Leaderless America, by John Kaminski

"THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND" Painting by James Tissot
Painting by James Tissot

Look around you. Look anywhere you like. Where are you going to find a presidential candidate who will fulfill the promise of America? Who will protect the people he is sworn to serve? Who will tell the truth about what the U.S. government is actually doing?

You look for somebody like that, and you’re looking for something that never was and never will be.

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Dr Frankenstein’s Monster, by JB Campbell

Activist writer Bruce Campbell was recently interviewed by PressTV.
You will find a full transcript of the interview HERE.
The article below, which contains some extra material, formed the basis of the interview.

israel mundo“America must stop being Dr. Frankenstein’s monster.”  —  JB Campbell

The American and Israeli Jews are worried that their power is slipping because of growing public awareness of their terrible achievements in the past, such as the destruction of Iraq. They were thwarted in their planned destruction of Syria and are now determined to show their power over at least sixty cowardly US senators to achieve the destruction of Iran. Read More

What’s wrong with violence? by JB Campbell

"Cops think violence is fine as long as they're doing it. — JB Campbell
“Cops think violence is fine
as long as they’re doing it.
— JB Campbell

The question is: what’s wrong with violence?

The federal government thinks violence is fine. It just wants a total monopoly on its use. The federal government is a big version of the Israeli government.  It is easily offended when anyone or any weaker country objects to the official use of violence.  But now it’s time to do a lot more than object.

Cops, too, think violence is fine as long as they’re doing it.  As this writer has said many times, cops are licensed to use violence and to kill us. So the experts agree:  nothing wrong with violence.

The American Defense Party, however, says there’s everything wrong with government violence and the only way to deal with it is counter-violence by its intended victims.

It’s called self-defense.

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GERMANY AND THE JEWISH QUESTION, by Dr Friedrich Karl Wiehe: introduced by Lasha Darkmoon

—  Germany and the Jewish Question, by Dr Friedrich Karl Wiehe
—  Deutschland und die Judenfrage
  (original German text ,1938)

Introduction by Lasha Darkmoon

It’s disgusting how the Jews are taking everything by storm….Even the Rome of Seutonius  has never known such orgies as the pervert ball of Berlin.”  — Jewish writer Stefan Zweig
It’s disgusting how the Jews are taking everything by storm….Even the Rome of Seutonius has never known such orgies as the pervert ball of Berlin.”
— Jewish writer Stefan Zweig

Here are seven important facts the reader ought to consider before reading the above article:

[1]  Dr Friedrich Karl Wiehe’s long essay, Germany and the Jewish Question (25,000 words), was published in 1938, five years after Hitler’s ascent to power.

[2]  According to distinguished British historian Sir Arthur Bryant, the Jews had managed to buy up a substantial part of Germany after World War I, largely as a result of the hyperinflation they had themselves engineered through their control of the international banking system.

Bryant makes the astonishing revelation that as late as November 1938, after five years of Hitler and “five years of anti-Semitic legislation and persecution, they [the Jews] still owned something like a third of the property in the Reich.” Read More

Germany and the Jewish Question

. . .  by Dr Friedrich Karl Wiehe

Key Reference article: 25,000 words
"THE ETERNAL JEW" Anti-Semitic cartoon, 1937
Anti-Semitic cartoon, 1937

The German version of this 25,000 word essay, Deutschland und die Judenfrage (literally, “Germany and the Jewish Question”)  was published in Berlin in 1938. This is no longer easy to find on the internet.* A roughly translated English version by Knud Erikson was also freely available; but this appears to have recently disappeared.

Fortunately, another version of this historic reference work by an unknown translator has just been sent to us by a correspondent; we have therefore decided to reissue it here before it vanishes from sight completely. The essay is a treasure trove of useful information on the Jewish takeover and domination of Germany.

*   We have just managed to get hold of the German original. Here it is: Deutschland und die Judenfrage

— John Scott Montecristo, Editor Read More

The battle for human survival, by John Kaminski

Bloodsucking-Jew“For the past one hundred years, through their manipulation of public opinion via the mass media, Jews have organized and triggered a constant string of wars based upon false information, resulting in millions of unnecessary murders of innocent people. For these and myriad other reasons, Jews need to be banned from holding any positions of responsibility in government, education, media, and in all other fields that provide them with opportunities to inflict misery on mankind . . .”

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Note from Lasha Darkmoon. As readers are currently being denied access to therebel-org, including myself,  I  am copying and pasting the entire article here. Fortunately, I had saved a copy of the article earlier.


The battle for human survival


By John Kaminski
[email protected]

Americans have lost their right to privacy and all their other Constitutional rights because of the malignant influence of Jews on every aspect of American life.

For the past one hundred years, the creation of the Federal Reserve, which is owned by 13 Jewish families, has resulted in the destruction of the American economy and the well-being of the vast majority of American citizens. The dollar has lost 95 percent of its value and a multi trillion dollar debt has been created that can never be paid off. Today, millions of people face starvation and ruin directly as a result of these criminal Jewish deceptions.

For the past one hundred years, a Jewish construct known as the American Medical Association has unilaterally suppressed healthy remedies for diseases and instead fabricated new illnesses that now ravage the American population. These medical maniacs now distribute debilitating pills and shots that produce diminished brain function and lifelong addictions designed to shorten lives. Ubiquitous childhood vaccinations guarantee that the average IQ will continue to plummet.

For the past one hundred years, through their manipulation of public opinion by means of their mass media, Jews have organized and triggered a constant string of wars based upon false information resulting in millions of unnecessary murders of innocent people and untold misery for everyone in the world — except for that small percentage of very rich cynics with offshore bank accounts who do their bidding and are complicit in this ever growing spectrum of Jewish crimes against humanity.

For these and myriad other reasons, Jews need to be banned from holding any positions of responsibility in government, education, media and any other field that provides them with an opportunity to inflict upon their unsuspecting non Jewish victims this exploitative and homicidal mania that is the hallmark of their shameful and universally loathed history.

But who can stop the criminal Jews?

What makes combatting this massive Jewish plague a daunting proposition is the fact that Jews — via their control of money, media, medicine and the educational system itself — have taken control of everyone’s minds, depriving them of the knowledge of how to resist this worldwide kosher tyranny. So ingrained has Jewish control become that you will find those who are being misled, fleeced and killed actually defending their killers, because of the gross deceptions put in their minds that they now believe implicitly.

Because Jews control law enforcement, the courts and the legal profession in general — having taught lawyers to conspire among themselves to fleece their own clients — no avenue of redress to these monstrous Jewish atrocities is available through conventional means. Everyone knows by now that slavish obedience to the Jewish principles of rapine and plunder is solidly entrenched in the U.S. Congress and the American court system.

And this is the bind in which all social critics find themselves. One may not accurately describe the problems we are face or rectify the crimes committed against us because to do so guarantees our expulsion from the consensus social process that has been hijacked by Jews. Jewish artificial reality corruptly determines the parameters of social discourse and deems any criticism of Jews at all to be beyond the confines of sane thinking. In many places, Jewish control of everyone’s mind results in all opposition to be declared illegal.

This exclusion of rational arguments can be best observed in the Holocaust laws and prosecutions now in effect throughout Europe in which defendants who question the veracity of Jewish-produced World War II propaganda are prohibited from even defending themselves, lest they face additional charges and, with the help of corrupt judges owned by Jews, longer prison terms.

Welcome to this brave new Jewish world. You won’t have to worry about it much longer. Because either it will have to go, or you will.

Famous writers pull their punches

It must seem laughable to the demonic Jews who control trillions of dollars and virtually all the commercial enterprises in the world — not to mention all the governments — that an indigent writer like myself would put forth such a preposterous proposal that Jews should be excluded from participating anywhere in civil society — yet the fact remains that the survival of the human species — the continuance enabling the conditions of all life on this planet — depends upon it.

Yet across time, all the writers who achieved fame and fortune for their insights gave the Jews a pass for their egregious manipulation of reality, typified by a mastery of bribery and a knack for furnishing forbidden delights that precious few would admit publicly to ever wanting.

Mark Twain was one of the most beloved American writers and had nothing but high praise for the Jews.

The Egyptian, the Babylonian, and the Persian rose, filled the planet with sound and splendor, then faded to dream-stuff and passed away; the Greek and the Roman followed; and made a vast noise, and they are gone; other people have sprung up and held their torch high for a time, but it burned out, and they sit in twilight now, or have vanished. The Jew saw them all, beat them all, and is now what he always was, exhibiting no decadence, no infirmities of age, no weakening of his parts, no slowing of his energies, no dulling of his alert and aggressive mind. All things are mortal but the Jew; all other forces pass, but he remains. What is the secret of his immortality?”

But Twain conveniently neglected to mention the Jews’ dark side, which assassinated or bought off the leaders of every country they came to, and preyed on humanity by catering to their weaknesses, selling alcohol to the Indians, illicit sex to the pious and, once they took power, triggering mass slaughters and capturing totalitarian control, as they did with their bloody abuse of the French, the Russians, and the Germans.

Even John F. Kennedy, the most noble of American presidents, at least feigned respect for the Jews. He said,

Israel was not created in order to disappear. Israel will endure and flourish. It is the child of hope and the home of the brave. It can neither be broken by adversity nor demoralized by success. It carries the shield of democracy and it honors the sword of freedom.

Though JFK was later to utter his famous words about “a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy” that was to cost him his life, he failed to name the Jew outright, and as a result left people in the dark about who the world’s most vicious abusers really were.

And this is the situation today, with the Jewish state of Israel immune from all the laws of civilization, where criminals hide from the laws of man. When writers accepted into the mainstream wax poetic about the nastiness of a tyrannical U.S. government, they nevertheless fail to mention the principal villains of world history, because if they do, they immediately disappear from the world’s stage, owing to the sheer, ubiquitous power the Jews have forged over everyone’s mind, the prohibition on talking about them that keeps everyone silent, ineffective and enslaved.

Jews control everything

There is an irrefutable correlation between the negative actions and criminal activities of the U.S. government and the slavish obedience of the U.S. congress to Israeli leaders and Jewish financial kingpins. Just as England rose to prominence driven by the Jewish Bank of England, the highest levels of the American government are dominated by dual Israeli American citizens, and nobody doubts which half of this schizoid allegiance is dominant. Jewish behavior constitutes bonafide acts of treason against the American republic, as it does in any country in which they have usurped control.

There is a clear reality that the major networks, publishing houses, newspapers, movie studios, and universities are all either owned or controlled by Jews, which is why you never hear how Jews control them. They remain invisible and unmentioned, immune from prosecution for their endless array of crimes. It is also why you hear every conceivable religious denomination or ethnic group vilified in the most depraved terms, as with the notorious piece of “art” titled “Piss Christ.” But Jews, despite their de facto dominance of all the crime categories, are constantly portrayed as thoughtful and noble heroes by media that they own.

There is a sickening relationship among the American Federation of Teachers, the American Psychological Association and the pharmaceutical industry — all of which are controlled by Jews — which approves the sabotage of school curricula, administers poison vaccinations that cripple young minds, and promotes rampant homosexuality, making it impossible for all American children to mature in a healthy way and attain a normal family life.

There is an unmistakable connection between the government’s failure to talk about Fukushima radiation bringing death to the West Coast, poison ingredients in the chemtrails that pollute the world’s skies, control of the world’s food supply by a Jewish weapons making company named Monsanto, and control of the world’s media by Jews. The connection derives from the commands of the Talmud, the Jews’ unholy book, which instructs them to kill or enslave all the non Jews of the world, a policy that all Jews follow but never mention to non Jews.

The principal threats we face

The food supply has been poisoned. Roadside hamburgers contain on average 12 percent meat. GMO feed renders the third generation of test animals absolutely sterile. Monsanto, the Jewish entity that now controls the world’s food supply and has poisoned it, got started selling slaves in the 19th century. Having cemented its reputation as a manufacturer of sophisticated weaponry, it is now in the business of killing those slaves — us — by poisoning our food.

Iatrogenic quackery — or death by doctors — is the third leading cause of death in the United States. When you go into a hospital, you will likely emerge less healthy than when you went in. Doctors routinely prescribe medicines that are harmful, or give you new diseases you didn’t have before you went to see them. Most medications cause permanent damage. Doctors never mention that your health totally depends on what you eat.

With lethal new plots being hatched and deployed every day, there is no longer any reasonable expectation that humanity will survive this Jewish onslaught against natural life.

It has already killed off the sardines and the starfish, and is in the process of taking the bald eagles. Herring are bleeding from their eyes. The forests are turning brown. The oxygen content of the atmosphere is plummeting. For people not to realize that they are also on this list of the soon-to-be extinct is both the height of human ignorance and the ultimate triumph of Jewish perfidy.

The scariest news of all comes from environmental scientists Dane Wiggington and Guy McPherson, who view the government’s environmental tinkering as the reason that the conditions for continuing life on this planet will soon disappear. McPherson in particular says it’s too late to remediate our problems, and the best thing we can do is to make ourselves comfortable until we go extinct. He says that will occur in this century.

The Jews like this kind of talk. It’s exactly what they had in mind when they undertook this 360-degree murder plot, which was created hundreds, if not thousands of years ago.

You must understand that the inventions of Google, Facebook and Twitter are not the beneficial instruments that they pretend to be. Google is gradually shrinking the volume of the world’s knowledge into a standardized version of Jewish history. Eventually there will be no consciousness at all, only the prescribed Jewish schedule of slave behavior (this may already be the case).

Facebook and Twitter are recording the details of everyone’s lives so that at some point, the Jews’ world government will know everything about everyone in the world, for the purpose of more efficiently running their world prison.

The scariest person in the world is Ray Kurzwell, the Jewish Dr. Frankenstein now running Google. It is Kurzweil’s intention to arrange a world where most of the population is artificial, and the remaining Jews will create and maintain them as perfectly obedient robots in a world devoid of conscience and compassion.

This is the fate of humanity, already pretty much achieved, if the world allows the Jews to remain in power.

When the wolf is trying to eat you, you don’t try to reason with it

There are still those self-congratulatory delusionals who insist that Jews are not the creators of our world prison, who claim it is a coalition of rich predators of whom the Jews are only a part. These are the people who neglect to note that the royal family of England is satiated with Jewish blood. <http://northerntruthseeker.blogspot.com/2012/12/the-truth-about-so-called-british-royal.html>

They ignore the fact that the Department of Homeland Security was created not to protect the American people, but to protect the Jews. <http://mondoweiss.net/2012/07/islamophobia-shmislamophobia-97-of-homeland-security-security-grants-go-to-jewish-orgs.html>

They refuse to believe the world consensus is that Israel deliberately caused Fukushima to explode, realizing it would harm the entire world with its radioactive poison.


They turn away from the sheer horror of Israel’s appalling lack of humanity as it steals the organs of children that it murders. <http://www.globalresearch.ca/israel-agrees-to-return-stolen-organs-of-dead-palestinians/5358247>

And as they go broke, lose their homes and wonder how they’re going to feed themselves, they fail to take note that the average CEO in America, who is typically Jewish, makes more in an hour than his average worker makes in a month.


It may seem like a foolish task to advocate the removal of the Jews from human society. After all, it’s pretty clear that they own the place and everything in it. And yet the frightening fact remains — they are running the place into the ground, and most of us, most of our children, will not survive the diabolical plans they have for it.

When Jews run the world, the world will be destroyed. Just look around you. How much more information do you need?

Is Putin one of us? by Pat Buchanan

. . . by Pat Buchanan


Is Vladimir Putin a paleoconservative? In the culture war for mankind’s future, is he one of us?

While such a question may be blasphemous in Western circles, consider the content of the Russian president’s state of the nation address.

With America clearly in mind, Putin declared, “In many countries today, moral and ethical norms are being reconsidered.” Read More

US and Israel ordered kidnapping of Syrian nuns: Mark Glenn

hqdefaultPress TV has conducted an interview with political commentator Mark Glenn about foreign-backed militants in Syria kidnapping 12 nuns from a convent in the Christian town of Ma’loula. Mark Glenn argues that such a terrorist act against Christian nuns could only have been carried out with the full knowledge and support of America and Israel. 

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American Defense Party, by JB Campbell

“Recent history has shown that America is a presidential dictatorship, abetted by a cowardly Congress and graced by a corrupt Supreme Court. It has masqueraded as a democracy and as a republic and as a nation guided by “the rule of law.” But the law is only for us, the people, to obey and be controlled. The lawmakers and law enforcers make and enforce the law on the orders of our deadly enemies. The law is a weapon in the hands of our enemies. We are actually under the law of the gun…”
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Communist America, by JB Campbell

“America is Communist because America is run by Jews…”

barack obama 42This writer and the Obama gang want violent revolution. On that goal we are agreed. Obama wants it because he’s a Communist. I want it because I’m an anti-Communist. Only violence will determine anything because Communists and anti-Communists cannot co-exist. One must kill the other or be killed by the other. We saw that in Russia and we saw it in Germany and we saw it in China, Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia. I saw it in Rhodesia. The Communists defeated the anti-Communists everywhere because America was on the Communist side. America is Communist and has to be destroyed by American anti-Communists.
Don’t worry – there are plenty of us to do this. Read More

Behind the Holocaust, by JB Campbell

Sourced from Veterans Today

What was Hitler’s Unforgivable Sin?

hitlerHitler resisted Judaism. When you’re a little kid in school or at the movies, resisting Judaism can be made to seem a very wicked thing. As an adult, you can be made to think that to resist Judaism is the very worst, the most dangerous thing. When you see what has happened to people who have resisted Judaism, well – you certainly don’t want that to happen to you.

Adolf Hitler was, is and will always be the most dangerous character in history due to his resistance against Judaism, combined with his eloquence in explaining why Judaism must be resisted. Read More