Trump pushed FBI to nab Israeli-American threatening to bomb Jewish centers in America


With a brief introduction by Lasha Darkmoon

LD: I received an extremely important email from my friend Lobro yesterday and I am publishing it exactly as he wrote it, without any additions or subtractions. What is it all about? It is about the Jewish attempt to whip up anti-Semitism — a favorite Jewish pastime, it would seem.  If there are no threats to kill Jews or bomb synagogues coming from the goyim, especially from hate-crazed Islamofascist Muslims, then Jews must step forward from the shadows and threaten to carry out horrendous acts of terrorism against their fellow Jews. That’s the game. (more…)

Complete List of Books Banned by Amazon

With acknowledgements to Michael Hoffman
of The Revisionist Review

LD :  Many of the books on the banned list can still be obtained from small booksellers. The fact that these books are regarded as too dangerous to read is surely an indication that they contain valuable information that the censors of free speech would like to suppress. The List is “complete” only in the sense that these are the books already known to have been banned, but other books may have been removed from circulation without our knowledge. We can expect new titles to be added to the List on a regular basis, as more Jews come forward demanding the death penalty for books they cannot bear others to read. At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice and Dickens’ Oliver Twist will no longer be available.


Shut down the internet! — shout the Enemies of Free Speech (Intro to 12-minute video)


The Usual Suspects and their neo-Bolshevik lickspittle lackeys in the mainstream media can no longer endure any opinions that fail to coincide with their own narrow curriculum of “acceptable views”. They alone will decide what is acceptable and what is not. Any viewpoint they dislike will henceforth be classified, magisterially, as “hate speech”. As beyond the pale, and hence subject to Stalinesque censorship, fines, and imprisonment.


Jews shut down free speech at London School of Economics by causing rumpus

Introduction — March 22, 2016
By The Truthseeker

On Monday night Zionist Jews protested at a lecture by a former UN rapporteur on human rights to the Palestinian territories, Richard Falk. Instead of answering his charges that Israel was a “racist state” however, protesters at the London School of Economics (LSE)  resorted to an old tactic to silence critics of Israel. They accused Falk of “anti-Semitism”, a charge that is echoed in the Jewish Chronicle report below. (more…)

The Empire Should be Placed on Suicide Watch


In all the political drama taking place in the US as a result of the attempted color revolution against Trump, the bigger picture sometimes gets forgotten. And yet, this bigger picture is quite amazing, because if we look at it we will see irrefutable signs that the Empire in engaged in some bizarre slow motion version of seppuku; and the only mystery left is who, or what, will serve as the Empire’s kaishakunin.

SEPPUKU: Japanese ritual suicide by disembowelment; harakiri. KAISHAKUNIN: The executioner; the mercy killer who finishes off the suicide victim in his final agonies by chopping off his head with a sword. [LD]

Israel threatens to destroy Syria’s air defence systems ‘without the slightest hesitation’

Syria fired three missiles at Israeli warplanes as they struck several targets in the most serious military exchange between the two hostile neighbours

Sourced from The Independent

Four Israeli jets struck several targets inside Syria last week and were attacked by three Syrian surface-to-air missiles

Israel‘s defence minister has threatened to destroy Syria‘s air defence systems if they are used to target Israeli fighter jets again.

The Israeli military said it shot down one of several anti-aircraft rockets fired at its warplanes by Syria last week in the most serious military exchange between the two hostile neighbours in recent years. (more…)

Depravity Unlimited: From Hacking Vibrators to Sex Doll Brothels

This hacker could be spying on you in your bedroom
with mini-cameras and microphones concealed in your vibrator 

Experts have warned that hackers can exploit security vulnerabilities in devices connected to the internet. Hacking a vibrator is now relatively easy. Which is not good news if you happen to be a woman who relies on these sex toys for fulfillment. 

One of the great advantages of not using vibrators or dildos is this: you can rest secure in the knowledge that no sexual pervert with hacking skills is watching your every move on a remote computer. Which he can certainly do nowadays, given that the hacking technology is now available to allow someone to spy on your most intimate moments in the bedroom. (more…)

Why I Don’t Trust Wikipedia


How would you feel if you came across a biography of yourself in Wikipedia and found the article was not only full of inaccuracies but also full of malicious lies?  

lPictured: Tom Utley, distinguished Daily Mail columnist

One of my sons, Wikipedia informed me — and I leave the language and spelling exactly as it appeared: ‘is a proper belta at smokin tac.’ Another son was ‘currently havin an affair with Myleene “sideboob” funbags Klass…’ (pictured here

Anyone reading my Wikipedia entry a few months after I joined this newspaper would have learned some interesting things about me—or, rather, about my offspring.

‘Tom Utley,’ it said, ‘is a British journalist who currently writes a witty weekly column for the Daily Mail.’ (I confess I liked the adjective ‘witty’, though I realise readers may question its truth in this context). It went on: ‘He is the son of the distinguished journalist T. E. Utley.’

So far, so good. (more…)

Canadian Patriot Arthur Topham found guilty of online “hate speech” against Jews: Jewish Takeover of Canada Complete

Arthur Topham tells judge it was his “duty to alert public … to “imminent threat of Jewish lobby”

ARTHUR TOPHAM arrives at the Quesnel courthouse Monday
for sentencing on his “hate crime” conviction. (Wil Fundal/CBC News)

A B.C. man convicted of an anti-semitic hate crime has been kicked off the internet, but Arthur Topham won’t serve any jail time. Following a trial in Quesnel in 2015, a jury convicted Topham of one count of communicating online statements that wilfully promoted hatred against Jewish people. (more…)