In the Lost Gardens: A Poem for Easter Sunday

Adveniat  regnum  tuum


One day, my love, under a kinder sun,
We’ll meet again and savour a new scene:
No sorrows there, and all our labours done,
And swallows gliding through the blue serene.

There in our palace by a lapis sea
We’ll drink a toast with red wine red as blood
To eternal youth and immortality,
For out of evil sprang the primal good.

The Good, the Beautiful, the Always New,
These are the names of the flowers that grow
In the lost gardens where all dreams come true.
All this, my love long gone, one day you’ll know.

Here I Am


Here I am, here I am,
a shipwrecked mariner
on a wild, wild shore.
And I don’t give a damn
if you diss me or jeer
as I cling to my oar.
All this means nothing to me,
nor the wreck of my ship.
This will come to you too,
the Dark God’s cruelty.
You will feel the same whip
on your back, as I do.
Fool, poor pitiful fool!
You too, sport of malchance,
will fall into the Pit.
You too will one day drool,
go blind, deaf, soil your pants,
and die in your own skrit.
— Xanadu,
19 January 2019





Wait and See

“It behoved that there should be sin; but all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.”
Juliana of Norwich, Revelations of Divine Love, c. 1393

Give me
the knock on the door
and the unexpected event.
Give me
the can-I-come-in moment
with the last chance eyes.
Give me
the fortitude to endure
these cruel afflictions.
Give me
the dying life
amid the smiling faces.

Spare me
the testing moment
of the unbearable fate.
Spare me
the stab in the back
on the killer’s balcony
Spare me
the death kiss
on the suicide rooftop.
Spare me
the Black Joker
with his dark cruel eyes.

— Fear not,
wait and see
light spring from darkness,
joy spring from sorrow,
heaven spring from hell,
and the healing of all wounds.
The unexpected event
will come, soon;
and the gordian knot will be broken.
Wait and see
the full moon in the Always Garden
by the holy river.

Honour and Dignity


If there’s no God,
there’s only one thing left:

Honour is ten times
more precious than dignity.
Your dignity you can afford
to lose, your honour you cannot.

Honour in adversity
honour on the rack of suffering
honour when you have nothing left
and your life is in ruins
and your dignity in tatters—
that is holiness.

Honour is God,
God honour.