Putin has just Exposed the Plot To Destroy America

Putin has dropped some bombshells on the New World Order that were completely ignored by the Western media. Includes explosive video.

According to Tom Delay, former US House Majority Leader of the US Justice Department, a secret memo has just been discovered discussing the promotion of 12 of the most shocking sexual perversions, including the normalization of bestiality and the legalization of sex with little children, including infants and toddlers of both sexes.
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The Demonization of David Irving

Doubting the mainstream Holocaust narrative can be a dangerous business, as David Irving and others have discovered to their cost.


(Daily Mail)

Here is a photo of David Irving,  age 78, “jailed, discredited and bankrupted”, according to a recent article in the Daily Mail,  “for disgracefully dismissing the Auschwitz gas chambers as a ‘fairytale.’” Read More

Pizzagate: Satanic Sex and Pedophilia in High Places

Is Pizzagate a hoax or is it for real? 


I have prefaced the 42-minute video featured below with our usual disclaimer. This doesn’t mean I necessarily disbelieve in the shocking events that form the basis of this bizarre sex exposé which has gone viral all over the internet recently. It’s just that I wish to remain totally neutral and let other people make up their minds. A certain amount of skepticism, I believe, is in order.

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Truth is the new Hate Speech: List of 200 Forbidden Websites that Tell the Truth

Is your favorite website on this ‘Forbidden List’? If so, be warned!
You are either a Russian agent or a Useful Idiot.


The other day I was surprised to see an email in my inbox from Syed, my New Delhi  correspondent. He has been writing to me on and off for the last 5-6 years. The news he brought shocked me to the bone and made me roll my eyes in disbelief. Read More

Ikea apologizes as ‘Hitler moustache prank’ causes uproar

No, this is not a satire. It is political correctness going wild. (Includes scary video).


The world’s largest furniture retailer, Swedish superstore Ikea, has been forced to remove a highly offensive picture of a little boy (see above) hung in one of its showrooms. This was after numerous shoppers were overcome with nausea, alarm, and trauma symptoms on seeng the controversial photo. This featured a small boy “mimicking Adolf Hitler” by putting his finger to his upper lip, thus giving the impression of a Hitler moustache. Read More

In Praise of Leonardo da Vinci and his ‘Mona Lisa’: Pater’s Famous Description of La Gioconda


Walter Pater (1839-94) is now remembered primarily as Oscar Wilde’s tutor at Oxford, and for one or two famous paragraphs in his most important book The Renaissance. Here is Pater’s oft-quoted description of Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, in which art criticism took off into the realms of poetry. Some might regard this as a “purple passage”, but the Victorians were uniformly enthused by it and considered it one of the most evocative examples of English prose. Read More

Creating Frankenstein Monsters in the Laboratory



Will this help to boost the sale of pork?

How would you feel if you met Mr Pigman one day, sitting opposite you in a train as you munched your way through a bacon sandwich, and he grunted: “Oink, oink! Eating bacon is not advised! Apart from the ethical consequences of eating hybrids like me, it will give you cancer!”

I guess that would put you off bacon for life. Read More

The Secret Life of a Pedophile (Part 2 of 3)

PART 3 : Child Porn and the Sexualization of Children


An Online Conversation with ‘Don’,
a Self-Confessed Pedophile

Edited by Lasha Darkmoon


JonBenét Ramsay . . . beauty queen groomed for pedophilia.
Strangled to death on Christmas Day 1996, age 6.
38 sex offenders were living within a 2-mile radius of her house.
Her murderer was never found.
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