An American Jew denounces the persecution suffered by Alison Chabloz and Monika Schaefer

Sourced from Alison Chabloz’ site,
July 24, 2018

On January 16 of this year Henry Herskovitz spoke out against the persecution by Jewish organisations of the Briton Alison Chabloz and the Canadian Monika Schaefer (the latter has now been imprisoned in Germany for nearly 200 days). Both women had expressed, particularly in videos posted on the internet, their revisionist convictions.

ALISON CHABLOZ (far left), MONIKA SCHAEFER (far right). The distinguished lady in the middle, another persecuted Holocaust revisionist, is Frau Ursula Haverbeck who is mentioned below.

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Helsinki secrets

By Israel Shamir

Shamir at his best, full of wit and brio and as astute as ever in his political judgments.

Like an orange hurricane, President Trump made a stormy visit to the Old World. Usually American presidents’ visits to Europe present photo opportunities and vows of eternal love and friendship. Not this time. Since the Mongol invasion, not many visitors from outside shook Europe like he did. The US President has finally emerged from the cage built by his political adversaries, and begun to say things his voters wanted to hear. Read More

WORLD EXCLUSIVE! — Trump’s bombshell letter to Theresa May sparks panic in corridors of power


A cleaner has discovered a copy of a letter in a White House waste bin, allegedly written by Donald Trump to Theresa May, and smuggled it out for publication. We are among the first to be handed this sensational document. Watch this space for further developments.  

Abridged by Lasha Darkmoon

“Theresa, you’ve gotta stop those Brussels crazies bossing you about!” Read More

Russian patriarch heads 100,000-strong procession honoring Romanovs’ martyrdom

Sourced from RT

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia during a religious procession
to mark the 100th anniversary of the royal family’s execution in Yekaterinburg.
© Pavel Lisitsyn / Sputnik

About 100,000 pilgrims led by the head of the Russian Orthodox Church have walked 21 kilometers in a solemn procession commemorating the 100th anniversary of the killing of the last Russian emperor Nicholas II and his family.
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Facebook Boss: ‘Holocaust Deniers should be allowed to spout their nonsense!’ — Deborah Lipstadt: ‘No, they shouldn’t!’

LD:  There are two articles here. The second is more interesting and should not be missed. This is Deborah Lipstadt’s angry rebuttal of the view put by Facebook boss, Mark Zuckerberg, that Holocaust deniers should not be denied a limited platform for their views—views that, although offensive and obviously ridiculous, are sincerely held  by a bunch of honest crackpots who like to call themselves “Holocaust revisionists” rather than “Holocaust deniers”.  Lipstadt takes a sterner view. Anyone who denies the Holocaust, she believes, is a dangerous criminal who would like to see all Jews exterminated. The only way to treat such malefactors, she argues, is with zero tolerance. 


“Holocaust deniers are deeply offensive . . . “

” . . . but I don’t think they’re intentionally getting it wrong.”

Facebook will continue to offer a platform to Holocaust deniers, Infowars, and other publishers of hoaxes on the assumption that they are sincere in their beliefs, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said. Read More

Trump branded as ‘Putin’s Poodle’ by mainstream media, accused of ‘treason’ and declared ‘traitor’

By Alison Rourke
The Guardian

From Trump’s ‘treason’ in the New York Daily News to a ‘nod and a wink’ in the Daily Express, most of the media see the Helsinki summit as a triumph for Putin.


Newspapers around the world have reacted to Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin’s performances at the Helsinki summit, and are united in their assessment of which world leader came out on top.

In the US, several papers went in hard on Trump. The New York Daily News accused the president of “treason”. Its front page featured an illustration of Trump holding hands with a bare-chested Putin and shooting Uncle Sam in the head with a gun in the other hand. Read More

The Trump-Putin Summit in Helsinki: A Litmus Test for Trump?

The summit was held yesterday.  

 Two Views of the Putin/Trump Summit

by Paul Craig Roberts

“What can an agreement at Helsinki be based on?  Deep State neocon operative John Bolton’s position has been opposed to making any agreement with Russia or cooperating with Russia in any way.  From the neoconservative standpoint, Russia is in the way of US world hegemony.  Russia is a challenge to the American World Order because Russia stands in the way of the American unipolar world. A successful summit will require Trump to reject this neoconservative doctrine. If Trump can pull this off with Bolton sitting by him, Trump’s critics will look very silly.” — Paul Craig Roberts  Read More

Hail, the Conquering Hero Comes


As Trump flies into Britain like an emperor visiting one of his badly run colonies, Theresa May blinks and trembles in her boots.  

A scare story published yesterday in Britain’s bestselling newspaper The Sun was dismissed later on by Donald Trump as “fake news”. This bore the sensational headline: “MAY HAS WRECKED BREXIT . . . US DEAL IS OFF!” 

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Note however that everything Trump is reported to have said in that exclusive interview with the Sun was actually recorded. The president was in no way misquoted. Whatever he said, moreover, was a reflection  of the truth as seen by the 17.4 million Brits, myself included, who had voted for Brexit and now feel cruelly betrayed by the most two-faced and treacherous prime minister since Tony Blair. For sheer double-crossing duplicity, Theresa May wins the shame prize.  Read More

The View of Russia in the West

By Paul Craig Roberts

July 11, 2018 “Information Clearing House” –  The upcoming Trump/Putin summit is hampered by the crazed portrait of Russia painted by presstitutes. Jonathan Chait, Amy Knight, Max Bergmann, Yaroslav Trofimov, Roger Cohen, and the rest of the conscious or de facto CIA assets that comprise the Western presstitute media have turned Putin into a superhuman who controls election outcomes throughout the West, murders people without rhyme or reason, and has President Trump under his thumb doing Putin’s bidding. Who could imagine a more extreme conspiracy theory?

Or has the world been carved up a bit like this?

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Ordered To Be Silent

By John Kaminski

Recite the Jews’ version of history or face gag orders and/or jail time

The thing to keep in mind is that people are being put in jail for telling the truth. That makes the idea that you are living in a free country a willful delusion from which no competent decisions about anything may be made. You are no longer allowed to tell a story that is not approved by the Jews, especially if it involves holy Holocaust defamation. Read More