Flu is not contagious

By John Kaminski
29 March 2020

World economy wrecked by a hoax

Social distancing,
quarantine are bogus


A REVIEW: The Invisible Rainbow, A History of Electricity and Life, by Arthur Firstenberg, 2017. Chelsea Green Publishing, White River Junction, Vermont

This is the best detective story ever written. The flu is not contagious. This quarantine is all a horrible hoax, deliberately inflicted upon the world to usher in totalitarian world government. The flu is not contagious. No flu has ever been contagious.

Arthur Firstenberg has changed the future and won himself a Nobel Prize with the publication of The Invisible Rainbow, which proves, among other things, that . . . Read More

Why are so many more Jews dying of Coronavirus — especially in synagogues?

Linked from the David Irving site

Oops! — One-quarter of Coronavirus infections come from synagogues, Israel’s Health Ministry admits…. Did you know that the Jewish community is just 0.3% of the UK population, yet nearly 5% of the UK’s Coronavirus victims are Jewish? How do you account for this statistical oddity?

Older people are particularly vulnerable to Coronavirus because their immune systems are weaker. However, there have been many young people who have succumbed to the disease, including teenagers and even a newborn baby. (See video below featuring a young victim in Israel with no previous health problems).        

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Coronavirus: Washington And London To Blame

China is not to blame for Coronavirus. The real culprits are Washington and London. They started the ball rolling in their desperate bid to dominate the world and survive the coming economic storms. 

By Andre Vltchek
Information Clearing House
March 24, 2020

Presented by Lasha Darkmoon
with additional pictures and captions by way of commentary.
Also published on TRUTHSEEKER

“We  did  it.”

LD: That’s what the Chinese think Trump was whispering. And the author of this article clearly thinks so too. Hence his words below: “I work all over the world, and I observe all this. What I see, I do not like. Increasingly, I am fearful that what has been set in motion by Washington and London, may not end well.” [LD] Read More

Lead Kindly Light: An Inspirational Video For Apocalyptic Times

The famous hymn by John Henry Newman, canonised as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church only last year,  was written in 1833 when Newman (pictured here) was a relatively young man (only 32 years old) and was still to do his greatest work. The is an appropriate moment to reflect on the words of the hymn  and take consolation from its message for these apocalyptic times. The inspiring words “One step enough for me” became the hallmark of Gandhi’s philosophy of life. 

VIDEO   :   3.23 mins

How COVID-19 Will Test the West

by Andrew Joyce, Ph.D.
March 21, 2020
The Occidental Observer

“If trouble comes when you least expect it,
then maybe the thing to do is to always expect it.”
      Cormac McCarthy, The Road

Writing anything about COVID-19 at this moment is a daunting task since the situation is evolving so rapidly, and in so many different locations. Information contained in this piece could be thoroughly outpaced by transformative events by the time it reaches publication, or even by the time I finish up and click “save.” There is also a glut of information online right now, some of it reliable and fascinating, and some of it misleading and counterproductive. Everywhere there is a mixture of growing apprehension, clashing opinion, and outright confusion. Read More

The Dream of Life

The Dream of Life is a sonnet by ‘Xanadu’ which is followed by a short meditation on the same subject by Alan Watts in the form of a 4-minute video. The beautifully produced video, with its background music  and array of stunning pictures, is of course infinitely superior to the poem which has to rely simply on words to say what it says.  Xanadu is well aware of this, and hopes that her poem will serve as a modest introduction to the video. (JSM)

I used to think: Cogito ergo sum.
This idea I have long since left behind.
No longer do I feel so sure I am.
Is life a dream, I wonder, in God’s mind?
Strange thoughts like this I have incessantly.
Maybe you think I’m mad to feel like this?
Maybe you think I speak nonsensically, 
Like some crazed mystic who has lost his wits.
But no, old Plato had a point, I think:
Life’s just a shadowshow on some cave wall.
Maybe Titanic didn’t really sink, 
Except in Someone’s dreams—the One in All.
I look around me everywhere and see
Tomorrow’s corpses marching by like me.

VIDEO   :   3.40 mins

Trump’s $1 Trillion Big Bazooka: President Wants to Send Every American a Check for $1000 at least!

Trump supporters will undoubtedly be very pleased with this article which shows their president in a most flattering light. He has at last ridden to the rescue of his people like a knight in shining armor, with free handouts all round. Only time will tell whether such extravagant generosity will not have to be paid for at a later date.  

From Daniel Bates in New York
The Daily Mail
March 18, 2020

Donald Trump last night said he would send checks to Americans as part of a $1 trillion package to fight off the economic wreckage caused by Cornavirus. The US president plans to send out the money within weeks as senators called for handouts between $1000 and $6000 per person. Read More

Coronavirus Crisis: Will the Rich Get Richer?

By Naomi Klein
Information Clearing House
March 17, 2020

 Coronavirus Capitalism — and How to Beat It

“This crisis could well be the catalyst to shower aid on the wealthiest interests in society, including those most responsible for our current vulnerabilities, while offering next to nothing to most workers, wiping out small family savings…” — Naomi Klein

I’ve spent two decades studying the transformations that take place under the cover of disaster. I’ve learned that one thing we can count on is this: During moments of cataclysmic change, the previously unthinkable suddenly becomes reality. In recent decades, that change has mainly been for the worst — but this has not always been the case. And it need not continue to be in the future.

This video (below) is about the ways the still-unfolding Covid-19 crisis is already remaking our sense of the possible. The Trump administration and other governments around the world are busily exploiting the crisis to push for no-strings-attached corporate bailouts and regulatory rollbacks. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is moving to repeal financial regulations that were introduced after the last major financial meltdown, as part of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act. China, for its part, is indicating that it will relax environmental standards to stimulate its economy, which would wipe out the one major benefit the crisis has produced so far: a marked drop in that country’s lethal air pollution.

But this is not the whole story. In the United States, we have also seen organizing at the city and state levels win important victories to suspend evictions during the pandemic. Ireland has announced six weeks of emergency unemployment payments for all workers who suddenly find themselves out of work, including self-employed workers.

And despite U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden’s claims during the recent debate that the pandemic has nothing to do with Medicare for All, many Americans are suddenly realizing that the absence of a functioning safety net exacerbates vulnerabilities to the virus on many fronts.

This crisis — like earlier ones — could well be the catalyst to shower aid on the wealthiest interests in society, including those most responsible for our current vulnerabilities, while offering next to nothing to most workers, wiping out small family savings and shuttering small businesses.

But as this video shows, many are already pushing back — and that story hasn’t been written yet.

VIDEO  :  8.48 mins

Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories: Facts vs Fiction

There’s big trouble coming . . . when the kissing has to stop.

March 15, 2020



Dr Philip Giraldi, Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, argues that Coronavirus was probably manufactured in a secret laboratory in the United States. The US and Israel, he adds,  are almost certainly in cahoots.  Read More

The Biggest Lie in Donald Trump’s Coronavirus Address

By Jackie Mogensen
Information Clearing House
March 12, 2020

“The president said we’re “more prepared” than any other country. No, we’re not.”

On Wednesday night, Donald Trump announced that he would restrict travel from Europe—excluding the United Kingdom—beginning on Friday, for the next 30 days. “Anything coming from Europe to the United States is what we are discussing,” he said.

The president also attempted to reassure the country by saying the United States is “more prepared” to fight the pandemic than any other nation. “The virus will not have a chance against us,” he said.

Public health officials beg to differ. Read More

Coronavirus Conspiracy: Whodunit?

By Philip Giraldi
The Unz Review
March 5, 2020

Philip Giraldi argues persuasively that the Coronavirus  was deliberately created  in a secret laboratory by two countries working in cahoots: Israel and the United States. No other countries would appear to have the motivation, the means, and the medical expertise to pull off this international war crime.   


The most commonly reported mainstream media account of the creation of the Coronavirus suggests that it was derived from an animal borne microorganism found in a wild bat that was consumed by an ethnic Chinese resident of Wuhan. But there appears to be some evidence to dispute that in that adjacent provinces in China, where wild bats are more numerous, have not experienced major outbreaks of the disease. Because of that and other factors, there has also been considerable speculation that the Coronavirus did not occur naturally through mutation but rather was produced in a laboratory, possibly as a biological warfare agent. Read More

Italy in Lockdown as Virus Panic Spreads

From Matthew Bell in Tuscany
The Daily Mail
March 10, 2020


As cases soar, Italy puts 16 million people in quarantine to fight spread of coronavirus—with checkpoints to stop anybody going into or coming out of the most infected areas in northern Italy in the region of Lombardy, the epicentre of Italy’s outbreak.

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Confusion and panic gripped the country after authorities placed a quarter of the population under the most draconian measures seen since the Second World War. Italy’s death toll soared to 366 last night, making it the second worst-affected country outside China. The quarantine plan places huge swathes of Italy in a so-called “red zone”, with two major cities near collapse: Milan, Italy’s financial hub, and Venice, Italy’s most picturesque tourist attraction.  Read More