Bishop Williamson on Putin and the Message of Fatima (Video, 15 mins)

The resurgence of Christianity in Russia is abhorrent to the Usual Suspects who need the soul-destroying atheism and nihilism of Communism in order to create a culture of despair. This video will leave you in no doubt about one thing: that Putin is a devout Christian who is aware of the message of Our Lady of Fatima, which is that the Russian people need to return en masse to their Christian roots, as indeed Western man needs to do also, in order to resist enslavement and spiritual death at the hands of the Hidden Slitherers. [LD]  
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Britain’s Jewish Communist Traitors

. . . by Francis Carr Begbie

Sourced from the Occidental Observer
with notes and comments by Lasha Darkmoon

LD: Our American readers are intelligent enough to know that Britain is in many ways America’s 51st state and that both our countries are now firmly under Jewish control, as is the European Union (EU).

Americans are also aware that the US has had more Jewish spies undermining America’s security than spies from any other ethnic group. What is little known is that Britain, too, has had an enormous number of Jewish spies—many of them Jewesses—eating way at the foundations of Britain like rats under the floorboards.

This article by Francis Carr Begbie throws light on this murky subject, explaining how the Jew-dominated British establishment has done its best to suppress these facts and even glamorize the Jewish traitors in their midst.   Read More

Israel’s New Terror Weapon: Toxic Skunk Juice

By Thomas L. Are

Source: Israel’s Stench

With additional material by the editors of


Is Israel investing millions of dollars in new clandestine skunk farms?
(See scary endnote by ‘Anonymous Correspondent’)  

When I think I have heard it all, then I read about Israel’s national stench policy. I am referring to Israel’s use since 2008 of “skunk juice” as a weapon to keep Palestinians under control. Read More

Killary: Cartoons of the Kinky Queen of Crime Selected by Noor al Haqiqa


Sourced from Snippits and Snappits

NOOR WRITES:  In regard to Hillary Clinton, there seems to be an endless supply of humour regarding this fine example of American womanhood. Could this possibly be due to the absurdity of the whole situation?

Last weekend I was at a large social function under strict orders to behave and avoid politics wherever possible! This was not difficult to do since politics were the last thing on my mind but a few family members decided to discuss the “deplorable Trump” and the “experienced Ms. Clinton”, and the very “admirable Obamas”. Read More

The Clinton Scandal and the FBI: US government out of control

By Andrew P. Napolitano

Earlier this week, Republican leaders in both houses of Congress took the FBI to task for its failure to be transparent. In the House, it was apparently necessary to serve a subpoena on an FBI agent to obtain what members of Congress want to see; and in the Senate, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee accused the FBI itself of lawbreaking.  

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Has Hillary Clinton been poisoned? (Video, 9 mins)

‘Sardonicus’ writes in an earlier comment this morning: “If you are a conspiracy theorist, you could even argue that Hillary is being deliberately poisoned by her doctors — in the same way that Stalin was. You know, this could be another “Doctor’s Plot.”  I’ll leave you guys with that thought.”

Turns out Sardonicus could be right.

It’s now being suggested not only that Hillary has been poisoned but—wait for it—that the fiendish Vladimir Putin  might have been behind this dastardly assassination attempt. Motive? Because he wants Trump to be elected. Meanwhile, others are suggesting that Hillary could be dead and that the woman walking around in her shoes could be her lookalike.

Interesting times. 

The Dying Swan: Music by Camille Saint- Saëns (Dance video, 3.28 mins)

Legendary Soviet ballerina Maya Plisetkaya here dances to Camille Saint- Saëns’ ballet music The Dying Swan. By 1960, at the age of 35, Plisetkaya  had become star dancer or prima ballerina assoluta at the Bolshoi theatre in Moscow. This classic performance took place in 1975, over 40 years ago, when Maya was 50 years old. 

One of her fans raves in a YouTube comment: “Rest in peace, Maya Plisetkaya! We will never forget you, MAYA BALLERINA ASSOLUTA !!! Thank you very, very much for sharing such a memento of beauty and grace.”

Maya Plisetkaya was a Russian Jewess who died last year at the age of 89. Here is a picture of Maya taken in 2011, at the age of 85, looking remarkably young for her age.

Acknowledgements to our Russian commenter ‘Rousso’ (who may himself be Jewish) for providing a link to this beautiful video.

Anti-Semitism through Jewish Eyes: Hating the Jews makes them stronger and more united

LD:  This article is published in response to a recent article on our site, We Know Who They Are, which was openly and unabashedly anti-Semitic. It has been sent to us with the challenge that we provide our readers “with a more balanced perspective, allowing them the opportunity to view the subject of Jewish persecution through Jewish eyes.”
We accept this challenge.
This 4800-word article, penned by a scholarly Jewish writer, argues that anti-Semitism is good for the Jews in that it makes them stronger. Solidarity, unity, and an increased sense of Jewish identity and cohesiveness are the beneficial byproducts of centuries of cruel persecution culminating in the Holocaust. So  it is argued here.


A medieval depiction of Jews being executed

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