Honour and Dignity


If there’s no God,
there’s only one thing left:

Honour is ten times
more precious than dignity.
Your dignity you can afford
to lose, your honour you cannot.

Honour in adversity
honour on the rack of suffering
honour when you have nothing left
and your life is in ruins
and your dignity in tatters—
that is holiness.

Honour is God,
God honour.



How the sparks fly upward in fire,
How dead souls from the Real arise,
How the sun and moon and desire
Sail the infinite Sea of Sighs.

How the hidden waits in the Hider,
How the angel wars with the demon,
How the web jumps out of the Spider,
How the universe springs from Brahman.

How the doddering old man bent double
And the child in the green field leaping
And the young man looking for trouble
Have all gone to their silent sleeping.

How you and I and Time’s river
And the leaves of the years long slain
Will dance like old shadows for ever 
In the chambers of Brahman’s brain.

How the final moment flings you
Into the arms of darkest night,
How the Wheel turns round and brings you
Back again to the fields of light.