Violence erupts in Australia as cop arrests woman for not wearing mask in street

Report from the Guardian:

Victoria police have arrested and charged a young woman in Melbourne who was captured on video allegedly being choked and pinned to the ground by a police officer. In video footage posted initially on social media, the woman – who was subsequently found to have had an exemption for wearing a face mask – can be heard shouting “He’s choking me” as she was arrested on Wellington Street in Collingwood on Monday evening. The woman has been charged with resisting police and assaulting police and the arrest has been referred to an internal police review body, the Professional Standards Command.

VIDEO   :   7.55 mins   


Who Profits from the Beirut Blast?

Making the case that the explosion resulted from an attack

Pepe Escobar,
Asia Times via
Auugst 7, 2020

An aerial view shows the massive damage at Beirut port’s grain silos (C) and the area around it on August 5, 2020, one day after a massive explosion hit the harbour in the heart of the Lebanese capital. – Rescuers searched for survivors in Beirut in the morning after a cataclysmic explosion at the port sowed devastation across entire neighbourhoods, killing more than 150 people, wounding over 5000 and plunging Lebanon deeper into crisis. (Photo by – / AFP)

The narrative that the Beirut explosion was an exclusive consequence of negligence and corruption by the current Lebanese government is now set in stone, at least in the Atlanticist sphere.And yet, digging deeper, we find that negligence and corruption may have been fully exploited, via sabotage, to engineer it. Read More

Israel Bombed Beirut: An Updated Report *

writing in Tikkun Olam a few days ago.

(Updated by Lasha Darkmoon
with additional commentary)

A confidential highly-informed Israeli source has told me that Israel caused the massive explosion at the Beirut port earlier today which killed over 150 and injured over 5000.   The bombing also virtually leveled the port itself and caused massive damage throughout the city. The source received this information from an Israeli official having special knowledge concerning the matter. Read More

P Is for Predator State: The Building Blocks of Tyranny from A to Z

By John W. Whitehead
The Rutherford Institute
July 4, 2020

“When a population becomes distracted by trivia, when cultural life is redefined as a perpetual round of entertainments, when serious public conversation becomes a form of baby-talk, when, in short, a people become an audience and their public business a vaudeville act, then a nation finds itself at risk; a culture-death is a clear possibility.” — Professor Neil Postman, Amusing Ourselves to Death: Discourse in the Age of Show Business Read More

Fade To Black

The darkening of our screens and stages
and its part in the theft of our past and future

How would you like to see a movie in which Dr Who is played by a black woman? and in which King Arthur and David Copperfield are both played by Asian actors? You can even see Cinderella played by a negress . . .  and Viking warriors who are all played by black actors.   

By Jack Antonio,
The Occidental Observer,
July 31, 2020

YOU FLY into London on a British Airways plane on which you are shown an animated film about safety. It stars a cartoon Black man with his cartoon White wife and their cartoon mixed-race child. You pass through immigration control and are poked and probed by Brown people wearing hijabs and turbans who jabber at you in an unintelligible version of the English language. Heading for the tube you pass a poster that shows a Black woman dressed in Elizabethan garb beckoning you to the Globe Theatre. Read More

Government-linked intel agency forecasts two-thirds of U.S. populace will suddenly die-off by 2025

Agency forecasts that the U.S. will receive the biggest loss of life over and above all nations of the world as a result of a disaster that’s coming by 2025

By Staff Writer
Intellhub via Truthseeker 
July 29, 2020

The inscriptions on the mysterious Georgia Guidestones
also allude to a massive reduction in world population

(INTELLIHUB) The highly-rated government-linked intel agency Deagel has updated its latest annual report which now forecasts that over two-thirds of the United States populace will not be living by 2025 which if true would be a reduction of 227 million people from the current count which includes a total of 327 million U.S. inhabitants. The question is: what type of imminent event or natural disaster does the agency’s think tank know is coming? Read More

Daughters of the Night

29 July 2020

I cannot praise this article too highly. This is Kaminski at his best. His passionate sincerity and erudition are beyond question. It is also a great pleasure to read his beautifully crafted and translucent prose. [LD]  

Dancing on the edge of the fire


“When Bill Gates (pictured above) announced that new vaccines aimed to reduce population, everybody went into stupefied cognitive dissonance rather than acknowledge the billionaire was talking about murdering millions of people with an impish gleam in his eye. It is a thought most people refuse to face.” —John Kaminski Read More

Where Life is Still Normal: How Sweden Has Survived its Covid Crisis

Mike Whitney
The Unz Review via Truthseeker
July 26, 2020

While the Covid-19 epidemic continues to drag on in the United States, it’s largely over in Sweden where fatalities have dropped to no more than 2 deaths per day for the last week. Sweden has been harshly criticized in the media for not imposing draconian lockdowns like the United States and the other European countries. Instead, Sweden implemented a policy that was both conventional and sensible.

Gothenberg, Sweden’s second largest city (pop. 1 million). 
No masks seen in streets, shops, or on public transportation.
(See 10-minute video below for more details) Read More

Trump Warns Gates-Controlled U.N. Wants Permanent U.S. Shutdown

Infowars Special

In this emergency Saturday report, Alex Jones lays out the latest development in the globalist plan to create a worldwide depression and destroy America forever.

Note by LD. I received this Alex Jones “banned video” in my inbox today from a trusted correspondent and was challenged to publish it. So here it is. Please understand I have no strong views on this subject, either for or against, nor do any of my associates on this site. Feel free to praise the video or attack it, according to how you feel.

This video is not an attack on Trump—since Jones argues that Trump is “one of the good guys”, though he is being manipulated by powerful interests who are turning the screw on him.  Trump, Jones maintains, needs to stand up to the “bad guys” a bit more firmly—to Bill Gates, Dr Fauci, and the deep state officials at the U.N. who are working flat out to destroy America and usher in a sinister new world order in which most of us will be slaves. 

The overall impression left by the video is that Trump may have good intentions but is a helpless puppet in the hands of an implacable elite. They will shoehorn him into the White House again if he plays ball, but they will destroy him if he doesn’t. [LD]  

Trump Warns Gates-Controlled U.N.
Wants Permanent U.S. Shutdown

Scandalmongering Book by President’s Niece Outs Uncle Donald as “World’s Most Dangerous Man”

Peter Conrad
The Guardian Book Review
21 July 2020

Abridged by Lasha Darkmoon
with an extended endnote:
‘On the death of democracy’.


This blistering memoir by the president’s niece reveals the twisted dynamic of America’s ‘malignantly dysfunctional’ first family. [The book sold 950,000 copies on the first day, setting a record for the publisher. – LD] Read More