In Search of Shangri-La: Elderly American Lady Disillusioned with America Seeks Advice on Somewhere Else to Live

The following is a round-robin email I found in my inbox yesterday, appealing for advice. It comes from an educated American lady called Cheryl who writes under the pen name of “Cab McCann”. Her email is headed: “Getting out of Babylon.”  Sick and tired of the new America which she regards as a place of Babylonian exile, this cultured Christian lady wishes to flee and find refuge in a suitable foreign country where she will feel more at home. Any advice from readers will be more than welcome to her. 

By Cab McCann
(aka ‘Cheryl’)
October 7, 2020

‘By the waters of Babylon, there we sat down and wept.”
(Ps. 137:1)

I’m writing to my mailing list, putting out a request for advice.

I am selling my home and all my worldly possessions pretty much, and seeking to expat out of USA of Babylon by end of October. I hate the United States, aka Hammer of the Whole Earth, Destroyer of the Whole Earth, and  Destroying Mountain, that God says  “I will turn you into a burning mountain and roll you down.”

Nobody else seems to see things my way, but that’s not my fault.  I’ve been writing on this subject for years and years, and anyone who is happy with the USA blowing up the planet to please the Jewish Banksters, that’s between them and God.  Not my problem.  I did my part.

I just want out of here, just like the Bible tells me to get out.   Scripture says,”Flee out of Babylon lest you partake of her plagues and her sins.”

So I’m trying.

I really don’t know where to go or how to get out.  That’s why I’m writing, asking any of you on my big mailing list to write me with some advice.  I will have some money from the sale of my home, and my Social Security.   I’ve also been studying Spanish online, and I have a rudimentary knowledge of it. My first choice actually is to go to South America, but I’m open to any suggestions or advice anyone has on where to go.

My skills are writing, as you must know. I used to have my own court reporting-and-transcription company. I can also cook and clean and teach Sunday school.  I’m a Christian.

I also am somewhat of an expert on natural healing. I have not been to a doctor in decades. I hate doctors, as you all must know  from getting my postings. I have boxes of vitamins and supplements I will be shipping out to wherever it is I’m going, which I don’t really know at this point. I  am in good health, other than when the medical profession gets their hands on me against my will and poisons me, as was recently done. May God be their judge.

I guess you could call this email I’m sending out to be rather a job application, to anyone out there who might find my company an asset and would like to help me expat out of the USA.  I am 74, but I don’t think I look that old. I take care of myself. I need to get a picture of myself, and I’m working on that. Nobody seems to know how to take a picture and send it in an email. I have yet to start using one of those little phones, and I’ve always just been a computer freak.  I do own a cellphone, and I will have to do a crash course on how to use it for when I’m out in the world.

I’m not picky where I go – as long as it is out of the United States, and also none of the territories with U.S. military bases.

Anyone wanting to join up in an Exodus, anyone who feels as I do, by all means I’m glad to join up with any of you.

I should have written this sooner.   I keep thinking there will be a some religious leader leading an Exodus, but I should know better.  The pastors are pretty much blind and useless, and I don’t know what Bible they are reading, if any, but their reading comprehension skills seem to be either lacking, or in contradiction to what they learned in Semetary (the word I use to describe what they call a ‘seminary’ . . . and the Semetary doctrines seem to have all these pastors under its spell.  I think all these pastors are still  locked up in the antiquated and unscriptural teachings of Augustine and Calvin, and they just can’t get past all that garbage to get into the plain words of the Bible.

I’m just a single woman who believes the Bible, and when we are told to “Flee out of Babylon lest you partake of her sins and her plagues,” that’s what I’m trying to do. My house will be closing at the end of the month and I will be on my way, by plane or in my vehicle, to some new country.  I’m not sure where that will be at this point.

You can contact me at 585-468-1044, anyone who would like a roommate, or to join an Exodus, or who has any ideas or suggestions to me on how to escape.

God bless everyone!


Cab McCann
(aka ‘Cheryl’)

The Trumps Come Down With Fake Covid

The Anti New-York Times
October 3, 202

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How the Underground Press Will Thwart the Media and Re-Elect Donald Trump

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September 15, 2020
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Weaponized medicine
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The mask will set you up for the kill
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