The Latest Escalation in Syria — What Is Really Going On?

Written for the Unz Review

By now most of you have heard the latest bad news of out Syria: on June 18th a US F/A-18E Super Hornet (1999) used a AIM-120 AMRAAM (1991) to shoot down a Syrian Air Force Su-22 (1970). Two days later, June 20th, a US F-15E Strike Eagle shot down an Iranian IRGC Shahed 129 drone. The excuse used each time was that there was a threat to US and US supported forces. (more…)

Jared Kushner — “Something strange about this man!’ (video, 12 mins)

We are told that Jared Kushner is regarded by Donald Trump as his dearly beloved son rather than a son-in-law. Apparently Jared knew nothing about politics or world affairs when Trump appointed him as his chief personal advisor. Everything was soon to change after that.

According to a well-publicized report, political ignoramus Jared was so remarkably gifted that he managed to acquire an encyclopaedic knowledge of the Middle East in a few minutes. While waiting for a ski lift to arrive, Jared read a report on the Middle East that one of his aides had handed him. By the time the lift had arrived, maybe 5-10 minutes later, Jared knew all that he needed to know about the Middle East and how to solve the complex Arab-Israeli problem,   “It’s quite amazing how clever he is!” his wife Ivanka gushed.

VIDEO : 12 mins      

WARNING! — Russia Must not Agree to the Partition of Syria


Regarding the following: any reference to the United States or any other Western country should be viewed as bounded within 6 brackets. What follows is a reasoned attempt to prepare some psychological tools of argument just in case Russia really does betray Syria and posters pop up to defend such a betrayal on this site.

West of the Euphrates

“Moscow said it would treat any plane from the US-led coalition
flying WEST of the Euphrates river as a potential target.”

Why not EAST of the Euphrates?
Why is Syria to be defended only on ONE side and not on the other?


US charged with de facto invasion of Syria and openly supporting Isis


The Trump administration is now openly supporting Isis and bombing Assad’s troops in Syria on behalf of Israel. This is what a new PressTV report shockingly claims. (See 5-minute video below). If Trump is one of the good guys, as is still being argued by a rapidly diminishing number of diehard Trump supporters, why is he escalating tensions in Syria and inviting a major confrontation with Russia? (more…)

Stalin’s Jews


Excerpted from a 3-part article on the Occidental Observer

For full details on the dominant Jewish role in the Russian Revolution during the Stalin era, see Stalin’s Willing Executioners: Jews as a Hostile Elite in the USSR, by Kevin MacDonald. For a shorter introduction to the same subject, see Mark Weber’s The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution and Russia’s Early Soviet Regime.

ANDREW JOYCE :  One Jewish-authored text which merits close attention is Benjamin Ginsberg’s How the Jews Defeated Hitler: Exploding the Myth of Jewish Passivity in the Face of Nazism (2013). Ginsberg is Professor of Political Science and Chair of the Center for Advanced Governmental Studies at Johns Hopkins University, and had previously written Do Jews Have a Future in America? (2010) in which he argued that Jews were a very powerful group that nonetheless possessed a remarkable unease quite contrary to their material circumstances. (more…)

American Psycho — Sex Slave Freed From Her Chains

What is America coming to? Psychotic serial killers  run amok all over the country. And psychotic rulers, who are far more dangerous than the serial killers at home, kill and maim millions in the Middle East and elsewhere on behalf of Israel.

From TOM LEONARD in New York


June 12, 2017 — Shackled from neck to ankle and chained to the wall of an industrial storage container, a woman shies away as a police officer uses bolt cutters to free her from two months of captivity.

Appeal to Trump: Get Tough with the Gangster Elite or Expect Civil War

By Michael Sheuer


James Comey admits to taking official government documents home and then giving them to the NY Times; he directly contradicts his 3 May 2017, under-oath testimony; he publicly conspires with that stooge of a Special Counsel Robert Mueller to stage-manage his testimony; he refused to tell Americans that their president was not colluding with the Russians; he coordinated his public language with Attorney General Lynch to please Clinton, protect that criminal, and fix the 2016 election; and, just after the hearing, is reported to have been offered a $10 million advance/payoff from a New York publisher for a book on Trump. (more…)

Trump faces order to release ‘secret tapes’ of FBI boss (includes video)

By Caroline Graham In Los Angeles
For The Mail On Sunday


Donald Trump could be forced to release ‘secret tapes’ of his conversations with ousted FBI boss James Comey as early as this week. A letter demanding the tapes – if they exist – was sent to White House lawyers late on Friday by representatives of the Senate intelligence committee probing the US President’s alleged ties to Russia. (more…)