On Western Women and their Deplorable Ways

21 September 2020

Harbinger, an ardent anti-Feminist and  former commenter on the Darkmoon site, reflects on western women and their many defects. This was originally a comment published on Truthseeker in response to a  recent article by Lasha Darkmoon.     

“I’m not stating that ALL western women are this way;
no, but certainly the majority are, because they’re stupid.”
—  Harbinger Read More

How the Underground Press Will Thwart the Media and Re-Elect Donald Trump

This excellent pro-Trump article will please the Trump supporters among us and will help to counteract the false impression that this is an anti-Trump website.  

“I’m their worst nightmare.”
Trump on the Democrats

By Jack Cashill
American Thinker
September 17, 2020

As the saying goes, the difference between the New York Times and the old Soviet Pravda is that Pravda readers knew they were being lied to. Read More

US Fires as Metaphor

According to Finian Cunningham, the idea that the fires sweeping the west coast of America are caused by Antifa arsonists is a lie concocted  byTrump and “Trump-supporting conspiracy networks like QAnon”. It’s simply a con trick, he argues, to get Trump re-elected. 

By Finian Cunningham
September 15, 2020
“Information Clearing House”

The wildfires ravaging the entire west coast of America seem an allegory of the nation’s demise. Whole towns are being evacuated in a hurry before an unstoppable wall of fire. The country is going up in smoke. Read More

The end result of ignoring evil

14 September 2020 11:17

Weaponized medicine
ushers in totalitarianism

The mask will set you up for the kill
and the shot will finish the job

Because we believe all those other lies that comprise mainstream American history, we can no longer discern what the truth actually is. Your entire perceptual apparatus derives from strategically directed propaganda creating the responsible American citizen personality you possess today. This means you still trust the government to recommend what’s best for you. You follow orders expeditiously. As a result, if you wear the mask, you will take the shot. And that will be the end of you as you used to be. Read More

Trump Duped by Netanyahu into Hating the Palestinians

Netanyahu used doctored video of Abbas
to influence Trump’s policy, Woodward reveals

By Haaretz
September 13, 2020 “Information Clearing House” 

Snake-in-the-grass Netanyahu dupes Donald Trump
into hating the Palestinians with a fake video

According to excerpts from ‘Rage’ published by U.S. media, at a time when Trump was wondering if Israel was the obstacle to peace with the Palestinians, Netanyahu showed him a fake video to steer him away from pro-Palestinian sentiments. Read More

Renowned Professor Predicts End of White Race as Third World Migrant Invasion Continues Unchecked

By Lasha Darkmoon
Also published on Truthseeker
September 13, 2020

I cannot emphasize  too strongly the importance of the 22-minute video at the end of this article. Let these preliminary thoughts of mine serve as a brief introduction.   

PROF. RICHARD LYNN, dissident psychologist, condemned as a “racist” for saying that different races have different IQs and that some races are smarter than others. Read More

Facebook Hires an Israeli Censor: Another Attack on Free Speech by the Jewish State


This time it’s serious. All valid criticism of Israel or Jewish crimes and misdemeanors will be regarded from now on as “anti-Semitic hate speech”. 

The Unz Review
September 1, 2020 

Pictures and captions added by Lasha Darkmoon
by way of brief commentary

Israel’s defenders both in the political realm and in the media have long used every weapon available to stifle any criticism of Israeli racism and its oppression of the Palestinians. Read More

What’s the worst that could happen?

Will Trump dispute the election results, as the corporate media suggests? Or are they preparing the U.S. public subliminally to question the validity of a Trump victory?

The Truthseeker
September 5, 2020

(Click to Enlarge)
This cartoon accompanied the ‘Washington Post’ article quoted below. 

According to the Washington Post the worst thing that could happen in the upcoming presidential election is that Trump refuses to accept defeat. This he might do, writes Rosa Brooks a professor at Georgetown University, by claiming that the result were rigged.

“…Trump refuses to concede, alleging on Twitter that “MILLIONS of illegal ALIENS and DEAD PEOPLE” have voted in large numbers and that the uncounted ballots are all “FAKE VOTES!!!” Social media fills with posts from Trump supporters alleging that the election has been “stolen” in a “Deep State coup,” and Trump-friendly pundits on Fox News and OAN echo the message.” Read More

The Big Picture: A Eurasian Superpower is about to Straddle the World and Challenge US Dominance

By Pepe Escobar
August 27, 2020
Information Clearing House

Beijing-Moscow is already on; Berlin-Beijing is a work in progress; the missing but not distant link is Berlin-Moscow

LD:  According to Pepe Escobar, it’s only a matter of time before Germany and Russia team up and become close allies with China, leaving America and the rest of the world unable to challenge their hegemony. Europe would disintegrate and many Eastern European countries would join Germany in forging alliances with Putin’s expanding Russia. They would then all become absorbed into an unchallengeable Eurasian superstate. This is the geopolitical nightmare now facing America and its allies. [LD]

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The Unz Review
August 27, 2020 — 1700 words 


Kyle Rittenhouse (pictured) didn’t go to Kenosha to shoot protestors; he went to protect the property and lives of the people who were threatened by a rampaging mob that had already destroyed large parts of the city. That’s why he was there.

He went to fill the security vacuum the Democrat governor and mayor created when they failed to perform their sworn obligation to protect the people in their charge. They didn’t do that, they left the city and its merchants exposed to the erratic and violent behavior of looters, vandals and arsonists. Which is why Rittenhouse showed up.

He was there to stop the criminal gangs from doing more damage than they’d already done. Read More