Trump squares up to Assad over chemical weapons attack





By Barney Henderson in New York
and Nick Allen in Washington.
The Daily Telegraph, 6 April 2017

Trump responds with mil­i­tary ac­tion
against Syria’s alleged  chem­i­cal weapons attack on its own people.


It’s WMD All Over Again. Why Don’t You See It?

By Peter Hitchens

Assad says, ‘”We are not responsible.”

April 05, 2017.    Actually knowing something, remembering history or having experience of the world is becoming a disadvantage. How much easier it would be to join in with the flow of opinion about Syria, to listen happily to, and read contentedly, media reports on the subject. As it is, I feel something close a physical pain as I do this. (more…)

The African Tsunami: The Ryckaert Solution

How can the African invasion of Europe be stopped?


“Investing billions in African economies will not help. All those countries are ruled by utterly corrupt elites who will simply steal that money. The African masses will remain poor and they will continue to increase in number exponentially, and thus millions will try to reach Europe. If that tsunami of black refugees is not stopped, then that will be the end of Europe. Europe will become “Africa of the North”, just like the US will become “Mexico of the North”, and that is exactly the genocidal plan our Jewish controlled elite has in store for us.” [Franklin Ryckaert] (more…)

Is Putin the ‘Preeminent Statesman’ of Our Times?

By Patrick Buchanan

820 words

March 31, 2017.  “If we were to use traditional measures for understanding leaders, which involve the defense of borders and national flourishing, Putin would count as the preeminent statesman of our time. “On the world stage, who could vie with him?” — So asks Chris Caldwell of the Weekly Standard in a remarkable essay in Hillsdale College’s March issue of its magazine, Imprimis.

What elevates Putin above all other 21st-century leaders?

“When Putin took power in the winter of 1999-2000, his country was defenseless. It was bankrupt. It was being carved up by its new kleptocratic elites, in collusion with its old imperial rivals, the Americans. Putin changed that.

“In the first decade of this century, he did what Kemal Ataturk had done in Turkey in the 1920s. Out of a crumbling empire, he resurrected a national-state, and gave it coherence and purpose. He disciplined his country’s plutocrats. He restored its military strength. And he refused, with ever blunter rhetoric, to accept for Russia a subservient role in an American-run world system drawn up by foreign politicians and business leaders. His voters credit him with having saved his country.”

Putin’s approval rating, after 17 years in power, exceeds that of any rival Western leader. But while his impressive strides toward making Russia great again explain why he is revered at home and in the Russian diaspora, what explains Putin’s appeal in the West, despite a press that is every bit as savage as President Trump’s?

Answer: Putin stands against the Western progressive vision of what mankind’s future ought to be. Years ago, he aligned himself with traditionalists, nationalists and populists of the West, and against what they had come to despise in their own decadent civilization.

What they abhorred, Putin abhorred. He is a God-and-country Russian patriot. He rejects the New World Order established at the Cold War’s end by the United States. Putin puts Russia first.

And in defying the Americans he speaks for those millions of Europeans who wish to restore their national identities and recapture their lost sovereignty from the supranational European Union. Putin also stands against the progressive moral relativism of a Western elite that has cut its Christian roots to embrace secularism and hedonism.

The U.S. establishment loathes Putin because, they say, he is an aggressor, a tyrant, a “killer.” He invaded and occupies Ukraine. His old KGB comrades assassinate journalists, defectors and dissidents.

Yet while politics under both czars and commissars has often been a blood sport in Russia, what has Putin done to his domestic enemies to rival what our Arab ally Gen. Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi has done to the Muslim Brotherhood he overthrew in a military coup in Egypt?

What has Putin done to rival what our NATO ally President Erdogan has done in Turkey, jailing 40,000 people since last July’s coup — or our Philippine ally Rodrigo Duterte, who has presided over the extrajudicial killing of thousands of drug dealers?

Does anyone think President Xi Jinping would have handled mass demonstrations against his regime in Tiananmen Square more gingerly than did President Putin this last week in Moscow?

Much of the hostility toward Putin stems from the fact that he not only defies the West, when standing up for Russia’s interests, he often succeeds in his defiance and goes unpunished and unrepentant.

He not only remains popular in his own country, but has admirers in nations whose political establishments are implacably hostile to him.

In December, one poll found 37 percent of all Republicans had a favorable view of the Russian leader, but only 17 percent were positive on President Barack Obama.

There is another reason Putin is viewed favorably. Millions of ethnonationalists who wish to see their nations secede from the EU see him as an ally. While Putin has openly welcomed many of these movements, America’s elite do not take even a neutral stance.

Putin has read the new century better than his rivals. While the 20th century saw the world divided between a Communist East and a free and democratic West, new and different struggles define the 21st.

The new dividing lines are between social conservatism and self-indulgent secularism, between tribalism and transnationalism, between the nation-state and the New World Order.

On the new dividing lines, Putin is on the side of the insurgents. Those who envision de Gaulle’s Europe of Nations replacing the vision of One Europe, toward which the EU is heading, see Putin as an ally.

So the old question arises: Who owns the future?

In the new struggles of the new century, it is not impossible that Russia — as was America in the Cold War — may be on the winning side. Secessionist parties across Europe already look to Moscow rather than across the Atlantic.

“Putin has become a symbol of national sovereignty in its battle with globalism,” writes Caldwell. “That turns out to be the big battle of our times. As our last election shows, that’s true even here.”


BREAKING BOMBSHELL — Trump accused of Holocaust Denial and Threats to ‘obliterate Israel’


Explosive news which threatens to bring down the Trump administration and lead to the President’s impeachment on psychiatric grounds comes to us from our Far Eastern correspondent. The picture is far from clear at this point, but it appears that the President was heard to express a wish in the presence of the Israeli ambassador to Washington, Ron Dermer, at a recent meeting in the White House, to order a full-scale investigation into Israel’s role in the events of 9/11. (more…)

Mind Death: Western Civilization on the Skids (Video, 17 mins)

LD:  When one views the state of Western civilization, one is reminded of Mahatma Gandhi’s witty comment: “What do I think of Western civilization? I think it would be a very good idea.”
This frantic video, frothing with rage at the rockbottom level we have now reached, sees the Western world as little better than a madhouse: a hospital for the criminally insane in which the doctors are all political psychopaths and sexual degenerates and the nurses are all celebrity sluts, whores, and mentally deranged feminists.
I can’t help sympathizing with this viewpoint. Because I know it’s true.


Too Mad To Be Bad: Israeli-American Teen Terrorist Likely To Be Acquitted On Grounds Of ‘Diminished Responsibility’

Sourced directly from Haaretz, 29 March

Israeli Cybercrime Police Arrest Israeli-American Teen
for ‘Hundreds’ of Bomb Threats Against Jewish Centers Worldwide

Arrest of Jewish teen partly based on FBI information ■ Bitcoin account discovered on computer, leading to suspicions payment involved in some calls ■ Defense attorney: ‘Medical condition may have affected teen’s cognitive functioning.’

Be’er Sheva courthouse, March 23, 2017

Israeli-American suspect is court, accused of plotting hundreds of terrorist attacks against Jewish centers worldwide. Israel is doing everything in its power to make sure this nice Jewish boy gets a fair trial and is duly acquitted on grounds of “diminished responsibility” brought about by his alleged mental problems.


Ram the Iceberg!

How To Truly To Survive When Your Shit Hits The Fan!


This article, inspired by a chat I had with a waffle maker, is dedicated to a dear amigo who clearly sees the impending tragedy and horror just ahead. But he cannot extricate himself from the status quo lifestyle he currently enjoys, viz., a very comfortable “first-world” living standard, nor can he escape the rat race of running a non-essential business which temporarily sustains his current well-being.



Trump pushed FBI to nab Israeli-American threatening to bomb Jewish centers in America


With a brief introduction by Lasha Darkmoon

LD: I received an extremely important email from my friend Lobro yesterday and I am publishing it exactly as he wrote it, without any additions or subtractions. What is it all about? It is about the Jewish attempt to whip up anti-Semitism — a favorite Jewish pastime, it would seem.  If there are no threats to kill Jews or bomb synagogues coming from the goyim, especially from hate-crazed Islamofascist Muslims, then Jews must step forward from the shadows and threaten to carry out horrendous acts of terrorism against their fellow Jews. That’s the game. (more…)

Complete List of Books Banned by Amazon

With acknowledgements to Michael Hoffman
of The Revisionist Review

LD :  Many of the books on the banned list can still be obtained from small booksellers. The fact that these books are regarded as too dangerous to read is surely an indication that they contain valuable information that the censors of free speech would like to suppress. The List is “complete” only in the sense that these are the books already known to have been banned, but other books may have been removed from circulation without our knowledge. We can expect new titles to be added to the List on a regular basis, as more Jews come forward demanding the death penalty for books they cannot bear others to read. At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice and Dickens’ Oliver Twist will no longer be available.


Shut down the internet! — shout the Enemies of Free Speech (Intro to 12-minute video)


The Usual Suspects and their neo-Bolshevik lickspittle lackeys in the mainstream media can no longer endure any opinions that fail to coincide with their own narrow curriculum of “acceptable views”. They alone will decide what is acceptable and what is not. Any viewpoint they dislike will henceforth be classified, magisterially, as “hate speech”. As beyond the pale, and hence subject to Stalinesque censorship, fines, and imprisonment.