

Beginning in 1942, the plan was to set up a team of 142 counterfeiters from inmates at Sachsenhausen concentration camp at first, and then from other camps, especially Auschwitz. The plan was to destabilize the British economy during the war by dropping the notes from aircraft, on the assumption that most Britons would collect the money and spend it, thus triggering inflation.

The scheme was not put into effect because it was postulated that the Luftwaffe did not have enough aircraft to deliver the forgeries.

The first time I heard this story I thought, “Gosh! Those diabolical “Nazis”! — will their evil plans never end?” Read More

Refuse to cooperate with the ruling classes


Yesterday a young man came to the door with a seemingly innocuous survey. Ostensibly funded by a regional group of small businessmen, the survey questions were all very non-specific save one, a very pointed question about gun control versus support for the second amendment. This incident led me to write the following:

Jews have a penchant for gathering information. The concept began with the Jew’s monotheistic, all seeing, all knowing, omnipotent god, a god supported by Cherubim with eyes all over their bodies, changing direction while always facing straight ahead. Read More