Who will protect us from America? by John Kaminski

Edited and presented with pictures, captions and added inserts
by Lasha Darkmoon


It used to be that foreign threats were advertised as the main reason to send our young men off to war to defend our country. Amazing though it seems, we used to believe those stories. Many of our fathers and grandfathers died defending that principle.

Now, all that has changed. The threat is no longer some faraway enemy. The main enemy to peace in the world and security at home has become our own government.

Actions speak louder than words. The words our government speaks do not match the actions it takes.

It purchases uncountable rounds of hollow point ammunition and fancy new tanks for local police departments; at the same time it clamors about the need to take all guns away from the American people.

It conducts a program to rain down poison aluminum nanoparticles that sicken and kill both land and people, but refuses to admit such a program exists.

It approves genetically modified food to be consumed by the public, when all independent medical experts — the ones not paid to lie — know only too well that these foods are making people sick.

It allows — in fact, encourages — our police to kill innocent people with impunity. Meanwhile, it lets the guilty criminals slide off the hook. The puppets will do what they’re told, provided the puppeteers who control them give them a slice of the loot.

Our government regularly stages false flag terror events in order to have the excuse of passing draconian new laws that make a mockery of our Constitutional rights.

Its own intelligence agencies distribute drugs to gangs in order to arrest those who buy the drugs. These entrapped drug users are then put in prison and used by the government as slave labor: as a workforce whose wages are so ridiculously low that even the lowest paid workers in China receive more money for their labors.

It creates new diseases in government laboratories and secretly spreads them around populated areas, meanwhile commissioning “cures” made by pharmaceutical companies that charge exorbitant amounts of money — out of all proportion to what it costs to produce the actual drugs. Needless to say, the drugs are often pretty useless — or they cause other medical conditions and debilitating side effects that in turn require further treatment.

“The drugs themselves cause diseases . . . “

Our government in addition stages foreign wars that are of zero benefit to the American people, meanwhile enriching the Khazars  who have taken over the running of our country.

It allows these foreigners to steal billions at a time in order to give bonuses to the people who are doing the stealing.

It blows up skyscrapers in the middle of our biggest city and then blames it on people who have neither the inclination nor the ability to have done it.

It encourages unrestrained immigration, with lucrative incentives to foreigners to water down the voting pool. At the same time, it lets its own citizens lose their homes — because it has shipped all their jobs overseas.

It protects food and medicine manufacturers from malpractice lawsuits, while demanding that people buy expensive healthcare insurance policies that will deliberately make them sick.

It allows its own officials to break the law and sets up innocent people with false testimony to put them in prison.

It urges us to vote for the candidate of our choice, but restricts those choices to corrupt yes-men they choose; nor will it tell us about the precise procedures of how the votes get counted. If the vote goes against them, they fix the voting machines.

It tells the media exactly what to report, and what not to report — and the media robots eagerly oblige.

It endorses movies that depict innocent ethnic groups as vicious terrorists and praises its own vicious killers as noble heroes protecting our freedoms.

It sends billions of dollars to foreign governments but gives nothing to restore America’s decaying cities.

It promotes federal employees who lie about what they do, but imprisons and tortures whistleblowers like Bradley Manning for telling the truth.

It lets a private company — the Federal Reserve — print all the money, because it makes politicians and the elite one-percenters rich beyond the dreams of avarice, and the rest of us poor.

It furloughs those protecting our borders and furnishes guns and ammunition to the foreign criminals delivering drugs and mayhem across those unguarded borders.

It tells you the unemployment rate is going down and the stock market is going up, but fewer people than ever have decent jobs and the junk food they are forced to eat is mostly poisoned.

It says they may kill whomever they want to, but that the people they intend to attack may not fight back. The government may attack its own citizens with impunity, but self-defense is illegal.

It promotes those who say they are willing to shoot their fellow Americans, but denies veterans the right to own guns on the grounds that they have become mentally unstable. How did they become mentally unstable? From serving in unnecessary wars on behalf of Israel in which they were ordered to rape children before they murdered them — and to torture their victims, as at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, for the sheer hell of it.

It poisons children at birth with vaccinations they don’t need, and it steals children from their parents. The children abducted by the state, from perfectly good homes and from loving parents, are then put in foster homes where sexual abuse is common. Sometimes the children are even farmed out to elite pedophiles. And no one ever gets caught or pays the price.

It controls the weather with high tech devices and creates storms that destroy entire neighborhoods, preventing help from reaching the displaced victims who are starving and freezing.

It sends people to college who can’t even read, but if these morons say the right thing and become pliant puppets, they will jump into high political office in no time at all.

It kills the people who made this country great, and it rewards the people who  are helping to destroy it.

Who will protect us from own government?

Who will protect us from America which is now terrorizing the entire world — and is very likely, at any moment, to start mass murdering American citizens in their own country?

“In the last ten years America has morphed into far more than a mere police state. It is now a legalized crime mafia. There is only one axis of evil now, America: and all America’s allies, including the UN and NATO, are spokes on the same wheel. They have becomes disciples of the devil, acolytes of the Great Satan. We are now, all of us without exception, under the dominion of evil.”
— Lasha Darkmoon, Diary of a Dissident

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John Kaminski  (email him) is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



UGLY EMPIRE, by John Kaminski

Edited and presented with pictures, captions and inserted comments by Lasha Darkmoon. 


U G L Y    E M P I R E

“The people of North America and Europe now accept a level of ugliness in their daily lives which is almost without precedent in the history of Western civilization. Most of us have become so inured, that the death of millions from starvation and disease draws from us no more than a sigh, or a murmur of protest. Our own city streets, home to legions of the homeless, are ruled by Dope Inc., the largest industry in the world, and on those streets Americans now murder each other at a rate not seen since the Dark Ages.”

— Michael Minnicino, The New Dark Age

It seems too late to reverse course now. We get up each morning and tell ourselves nothing has changed, go to work, and get lost in the details of the day. Of course it’s a lie. Because everything has changed.

Russian troops wearing US uniforms patrol the highways in Tennessee. Much of the Arctic Ocean is open water in the dead of winter. The president can kill anyone he wants to at any time in any place.

Our lives are not the same as we remember them in our dreams. Righteous writers construct plans to fix the problems. Then, if you’re old enough, you remember that once something goes away, it’s gone, never to return. Extinction is forever. There is never any going back, only forward.

“Forward” today looks like FEMA camps for political dissidents. Anyone with a still functioning brain is a dissident these days.

“Forward” today looks like certain cancer, if not from the food you eat, then from the medicine they prescribe for you and the very air you breathe.

“At the same time, a thousand smaller horrors are so commonplace as to go unnoticed. Our children spend as much time sitting in front of television sets as they do in school, watching with glee, scenes of torture and death which might have shocked an audience in the Roman Coliseum.”

—  Michael Minnicino, The New Dark Age

It seems we had a chance to fix things. For years we thought we were in control of our own lives. But perhaps we never were in control. In any case, we are no longer in control.

People who raise profound objections to the status quo simply disappear. They are  never seen again. The lucky ones only lose their jobs — and their ability to feed their families.

How this all came to pass is no mystery. Everyone is still doing the same thing today that got us into this mess in the first place. The things we rated as important kept us from perceiving what was actually happening. In many cases, made dizzy by addictions that we told ourselves were merely personal preferences, entertainment, gluttony, and recreational sex became our top priorities.

Freedom sunk to the bottom of the list, below even housework, not to mention honor and dignity and duty.

So when you contemplate how most of society—at least in pampered, deluded America—acts today, you realize that while everything has changed politically,  freedom to say and do what you want now incurs profound penalties.

The behavioral characteristics of most Americans have not changed one little bit.

Rather than doing things for themselves, Americans want everything done for them. And the government has been only too happy to oblige.

Which is why it’s too late to reverse course.

Dependent as we have become on government systems, we no longer have the ability to fend for ourselves, never mind survive in the wild when the supermarkets are closed for good.

The past, in which we at least thought our choices were free and unencumbered, is long gone. And the present is terminally ominous.

You see it in the opposition to these terrible trends. “Oh, I’ll make it to the protest if my entertainment needs don’t get in the way…” People’s preferences toward trivia, to which they have become so addicted, have taken precedence over the very systems that help to keep them alive.

Among the very few who have broken through the layers of deception and identified the chief culprits in the increasing robotization of the world, even those few prefer trivia over substance. This is what they have been taught is important. Reinforced in their delusions by the attitudes of their peers, they are unable  to see the larger picture. Their myopia costs them their lives.

Lately this has been illustrated by the incessant infighting among people who have the same objective. They allow their trivial differences to get in the way of achieving their common purpose. It is a classic case of style over substance. The world is thus convulsed in disorder, roiled in chaos.

I’m not talking about the brain dead idiots who still think Muslims did  9/11. Or who believe that it’s okay to consume the poisoned swill doled out at fast food joints. I’m not even talking of the superficial dolts who think that petitioning their corrupt legislators will somehow slow down our downward slide into societal extinction.

No, I’m talking about the ones who have a clear picture of who the real criminals  are: these designers of our misery who laugh at their poisoned victims as they steal the last dollars of the poor: the helpless widows and widowers, the distraught pensioners, the homeless ones huddled under bridges, the endless legions of the dispossessed . . . and those who throw themselves from high windows after mortgage foreclosures and the confiscation of their life savings by Jewish bankers.


“. . . Music is everywhere, almost unavoidable—but it does not uplift, nor even tranquilize—it claws at the ears, sometimes spitting out an obscenity. Our plastic arts are ugly, our architecture is ugly, our clothes are ugly. There have certainly been periods in history where mankind has lived through similar kinds of brutishness, but our time is crucially different. Our post-World War II era is the first in history in which these horrors are completely avoidable. Our time is the first to have the technology and resources to feed, house, educate, and humanely employ every person on earth, no matter what the growth of population. Yet, when shown the ideas and proven technologies that can solve the most horrendous problems, most people retreat into implacable passivity. We have become not only ugly, but impotent.”

—  Michael Minnicino, The New Dark Age

How anyone in these toxic times can fail to see the Jewish fingerprints over all these atrocities is beyond me: the theft of trillions of dollars from mostly-now-unemployed Americans to fund wars that benefit no one but the very rich, the worthless drugs prescribed by pill-pushing doctors, the bogus curricula designed by cynical educators, the perverse proclivities of lawyers who work for each other instead of their clients.

To see all these things and refuse to see the obvious—the hidden hand of Big Jewry stirring the witch’s cauldron and frothing the deadly brew—is beyond human understanding. I am baffled and perplexed. Truly, I am poleaxed.

This disease of cutthroat selfishness extends even to some of the brightest critics who see the problems, can diagnose them accurately, yet let themselves be derailed from courses of effective action by their stupid and delusional belief systems.

These schisms prevent the emergence of an effective opposition to this sinister kosher force that is—no exaggeration—methodically exterminating all natural life on this planet and replacing it with synthetic, counterfeit versions of the same items.

The bare facts are as follows: the Jews promised, in their Holy Book, the Talmud, to kill or enslave everyone in the world who is not Jewish. This is not just some quaint ethnic ritual performed only on the Sabbath or at obscure social functions. It is not an allegory or figure of speech. It is genuine. It is for real. It is a philosophy of distilled hatred. It is, quite literally, planning our collective death.

Nearly three thousand years of this very same antisocial  behavior—based on the principle “The goyim are cattle and deserve to be killed”—has been prevented from leaking into your consciousness. This is because the Jews, for at least the past two hundred years, have owned or controlled most of the world’s media. They decide what is allowed into your minds.

Failure to see all this has made most of us unwitting accomplices in the destruction the Jews have wreaked on ordinary people in every country they have infected with their uncontrolled rapacity.

The total annihilation we now face, the destruction of the environment which now has reputable scientists predicting the end of all life on this planet within the foreseeable future—all this we must place at the door of the traditional Enemy of Mankind. They are to blame. And we are to blame for letting them lead us to the edge of the abys.

The answer to these impending catastrophes is not to try to counteract them by quibbling on the finer points of theology, but to put aside our differences and confront the common enemy of the human race. With all the force we can muster, we must do this. Not for our own sakes alone, but on behalf of our children.

Will we do it?  History says we won’t.

In which case, the future of humanity will be ruled by these conscienceless robots who have no idea of the meaning of beauty: of the higher virtues and the nobler aspirations  that make life worthwhile and elevate us above the level of mere beasts.

This is America under Jewish domination . . . and it’s going to get worse . . . 

How “great” is America now that it has become a Jewish slave colony? If you want to know the answer to this question, click HERE

This 3-minute video will shatter all your illusions…

John Kaminski  (email him) is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

Was Hitler a Zionist Stooge? by John Friend

A rebuttal of the recent essay on this site entitled, Hitler was a Zionist Stooge.

Was Hitler a Zionist Stooge?
By John Friend

Perhaps no other political figure and period of history is as misunderstood as Adolf Hitler and his rise to power and reign as the Führer of National Socialist Germany.  Confused and oftentimes disingenuous conspiracy historians and alternative media personalities present a wide variety ofinterpretations of Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany, with many claiming Hitler was some sort of secret “Rothschild operative” collaborating with the Jewish international bankers as an agent of Zionist interests in the Middle East, as J. Speer Williams has recently argued.  These alternative “conspiracy industry”-type theories are as absurd and baseless as the mainstream version of Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany as the embodiment of evil, hell bent on conquering first Europe, then the world, exterminating all Jews, gypsies, and other scapegoated and “persecuted” groups in the process.Williams begins his recent essay Hitler was a Zionist Stooge this way:

The International Zionists are led by a dark force with an intelligent mentality, but which is totally bereft of compassion, empathy, or basic wisdom.But since such an intellect is unfathomable to most human minds, I know of no one who can give us all the reasons for Zionism bringing Adolf Hitler to power and then financing the German Nazi war machine. But the fact that it was done is clearly provable.The financing of Hitler and his war powers was largely handled by the old Max/Paul Warburg controlled Mendelsohn Bank of Amsterdam (all Zionists) and the Schroeder Bank of Frankfort, London, and New York (all Zionists).

While Williams makes a good point about the nature of international Zionism as representing a “dark force” that is “totally bereft of compassion, empathy, or basic wisdom”, his sophomoric and simplistic contention, without citing any source material or documentation, that a combination of “Zionist” controlled banks in Amsterdam, London, Frankfort, and New York financed Hitler and “his war powers” (whatever that means) is without merit. Williams attempts to convince his readers that Zionist funding of Hitler and the “Nazi war machine” is “clearly provable”, yet provides no evidence whatsoever for his claims.  He simply declares it so, and expects everyone to unquestionably follow along. Serious scholars, journalists, and writers provide documentation – using reliable primary and secondary sources – to substantiate their claims.  Obviously, J. Speer Williams is not a serious scholar, journalist, or writer.

Hitler and the NSDAP were not, I repeat, were not funded by Jewish or even pro-Zionist sources. They were not “Rothschild agents” or “puppets of the bankers” or “stooges for the Zionists”. They were diametrically opposed to the Jewish supremacist goal of a “New World Order”, which is essentially Jewish domination and subjugation of the entire globe – politically, economically, and culturally – a Jewish Utopia so to speak. Hitler and the National Socialist political movement not only spoke openly and honestly about important subjects, clearly identifying the enemy of all humanity – international Jewry – they made serious moves against this destructive, parasitic network of criminals that had wrecked their country and sought to destroy their people. Hitler and National Socialism were the anti-thesis to Jewish Communism and Jewish plutocratic capitalism, two destructive ideologies Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP clearly recognized as Jewish-inspired philosophies which result in the total destruction of every nation they are practiced in.

Indeed, Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist movement represented the greatest obstacle that has ever manifested against the parasitic, subversive, and destructive nature of the international Jewish criminal cabal largely controlling the West, pushing for their “New World Order” on every front imaginable.

As Veronica Clark explains in her must read article titled Demystification of the Birth and Funding of the NSDAP, Hitler sought to overcome the class antagonism prevalent throughout Germany (and much of Europe) by establishing a political and social order based on merit, rather than class or wealth, and sought to unify German society around their common German heritage and Aryan race.  Funding for the NSDAP came from a variety of sources, including membership fees, speaking engagements, newspaper sales, financial contributions from nationalist-minded small businesses and industrialists, and even elements of the upper classes in German society who recognized the threat of Jewish Marxist communism and wanted to see a revitalized, economically and culturally strong Germany once again.

Theodore Abel’s 1938 book, Why Hitler Came Into Power is perhaps the most important, and yet unknown, book exploring the rise of the National Socialist German Worker’s Party and Adolf Hitler. In early 1934, Abel travelled to Germany after convincing the National Socialist government that had recently come to power that Americans, and the world generally, knew far too little about the National Socialist movement, its ideology, its history and rise to power, and its followers. Abel, working under the auspices of Columbia University, proposed an autobiographical essay contest, in which any member or sympathizer of the NSDAP who had joined prior to the party solidifying its political power over the German state in 1933 could submit an essay explaining his or her background, education, experience, and political affiliations for review.

Abel eventually received 683 manuscripts from a wide variety of National Socialist party members and sympathizers, which he breaks down into age distribution, occupation, class affiliation, and date of joining the NSDAP. Statistical charts and other identifying data are broken down for further analysis as an Appendix. Abel notes that 83 manuscripts were eliminated from consideration, either because they were too short in length and lacking in any detail, or because they were submitted by women, whose entries were used for a separate study published independently of Why Hitler Came Into Power. These manuscripts form the basis for Abel’s work, and numerous excerpts are provided throughout the first two parts of the book from members of the NSDAP themselves, offering readers a unique insight into what motivated and inspired these individuals to join the party and embark on what turned out to be a life long struggle.

In 1986, Why Hitler Came Into Power was re-published with a Foreword written by Thomas Childers, who made some profound observations about Abel’s original and unique research into the NSDAP and the rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany. Childers wrote in part:

Abel’s material simply did not fit neatly into the dominate interpretation of National Socialism as a “revolt of the lower middle class.” […]

Abel was struck by the wide variety of motivational factors at work among the respondents, many of which could not be easily subsumed under the interpretive rubric of “lower-middle-class revolt.” […]

These studies have allowed us to identify the social bases of the Nazi following with far greater precision than was ever before possible. Although thematic emphasis and methods differ, these works are in fundamental agreement that support for the NSDAP extended far beyond the lower middle class to elements of the socially established Grossbürgertum (upper middle class) as well as to sizable segments of the blue-collar working class. […]

What attracted members of the upper middle class to the party? Why did many workers turn to the NSDAP? What had drawn them? What role did the NSDAP’s ideological positions play in its popular appeal? How important were Nazi propaganda tactics and organization? These are obviously important questions for any study seeking to explain the sociopolitical dynamics of Nazi success, and it is precisely this set of central issues that Theodore Abel’s work addresses. […]

Abel’s book is comprised of three distinct parts. Part One deals with the history of the NSDAP, with chapters titled The Background of the Hitler MovementThe First Period: 1919 – 1923The Second Period: 1924 – 1929, and The Third Period: 1930 – 1933, which offer unique insights into the struggles, obstacles, and hardships endured by the NSDAP, and its eventual rise in German politics.

Part Two is analytical in nature, and explains how and why the NSDAP movement gained support. What attracted people to National Socialism? What factors lead to the rise and eventual triumph of the NSDAP in German politics? These and other related questions are addressed in these pages, and help clarify the financing and nature of the National Socialist German Workers Party, as well as its popularity and ability to largely unite all segments of the German nation. Abel breaks Part Two into three chapters: Discontent As a FactorIdeology As a Factor, and The Why of the Hitler Movement.

Finally, Part Three of the book is comprised of six selected autobiographies of the NSDAP members, published in full. Abel publishes the life stories of a worker, an anti-Semite, a soldier, a middle-class youth, a bank clerk, and a farmer – all chosen “to show, in unified, more realistic form, patterns of National Socialist experience separately analyzed in previous chapters.”  These selected manuscripts demonstrate the widespread appeal of National Socialism, which united German nationalists and patriots from all backgrounds, social classes, and education levels. Farmers, merchants, soldiers, veterans, teachers, industrial workers, bureaucrats, professionals, managers, fathers, mothers, children – National Socialism appealed to and sought to unify all segments of the German populace, and was largely successful in doing so, especially once firmly in control of the German state.

By relying on primary source material – authentic autobiographies of NSDAP members and sympathizers – Abel offers historians and other interested parties a unique analysis of the rise of Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP not found elsewhere.

Just to further discredit this idea that Hitler and the NSDAP were funded by “the Jews”, consider the following excerpt of the legendary Michael Collins Piper’s must read book, The New Babylon: Those Who Reign Supreme – A Panoramic Overview of the Historical, Religious and Economic Origins of the New World Order:

There is also the legend that “The Jewish bankers” or “The Zionist bankers” (used often interchangeably) financed Hitler. Not true. James Pool, in his authoritative work, Who Financed Hitler?, demonstrates quite to the contrary.

In one instance, a Jewish financier in Germany did give money to the Nazi Party–prior to the rise of Adolf Hitler–but those funds were designed to help Hitler’s intra-party opposition to stop Hitler. But despite this fact, some “patriots” still say that “The Jews Backed Hitler.”

Many of those who worship at the altar of this nonsense cite a flagrantly-fraudulent document of shadowy origins entitled Hitler’s Secret Bankers, ostensibly written by one “Sidney Warburg,” one of those “Jewish bankers.” But this document, as we’ve said, is a fraud.

The late Dr. Anthony Sutton’s Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler has promoted this theory, based in part on the Warburg travesty and has given further institutionalization to this mythology–truth be damned.

American banks and corporations did work with the Hitler regime, usually a continuation of previous financial arrangements going back decades, but this was not part of any grand conspiracy to bring Hitler to power. The claim that the Bush family was integral to the rise of Hitler is another myth. Kevin Phillips–no admirer of the Bush dynasty–examines the actual circumstances surrounding the Bush-Hitler scenario in his book, American Dynasty: Aristocracy, Fortune and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush and puts the facts in proper perspective.

Some even go so far as to claim Hitler was in fact Jewish.  This slanderous conspiracy theory has been debunked by serious researchers and even mainstream, establishment academics, such as the British historian Ian Kershaw who wrote a bestselling biography of Adolf Hitler titled, Hitler: 1889-1936 Hubris.  In the very first chapter Fantasy and Failure, Kershaw thoroughly debunks the false rumor that Hitler himself may have had Jewish ancestry (pg. 7-9):

… [Allegedly] Adolf Hitler’s grandfather was Jewish. Rumours to that effect circulated in Munich cafes in the early 1920s, and were fostered by sensationalist journalism of the foreign press during the 1930s. It was suggested that the name ‘Huttler’ was Jewish, ‘revealed’ that he could be traced to a Jewish family called Hitler in Bucharest, and even claimed that his father had been sired by Baron Rothschild, in whose house in Vienna his grandmother had allegedly spent some time as a servant. But the most serious speculation about Hitler’s supposed Jewish background has occurred since the Second World War, and is directly traceable to the memoirs of the leading Nazi lawyer Governor General of Poland, Hans Frank, dictated in his Nuremberg cell while awaiting hangman. Frank claimed that he had been called in by Hitler towards the end of 1930 and shown a letter from his nephew William Patrick Hitler (the son of his half-brother Alois, who had been briefly married to an Irish woman) threatening, in connection with the press stories circulating about Hitler’s background, to expose the fact that Hitler had Jewish blood flowing in his veins. […]Frank’s story gained wide circulation in the 1950s. But it simply does not stand up.[…] Hans Frank’s memoirs, dictated at a time when he was waiting for the hangman and plainly undergoing psychological crisis, are full of inaccuracies and have to be used with caution. With regard to the story of Hitler’s alleged Jewish grandfather, they are valueless.

Back to Williams’ piece, Hitler was a Zionist Stooge.  After claiming that international Jewish bankers in London, Amsterdam, Frankfort and New York financed Hitler and “his war powers” without citing a single source or elaborating on the details of this alleged funding, he goes on to claim that the German chemical giant I.G. Farben was under Zionist control, also implying that this industrial conglomerate was working directly with the Hitler government.  Williams mentions that I.G. Farben produced Zyklon B gas used in “Nazi concentration camps” without mentioning that Zyklon B was actually used for health and sanitary reasons, not in some evil plan to systematically murder the Jews and others detained by the German government.  Of course, there are no citations to demonstrate the I.G. Farben was indeed under Zionist control or working with the National Socialist government in any nefarious way.

Williams then makes claims I’ve heard before and read on the internet, almost always without a reliable source to back them up — that the Allies deliberately avoided bombing I.G. Farben industrial facilities located in Germany and German-occupied territories. From the article:

During the massive fire bombing of almost all of Germany and many of its innocent citizens, the Farben facilities were carefully spared. One used to be able to go onto the Internet and see aerial photographs of the I.G. Farben plants left whole, while everything else around them had been bombed into ruins.

Again, no citation to back up these contentions.  A simple search on Wikipedia for I.G. Farben has this to say:

Facilities during World War II 

IG Farben facilities were bombing targets of the Oil Campaign of World War II, and up to 1941, there were 5 Nazi Germany Buna plants that produced Buna N by the Lebedev process.


The Buna Chemical Plant at Dwory was under construction by 1943, after a March 2, 1942 contract with “IG Farbenindustrie AG Auschwitz.” The Buna Werke plant, which produced synthetic oil and rubber (from coal), was the beginning of SS activity and camps near Auschwitz III-Monowitz during the Holocaust. At its peak in 1944, this factory made use of 83,000 slave laborers. Today, the plant operates as “Dwory S.A.”


In addition to the “cavernous” IG Farben building at Frankfurt, a Hoechst AG chemical factory in Frankfurt was bombed by the RAF on September 26, 1944.

Where does Williams, and those who continue to make these claims about I.G. Farben, get their information?  Inquiring minds would like to know.  What sources document that I.G. Farben was controlled by “Zionist bankers” working with Hitler, and that its industrial facilities were spared from Allied firebombing campaigns?

If Hitler and the NSDAP were “Zionist stooges”, why on earth did they do things like this or this or this? Why did they make movies like The Eternal Jew, exposing the enemies of the German race to their fellow kinsmen? Consider Adolf Hitler’s political testament he dictated shortly before he committed suicide in Berlin in April 1945. Does this man sound like a “Zionist stooge” to you?

More than thirty years have passed since 1914 when I made my modest contribution as a volunteer in the First World War, which was forced upon the Reich.In these three decades love and loyalty to my people have guided all my thoughts, actions and my life. They gave me the strength to make the most difficult decisions ever to confront mortal man. In these three decades I have spent my strength and my health. It is untrue that I or anyone else in Germany wanted war in 1939. It was wanted and provoked solely by international statesmen either of Jewish origin or working for Jewish interests. I have made too many offers for the limitation and control of armaments, which posterity will not be cowardly enough always to disregard, for responsibility for the outbreak of this war to be placed on me. Nor have I ever wished that, after the appalling First World War, there would ever be a second against either England or America. Centuries will go by, but from the ruins of our towns and monuments the hatred of those ultimately responsible will always grow anew against the people whom we have to thank for all this: international Jewry and its henchmen. […]

If Hitler was somehow “in cahoots with the Jews”, why did he say things like this all throughout Mein Kampf and in the various speeches he gave?

The Jews have not the ability which is necessary for the founding of a civilization, for in them there is not, and never has been, that spirit of idealism which is an absolutely necessary element in the higher development of mankind. Therefore, the Jewish intellect will never be constructive, but always destructive. (Chapter XI, pg. 209)

Another claim often made by individuals in Williams’ camp is that somehow Adolf Hitler is the “founder of Israel”, which is an absurd and extremely ignorant claim for a variety of reasons.

It was Britain, through the Balfour Declaration, addressed to none other than Lord Rothschild himself, that initially facilitated the establishment of the illegitimate terrorist state of “Israel”, not Germany. Germany never supported or wanted a Jewish state in Palestine. Hitler and NSDAP policy were primarily concerned with getting the Jews out of Germany (and eventually all of Europe), and did in fact collaborate with Zionist organizations and factions that promoted Jewish emigration to Palestine and the West. They even entered into economic agreements with these organizations to not only facilitate the emigration of Jews from Germany, but also bolster Germans exports. Some German Jews ended up moving to Palestine, many more went to London, Paris, New York, and Hollywood, where with their fellow Jews already in the West they would begin their genetically inspired systematic assault on and subversion of Western culture.

Mark Weber of the Institute for Historical Review lays this out quite clearly in an article titledZionism and the Third Reich:

[…] German support for Zionism was not unlimited. Government and Party officials were very mindful of the continuing campaign by powerful Jewish communities in the United States, Britain and other countries to mobilize “their” governments and fellow citizens against Germany. As long as world Jewry remained implacably hostile toward National Socialist Germany, and as long as the great majority of Jews around the world showed little eagerness to resettle in the Zionist “promised land,” a sovereign Jewish state in Palestine would not really “solve” the international Jewish question. Instead, German officials reasoned, it would immeasurably strengthen this dangerous anti-German campaign. German backing for Zionism was therefore limited to support for a Jewish homeland in Palestine under British control, not a sovereign Jewish state.

A Jewish state in Palestine, the Foreign Minister informed diplomats in June 1937, would not be in Germany’s interest because it would not be able to absorb all Jews around the world, but would only serve as an additional power base for international Jewry, in much the same way as Moscow served as a base for international Communism. Reflecting something of a shift in official policy, the German press expressed much greater sympathy in 1937 for Palestinian Arab resistance to Zionist ambitions, at a time when tension and conflict between Jews and Arabs in Palestine was sharply increasing.

A Foreign Office circular bulletin of June 22, 1937, cautioned that in spite of support for Jewish settlement in Palestine, “it would nevertheless be a mistake to assume that Germany supports the formation of a state structure in Palestine under some form of Jewish control. In view of the anti-German agitation of international Jewry, Germany cannot agree that the formation of a Palestine Jewish state would help the peaceful development of the nations of the world.” “The proclamation of a Jewish state or a Jewish-administrated Palestine,” warned an internal memorandum by the Jewish affairs section of the SS, “would create for Germany a new enemy, one that would have a deep influence on developments in the Near East.” Another SS agency predicted that a Jewish state “would work to bring special minority protection to Jews in every country, therefore giving legal protection to the exploitation activity of world Jewry.” In January 1939, Hitler’s new Foreign Minister, Joachim von Ribbentrop, likewise warned in another circular bulletin that “Germany must regard the formation of a Jewish state as dangerous” because it “would bring an international increase in power to world Jewry.”

Hitler and the NSDAP did not advocate for or support an independent Jewish state in Palestine. In fact, in Mein Kampf Hitler accurately described what a Jewish state would look like should the Gentile world allow it to happen:

The Jew’s domination in the state seems so assured that now not only can he call himself a Jew again, but he ruthlessly admits his ultimate national and political designs. A section of his race openly owns itself to be a foreign people, yet even here they lie. For while the Zionists try to make the rest of the world believe that the national consciousness of the Jew finds its satisfaction in the creation of a Palestinian state, the Jews again slyly dupe the dumb Goyim. It doesn’t even enter their heads to build up a Jewish state in Palestine for the purpose of living there; all they want is a central organization for their international world swindle, endowed with its own sovereign rights and removed from the intervention of other states: a haven for convicted scoundrels and a university for budding crooks.

Bottom line is, the Jews were dead set on establishing their criminal, usurping state in Palestine, not only to fulfill their twisted messianic prophecies, but also to gain a safe haven and central headquarters for their global crime syndicate, a fact Hitler recognized. He wanted the Jews out of Germany in order to rebuild German society after the devastation of WWI, correctly recognizing the subversive and destructive nature innate to the Jewish race. The Jews in Palestine perfected their use of terrorism and underhandedness and declared “independence” shortly after Germany’s defeat in WWII, using their fake “Holocaust” story and agents of influence across the globe to sell their false narrative of history to the rest of the world. And who were the first governments to recognize the illegitimate, terrorist state of “Israel”? Two of the countries most responsible for the genocidal annihilation of Hitler’s Germany, which was resisting the forces of international Jewry, not collaborating with them: the United States and Soviet Union.

On May 14, 1948, the leaders of the Jewish organizations in Palestine, headed by David Ben-Gurion,proclaimed the establishment of the State of Israel, to take effect at midnight that night.

At that point, the State of Israel came into existence. The United States recognized the provisional Jewish government as de facto authority of the Jewish state within minutesThe Soviet Union granted de jure recognition almost immediately in 1948 along with seven other states within the next five days (Guatemala, Byelorussia, the Ukraine, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Uruguay, and Yugoslavia). [Source]

Hitler and National Socialist Germany’s ultimate aim was the removal of the Jews from Germany and Europe, and they collaborated with the Zionist movement to accomplish this goal. After the Jews and their puppet Allies brutally destroyed Germany in WWII, which represented the greatest threat in recent history to the global Jewish crime network behind “The New World Order”, it was only a matter of time before “Israel” would be officially established.

Hitler was not “the founder of Israel” and in no way supported the establishment of an independent Jewish state in Palestine as many continue to claim. Hitler and National Socialist Germany were destroyed to pave the way for the establishment of Israel. Blaming Hitler and National Socialist Germany for something the Jews were determined to do on their own – with the assistance of their puppets in the West – is a gross distortion of history.

To conclude his ridiculous and unscholarly essay Hitler was a Zionist Stooge, J. Speer Williams claims that there are “deeper reasons” underlying why the Zionists brought Hitler to power, and that ultimately the end goal of the Zionist conspiracy is to “mutate and ultimately exterminate” the Semitic gene, which according to Williams included both Jews and Arabs.  In the very next sentence, however, Williams admits that he can’t even prove his point:

But, again, I cannot prove any of that, except for the fact of depleting uranium being used in the Zionist Middle Eastern wars of US/Israeli aggression.

The only thing that can be demonstrably proven is that J. Speer Williams simply does not know what he is talking about, and is perpetuating myths and slanders about Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany, albeit of a different nature than the lies endlessly promoted by the mainstream mass media and educational establishment.  J. Speer Williams and other disingenuous and ignorant individuals confusing the public with ridiculous and baseless theories that “Hitler was a Zionist stooge” are essentially doing the bidding of the Jews who have demonized and distorted the actions, legacy, and worldview of Adolf Hitler and National Socialism for so long.  Please do not take these people seriously.


Slavery, Gun Control and the Jewish Elites, by Rehmat

Edited slightly and presented with pictures and captions by Lasha Darkmoon
“Slave auctions were postponed if they fell on a Jewish holiday. In Curacao in the seventeenth century, as well as in the British colonies of Barbados and Jamaica in the eighteenth century, Jewish merchants played a major role in the slave trade. In fact, in all the American colonies, whether French (Martinique), British, or Dutch, Jewish merchants frequently dominated.”  —  Rabbi Marc Lee Raphael, Jews and Judaism in the United States: a Documentary Work.

Abraham Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League, has called Minister Louis Farrakhan, who is head of the Nation of Islam, an antisemite.  This is because of Farrakhan’s criticism of Steven Spielberg’s latest movie Lincoln in which Spielberg ignored the fact that Jewish elites had funded both sides during the American Civil War, and that they had played a major role in the African slave which the hated president Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) wanted to stop.

And yet Rabbi Isaac M. Wise in his eulogy of President Lincoln had said:

“The lamented Abraham Lincoln believed himself to be bone from our bone and flesh from our flesh. He supposed himself to be a descendant of Hebrew parentage. He said so in my presence.”

Hollywood director Steven Spielberg is founder of the Shoah Foundation. He has been rebuked by several fellow Jewish scholars for making sensational stories to promote the Zionist version of ‘Six Million Died’. In order to prove the Jewish Lobby grip over American politics, the movie Lincoln was actually screened at the US Senate on December 19, 2012.

According to Nation of Islam research, the Jew Erlanger loaned $7 million dollars to the Confederacy (about $125 million in today’s money). Erlanger made the deal through a Jewish lawyer and slaveowner from Louisiana named Judah P. Benjamin, who served as the Vice President of the Confederacy as well as its Secretary of War. He was known as the “brains of the Confederacy.” So important was the Jew Benjamin to the slaveholders that a picture of his face appeared on their money.

Apparently Judah Benjamin failed to pass Spielberg’s audition, because he is not in the movie!

Benjamin was to flee from America, taking a huge number of  cotton bales with him in order to finance his extravagant lifestyle in exile. After the war, he used his slave-picked cotton profits to invest in a new start-up organization – a terrorist group, wait for it,  known as the Ku Klux Klan!

Other Jewish elites missing from Steven Spielberg’s movie include America’s first Jewish senator, David Yulee (Florida), a fanatical supporter of African slavery and ethnic-cleansing of Native Indians; New York Jewish banker and chairman of the Democratic Party, August Belmont; and New York-based Rabbi Morris Raphall, who aided and abetted the slaveholders by publicly proclaiming that God Himself supported slavery!

Spielberg wants us to believe that Blacks were President Lincoln’s main problem, but Lincoln had lots of trouble with the Jews of his time. An official of Lincoln’s government actually deemed the main Jewish organization, the B’nai B’rith, to be a “disloyal organization [that] helps the traitors”. (Read Nation of Islam article here)

“God himself approves of the slave trade.” — Rabbi Morris Raphall

Steven Spielberg’s 1997 so-called historic movie Amistad also dealt with Black slavery. The movie blamed White Christians for trading in nearly 100 million African slaves, out of which only 10 million reached western countries, while the rest perished during the voyage.

Apart from the fact that Jews were the kingpins behind the slave trade, a fact which Spielberg conveniently omits to mention, Jewish historian Edward Bristow in his 1982 book, Prostitution and Prejudice, wrote that Jewish elites were involved in an entirely different kind of slavery: sex slavery.

The Jews had exploited White women and children for centuries in the sex slave and prostitution industries and they were the chief owners of the most sumptuous brothels throughout Europe.  Apparently a huge number of the prostitutes in these brothels were Jewesses who had been lured into a life of sexual degradation by their fellow Jews. For more information on this shocking subject, see Lasha Darkmoon’s “Sex and the Jews: Letter to a Jewish Correspondent.”

For another article on this topic by Dr William Peirce, see here.


Since the recent Sandy Hook shootings, which according to Republican politician Michael Harris, was the handiwork of an  Israeli death squad, Jewish organizations along with Barack Obama are leading the current campaign in support of gun control.

On December 2, 2011, American Jewish journalist, Max Blumenthal, wrote in the Lebanese daily al-Akhbar that American domestic security services are totally controlled by the local Israeli agents. This could be the reason that Jewish groups consider guns in Americans’ hands as a serious threat to their domination of American government and law enforcement agencies.

Adam Bilzerian wrote on December 22 that even after their experience under Nazi rule, when Jews were not permitted to possess guns, Jewish Americans are the loudest proponents of gun control.

In fact, every piece of gun legislation in the US has been introduced or sponsored by Jewish lawmakers – from Rep. Emanuel Cellar (in 1968) to Senators Lautenberg and Feinstein (in 2005). Read the article in full here.

BETWEEN 1917 AND 1953. 
(See HERE)
W   H   Y  ?

Why is gun control in America so important to Jews?

Arnon Soffer, Ariel Sharon’s adviser,
explaining how important it is for Jews
to kill… and kill… and go on killing.

Police State America (1)


Watch this 8-minute video showing how the American police have become a law unto themselves. Remember, these guys are trained in Israel, and every step they take is carefully monitored and approved by their Masters in Israel. Their supervisors are flown out to Israel on free junkets and issued there with detailed instructions on how to police America and make it a jungle of police lawlessness and brutality.

Here is Abby Martin talking to well-known survivalist and firefighter Fernando Salguero who was targeted last week by the New Jersey police. Why? Because they didn’t like his “survivalist lifestyle”. This apparently runs counter to the wishes of Tel Aviv which would like to see all Americans disarmed in conformity with the wishes of the Bolshevik Jews who now run America.

To watch this thought-provoking 8-minite video, click HERE

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Lasha Darkmoon

Oto nadchodzi ZŁO, Lasha Darkmoon (“Here Comes Evil” in Polish)

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Palec mię świerzbi, to dowodzi
Że jakiś potwór tu nadchodzi
— Macbeth, akt IV, scena I

Niedługo Amerykanie staną przed ponurą perspektywą nowego rządu, kierowanego przez tego samego, co do tej pory prezydenta albo nowego. Jaka ponura perspektywa? Taka mianowicie, że to wybór albo agresywnego przestępcy wojennego albo brudnopisu projektowanej zbrodni, w jakim zawiera się obraz małego pisklęcia podżegacza wojennego, oba wytwory to marionetki zorganizowanego żydostwa. Bez znaczenia, na kogo oddadzą głos, skończy się to taką samą czarną wizją.

To tylko kwestia czasu, zanim masy wstrząśnięte zostaną nagłym przebudzeniem ze swych kokonów i zdadzą sobie sprawę, że świat, jaki na nich czeka, to świat pod absolutną dominacją zła.

Nasz rząd jest kontrolowany przez kryminalną kabałę. Nasz kraj jest grupą czubków, w którym najbardziej szaleni są przy władzy. Nasze miasta to fabryki przestępstw. Naszymi bankami kierują bandyci, którzy okradają biednych. Nasze szkoły to linie produkcyjne do wytwarzania przygłupów. Nasze miejsca pracy to przedsionki zalegalizowanego wykorzystywania i niewolnictwa. Informacje w naszym kraju to horror fiction. Nasze sądy to maszyny do wrzucania monet, potem kręcisz za korbkę i z nich wyrzuca się niesprawiedliwość. Nasze prawa to parszywy żart. Nasi bohaterowie to czarne charaktery. Nasi celebryci wywołują odruchy wymiotne. Nasi politycy to w przeważającej większości psychopaci. Żyjemy w Ameryce, gdzie tortury zostały uznane za zwyczajną praktykę, a morderstwo stało się legalne – to orwellowski świat, zbyt przerażający nawet dla wyobraźni samego Orwella.

Oto zaś kilka faktów, jakie pomogą zrozumieć, że American Dream przekształcił się w koszmar – że kraj, w jakim żyjemy to państwo policyjne upozorowane na demokrację.

*            *            *

Nie obchodzi mnie, czy Amerykanie myślą, że mamy w rękach media, Hollywood, Wall Street czy rząd” – żydowski redaktor  Joel Stein napisał w grudniu 2008 r. w the Los Angeles Times. „Obchodzi mnie, żebyśmy nadal nimi kierowali”.

Beztroskie przyznanie Steina, że żydzi kierują Ameryką kosztowało go posadę w LA Times.

Gdy Amerykanie tracili swój kraj na rzecz zorganizowanego żydostwa, tracili go po kawałku, powoli i w niezauważalny sposób. Większość Amerykanów pozostaje nieświadoma, że ich kraj już do nich nie należy. Żarliwie wierzą, że wciąż żyją w demokracji. To było przejęcie państwa, ale nie bez historycznego precedensu. Wcześniej to miało miejsce w Niemczech. Zdarzyło się też w Rosji. Teraz dzieje w Ameryce.

Niemcy, blady cień tego, czym mogły się stać, są teraz narodem pokonanym i zdemoralizowanym, gruntownie zastraszonym i poniewieranym przez żydostwo i szantażowanym przez swych nadzorców z izraela. Bez wielkiej przesady można powiedzieć, że Niemcy stały się dla izraela dojną krową.

Był sobie “Morgenthau Plan”, opracowany w szczegółach przez mściwego Henry Morgenthau, z jakiego wynikał wniosek zbiorowego ukarania narodu niemieckiego za przestępstwa popełnione przez Hitlera, jaki proponował przekształcenie powojennych Niemiec w „największy na ziemi obóz koncentracyjny”.

Aż do roku 1991, niemieccy kanclerze byli po kolei zmuszani, jak zniewoleni wasalowie w czasach Cesarstwa Rzymskiego, do podpisywania „aktu poddaństwa” wobec swych sojuszniczych zwycięzców.

Rosja, tak samo jak Niemcy, wpadła pod żydowską dominację.

Wg “Archipelagu Gułag” Sołżenicyna, 66 milionów rosyjskich chrześcijan został zamordowanych na rozkaz CzeKa lub radzieckiej tajnej policji. Choć mój dobry przyjaciel, Israel Shamir, szanowany autorytet w tej dziedzinie, ma prawie na pewno rację wysuwając pogląd, że te liczby są znacznie zawyżone, Yuri Slezkine przytacza bezspośrednio cytat z pracy historyka Leonarda Shapiro, jaki jest zbyt dobrze znany, aby móc go pominąć: „Każdy, kto miał nieszczęście wpaść w łapy CzeKa, ten miał również w zasadzie zawsze przypadek znaleźć się na przesłuchaniu, a także przed możliwością bycia zastrzelonym przez żydowskiego oficera śledczego”.

Niemcy…Rosja…Ameryka. Wszystkie wpadły w łapy żydowskiej hegemonii. Miały swą godzinę chwały, a potem nadchodził ich zmierzch.

Teraz kolej na Amerykę.

†     “To my żydzi, kontrolujemy Amerykę i Amerykanie o tym wiedzą”.
– Premier izraela, Ariel Sharon, 03 października 2001.

†     “Jest tylko jedna władza, jaka się liczy: władza presji politycznej. My żydzi jesteśmy najpotężniejszymi ludźmi na ziemi, ponieważ mamy tę władzę. I wiemy, jak jej używać”. —  Ze’ev Jabotinski, syjonistyczny przywódca I założyciel organizacji terrorystycznej Irgun,  Jewish Daily Bulletin, 27 lipca 1935.

W I części mojego artykuł p.t. Goodbye, America, omówione były problemy, przed jakimi stoi dzisiaj Ameryka oraz że są one o wiele poważniejsze niż te, które miały do pokonania narodowosocjalistyczne Niemcy w latach 30-tych. Z siedmiu wyszczególnionych tak kwestii, cztery z nich są najtrudniejsze do rozwiązania:

(1) uzbrojone w broń atomową państwo izrael i jego Opcja Samsona, jakie nie istniały jako zagrożenie dla pokoju przed utworzeniem państwa syjonistycznego w przededniu II WŚ.

(2) istnienie 60 milionów chrześcijańskich syjonistów w Ameryce, którzy są narzędziem w rękach naszych nowych Mistrzów, pomagając im i umożliwiając łamanie prawa międzynarodowego i bezustanne ludobójstwo narodu palesyńskiego.

(3) ośmiornica sieci żydowskich organizacji w Ameryce, takich jak ADL, AIPAC, trzymających cały kraj w uścisku rozbójniczym; szczególnie najemnych i moralnie zbankrutowanych polityków.

(4) śmiertelna broń multikulturalizmu, broń niedostępna do użycia przeciw zarówno Niemcom, jak i Rosji, lecz obecnie stosowana z niszczycielskim skutkiem przeciw euro-amerykańskiej większości w Ameryce.

„Globalne elity widzą świat Białego Zachodu jako główną przeszkodę stojąca im na drodze do stworzenia przyszłego rządu światowego” Pat Buchanan powiedział to w 2004 roku, co było szeroko komentowane. „Multikulturalizm jest narzędziem używanym przez te elity do rozbicia cywilizacji Białego Zachodu”.

Biorąc pod uwagę, że żydzi zdołali przejąć prawie całkowitą kontrolę nad Niemcami i Rosją nawet przed założeniem żydowskiego państwa w 1948 r., musi być oczywiste, że ich władza wykonawcza wzrosła ogromnie poprzez zdobycie bazy militarnej na Bliskim Wschodzie, uzbroiła się po zęby w śmiercionośne głowice nuklearne, z których wiele jest wycelowanych w stolice europejskie, a inne prawdopodobnie w Stany Zjednoczone.

Chociaż powszechnie wiadomo, że izrael posiada 200-300 głowic nuklearnych, to już nie jest zbyt powszechnie znane, że ten Goliat Bliskiego Wschodu ma również nawet więcej morderczego osprzętu w arsenale, w tym 35 termonuklearnych bomb; a niektórzy amerykańscy eksperci uważają, że ma on międzykontynentalne rakiety balistyczne (ICBM) zdolne do sięgnięcia Nowego Jorku i Los Angeles, choć tej broni jeszcze nie testowano. (patrz artykuł pod linkiem: http://guardian.150m.com/palestine/bomb-isreal.htm w sprawie izraelskich zdolności bojowych).

Byłoby głupotą sądzić, że bandyckie państewko, jakie zabiło Amerykanów z zimną krwią w czasie ataku na USS Liberty w 1967 r., było zamieszane w wydarzenia z 9/11 w naszej ojczyźnie, może mieć jakieś skrupuły przed ponownym zaatakowaniem Amerykanów na znacznie większą skalę, gdy Ameryka stanie się przedmiotem ich nienawiści.

*            *            *

Ważne, aby poznać w tym miejscu ukryte fakty towarzyszące utworzeniu państwa izrael, gdyż tylko to pomoże zrozumieć większą perspektywę żydowskiego problemu.

Niemal powszechnie uważa się wskutek żydowskiej własności mass mediów, że to ONZ stworzył izrael, i że wszyscy byli uszczęśliwieni z tego powodu. Jest to oczywiste fałszerstwo. Nawet rząd USA, lub przynajmniej 99 % tego ciała, był stanowczo przeciwny utworzeniu izraela. Były podsekretarz stanu, Dean Acheson był jednym z wielu, którzy czynili żmudne próby sprzeciwu przed uznaniem przez Amerykę izraelskiego państwa, przewidując zawczasu, że „Zachód zapłaci wysoką cenę za izrael”.

Pomimo wszystkich tych obaw i złych przeczuć, żydzi dostali państwo.

Dlaczego syjonistyczni grabieżcy ziemi są obecnie w sytuacji cieszenia się wysokim poważaniem w Ameryce i gdzie indziej, a ich palestyńskie ofiary są opluwane i wzgardzone przy byle okazji, można łatwo wyjaśnić.

Oprócz żydowskich mass mediów, którym udało się upiększyć i rzucić różaną poświatę na ten twór Frankensteina na Bliskim Wschodzie, odpowiedź znajduje się w jednym słowie: holocau$t. Syjoniści zdołali przekonać świat, że są moralnymi spadkobiercami rzekomych ofiar holocau$tu. A jako tacy, pozostali Ostatecznymi Ofiarami.

I tak samo, jak Finkelstein, mamy obowiązek wyrażania swego zatroskania w sprawie żydowskiego cierpienia. Faktem niepodważalnym jest to, że holocau$t jest wielkim przemysłem i jest stosowany w roli moralnego szantażu i carte blanche dla potwornych zbrodni żydów i izraela.

Pisarz izraelski, Ari Shavit podsumował to trafnie, gdy powiedział: „Możemy mordować bezkranie, ponieważ muzeum holocau$tu jest po naszej stronie”.

*            *            *

Jesteśmy w krytycznej sytuacji.

Nigdy nie było Palestyny jako niepodległego państwa, bo tak chciało zorganizowane żydostwo. Palestyna była po prostu bazą do operacji podboju reszty świata. Wg słów Israela Shamira:

Palestyna nie jest ostatecznym celem żydów; jest nim cały świat. Palestyna jest po prostu miejscem ich światowej kwatery głównej…żydzi zamierzają zmienić Jerozolimę w najważniejszą stolicę świata, a ich odbudowana świątynia ma być głównym punktem skupienia Ducha Ziemi. Chrześcijaństwo zginie, duch odejdzie z narodów naszej części świata, a nasza obecna podejrzana demokracja zostanie zastąpiona przez ogromne teokratyczne państwo. Od-duchowiony i wykorzeniony, bezdomny i samotny, wczorajszy Władca Świata  [WASP] stanie się niewolnikiem we wszystkim, prócz nazwy…żydowski wszechświat jest dobry dla żydów. Jest przekleństwem dla innych. W USA, gdy żydowskie wpływy zaczęły gwałtownie rosnąć od 1968 r., standard życia zwykłych ludzi pogorszył się. Dobry czas dla żydów to zły czas dla całej reszty ludzkości. Błogosławieństwo dla żydow to przekleństwo dla innych narodów. Reżimy, jakie są „dobre dla żydów” są zazwyczaj klęską dla innych.

Z takich runów łatwo jest czytać. Od zdominowania Niemiec i Rosji, żydzi wykombinowali sobie żabi skok w celu zdominowania Ameryki.

Patrzymy na to wszystko przez zaciemnione szkło, lecz to, co widzimy przez nie to gęstniejący mrok w ponurym spektrum amerykańskiej wizji przyszłości: kraj trzeciego świata, w jakim ledwie udaje się przeżyć większości Amerykanów.

Amerykańskiego podatnika kosztuje co godzina 12 milionów $ utrzymanie wojsk USA w Afganistanie, kraju, który Ameryka zdecydowała się napaść wskutek wrzaskliwych, tłoczonych 24 h na dobę kryminalnych kłamstw neoconów.

Nie do wiary, że tzw. najbliższy sojusznik USA, izrael, nie dał nam żadnego żołnierza do jakiejkolwiek amerykańskiej wojny prowadzonej w ich imieniu, chociaż izraelscy komandosi byli czymś w rodzaju „porady” dla Amerykanów w zakresie technik tortur w Abu Ghraib w 2004 r.

Amerykańscy żydzi nigdy nie odznaczyli się czymkolwiek podczas swej bytności, nie mówiąc już o bohaterstwie, w amerykańskich siłach zbrojnych. Wolą walczyć długopisem, co robią znacznie dzielniej, byle daleko od pola walki. I to właśnie oni najgłośniej walą w bębny wojny, to oni korzystają najwięcej na nieokiełznanej rzezi niewinnych, oni „popychają innych do walki i do tego, żeby za nich ginąć”.

Rządzona przez żydowską elitę i jej podwładnych szabes-gojów, działając poza zasięgiem prawa międzynarodowego i nienawiścią całego świata, Ameryka stała się obecnie izraelską kolonią we wszystkim, z wyjątkiem nazwy.

Dni wina i róż, spotkania z mamą i ciastem jabłkowym, są już dawno za nami. American Dream jest martwy. Jak wcześniej Niemcy i Rosja, Ameryka leży teraz pokonana.

Ameryka jest skończona

Powoli i w sposób niezauważalny, otumaniona przez kłamstwa i ukołysana do snu „spokoju ducha”, Ameryka i Amerykanie pozwolili, aby ich kraj wpadł w ręce piątej kolumny: wrogiej etnicznie elity, której zasadniczym celem jest lojalność wobec izraela, kraju zbudowanego na ukradzionej ziemi i zajętego systematycznym ludobójstwem.

Jak to się dzieje, że ten prymitywny i zapiekły w swym bandytyźmie „sojusznik” Ameryki, wciąż dostaje coroczne subsydia w postaci 3 mld $? Czy Ameryka jest tak upośledzona w swej „miłości” do żydowskiego tworu, że nie potrafi powiedzieć „NIE”? Głupie pytanie. Gdyż opiera się na założeniu Chomsky’ego, że Ameryka jest ciągle panem i władcą, a mały izrael jest zależną kolonią.

Zagadka jest łatwa do rozwiązania, jeśli odwrócić strony założenia Chomsky’ego: to zorganizowane żydostwo, jakie przejęło kontrolę nad Ameryką, przekształciło ją w izraelską kolonię. 8,2 mln $ dziennie, jakie amerykański podatnik płaci na swego żydowskiego władcę to nie subsydium. To pieniądze z trybutu: podatek czy danina narzucona podbitemu narodowi przez zwycięzców.

Wg specjalisty ds politycznych, Philipa Giraldi, to “pierwszy w zapisanej historii przypadek, żeby mały naród, mniejszy niż 8 mln osobników, podporządkował sobie znacznie większy kraj, w jakim populacja sięga ponad 310 mln ludzi…[Ameryka jest obecnie] niewolnikiem izraela”.

Syjonizacja Ameryki jest całkowita, AIPAC wyznacza w niej rząd, a 60 mln chrześcijańskich syjonistów gotowa jest zginąć za swych nowych rządców w Jerozolimie”.


Nigdy nie widziałem, żeby prezydent im się postawił. Zawsze dostają to, co chcą. Gdyby naród amerykański zrozumiał, jak mocno ci ludzie trzymają nasz rząd w garści, ludzie chwyciliby za broń”. (admirał Thomas Moorer, były szef połączonych sztabów armii USA, 1983)

To żydzi wyłamali prezydentowi Trumanowi rękę i zmusili go do udzielenia pełnego poparcia dla ich świeżo powstałego bandyckiego państewka. To dalej żydzi poprzez swego mściwego przedstawiciela Morgenthau, zamienili życie podbitych Niemców w piekło zaraz po II WŚ. To zawsze żydzi byli w tle, byli utajnionymi podglądaczami tkanej przy pomocy szmalu różnorakiej historii wydarzeń na świecie.

Kolonia, jaką Brytyjczycy utracili na Bliskim Wschodzie, izrael, została odziedziczona jakby w spadku przez Amerykę. Zrazu, izrael był amerykańskim lotniskowcem na Bliskim Wschodzie. Amerykanie mieli ją używać w charakterze gigantycznej bazy wojskowej, aby stąd plądrować arabską ropę. Nikt nie miał żadnych problemów z tym, żeby realizować marzenia Bena Guriona o Wielkim izraelu rozciągającym się od Nilu do Eufratu. Poza tym, czemu nie dać żydom tego, czego chcą?

Wielki izrael byłby zwyczajnie rozszerzeniem Ameryki: byłby 51-szym stanem.

Sprawy nie poszły tak, jak to zaplanowano. Nawet najlepsze schematy o myszach i ludziach, jak to się mówi, często biorą w łeb. Strony układanki obróciły się przeciw łatwowiernym Amerykanom. Okazało się, że żydzi są o wiele cwańsi niż to zakładali ich władcy z kręgów WASP. Wiedzieli, jak oszukiwać w tej grze. Połączyli się w siatkę przestępczą. Przez 3 tysiące lat nabyli gorzkiego doświadczenia w sztuce grania na dwie strony, oszukiwania wszystkich po kolei, przebiegłości. Podstęp to ich genetyczna spuścizna, intryga to środowisko, w jakim kwitną i dają owoce. Od zawsze byli Ostatecznymi Ocaleńcami.

Tak trzeba to oddać żydom, że dotychczas często ciemiężeni, sami stali się ciemiężycielami. Dawniej rzekome ofiary przejęły rolę oprawców. Ci, którymi niegdyś rzekomo kierowano, stali się Panami Marionetek.

Mówiąc krótko, żydzi zawładnęli Ameryką i zamienili ją w żydowską kolonię. Po prostu tak się właśnie stało. Ich amerykańscy gospodarze wywidnowali się do poziomu petardy w ich rękach.

Po co się tym martwić? Amerykańscy żydzi są przecież Amerykanami, czyż nie? Jeśli są tak cwani, żeby zawładnąć Ameryką, tak to zdołali udowodnić, to dlaczego nie dać im iść dalej do następnego logicznego kroku i zawładanąć światem – zdominować świat poprzez Amerykę? Nikt nie zaprzeczy, że to jest celem Ameryki: pełne spektrum dominacji. Więc jeśli żydzi kontrolują Amerykę, a Ameryka kontroluje świat, to chyba logiczne jest, że żydzi kontrolują świat? Logiki tego wywodu nie da się obalić.

Światowa dominacja żydów bierze zupełnie inną perspektywę pod uwagę, gdy przeanalizujemy ją przez pryzmat historyczny. Bez „teorii spiskowych”. Bez garbatonosych żydów chwytających świat w swoje okrutne szpony. Bez iluminatów próbujących sodomizować dzieci i pić ich krew. Tylko weźmy logikę, historię, tylko Amerykę dążącą do dominacji w pełnym zakresie – z żydami na czele tej paczki.

Możecie powiedzieć, że szalone pragnienia zapisane w Protokołach ostatecznie się zrealizowały, ale nie w taki sposób, jak to oryginalnie zaplanowano w mistrzowskich projektach.

*            *            *

Nie wolno nam nigdy zapominać o tym, co się stało, gdy żydzi zostali wrogą elitą ZSSR” prof. Kevin MacDonald zauważa posępnie. „Wstręt i pogarda do tradycji narodowej i kultury Rosji była zasadniczym czynnikiem w gorliwym uczestnictwie żydów w popełnianiu najpotworniejszych zbrodni 20 wieku”.

MacDonald nawiązuje tutaj do systematycznego mordu wielu milionów rosyjskich chrześcijan pod rządami Lenina i Stalina: okresie masowych mordów na przestrzeni 36 lat  (1917-1953). W tym okresie ponadto, jak to wynika z opublikowanych dokumentów z sowieckich archiwów, tysiące chrześcijańskich kościołów zostało zniszczonych, lecz ani jedna synagoga. (patrz link: http://web.ku.edu/~eceurope/communistnationssince1917/ch3.html)

Nowa elita amerykańska, jak wiemy wszyscy, jest elitą żydowską. To dokładnie to samo, co z elitą bolszewickiej Rosji i stalinowskiego ZSSR. A to – i to trzeba bardzo mocno podkreślić – wroga elita, jaka „brzydzi się narodu, którym rządzi”.

A zatem trzeba uważać.

Bo to, co się stało milionom Rosjan w I połowie 20 wieku – systematyczne ludobójstwo – może równie łatwo spotkać miliony Amerykanów w przewidywalnej przyszłości.

“To całkiem możliwe” mówi z zadumą Kevin MacDonald, „że wchodzimy w erę rasowej czarnej wizji przyszłości z niewyobrażalną wprost perspektywą okrucieństwa”.

*            *            *

Świat, jaki nas czeka, jeśli nasi Nowi Władcy zwyciężą, stanie się ponurą czarną wizją. Będzie duchową pustką, w jakiej nie mająca żadnych zasad elita będzie jeździć jak po łysej kobyle po mrowiu tłumów. To będzie okrutny świat wyzysku, moralnej ciemności i niewysłowionej brutalności.

„Śmierć załatwia wszelkie problemy” Stalin napomknął cynicznie. „Nie ma człowieka, nie ma problemu”. Gdy wyzysk, a potem eksterminacja masowa staną się cudownym lekarstwem, można spodziewać się podniecających wyobraźnię czasów.

W szeroko znanym i powszechnie docenianym studium badawczym Otto Friedricha o holocau$cie, The Kingdom of Auschwitz, ocalały z obozu koncentracyjnego mówi:

Istnienie obozu koncentracyjnego nauczyło nas, że cały świat jest tak naprawdę, jak obóz koncentracyjny. Świat jest rządzony w taki sposób, że nie ma w nim ani sprawiedliwości ani moralności. Zbrodnia nie jest ukarana, a cnota nagrodzona. Światem rządzi władza. Obecnie kładziemy fundamenty pod nową, potworną cywilizację.

Niewinna ofiara tej “nowej, potwornej cywilizacji”, palestyńskie dziecko, jego ramię odciął izraelski osadnik za to, że rzuciło kamień.

(Patrz tutaj link: http://globalfire.tv/nj/09en/jews/killingguide.htm)

A zatem oto, gdzie się teraz znajdujemy: w samym oku cyklonu.

Ameryka, niegdyś demokracja, jest teraz krypto-faszystowskim państwem rządzonym w interesie najbogatszego, 1 % swojej populacji, w zasadniczej części złożonej z żydów. A najbogatszy żyd na świecie, Sheldon Adelson, to gostek, jaki stoi na kandydatem na prezydenta, Mittem Romneyem—syjonistyczną kukiełką, która nie przejawia żadnych wyrzutów sumienia w złożeniu Ameryki w ofierze izraelowi.

“Nie ma żadnej wolności, żadnej demokracji i żadnej odpowiedzialności rządu w Ameryce, to państwo faszystowskie”, Paul Craig Roberts podsumowuje z żalem jeden ze swych najnowszych esejów.

Żydzi po wypełnieniu swych najdzikszych marzeń wyrażonych w Protokołach, zaczęli obecnie nakreślać nowe projekty pól śmierci na świecie, który został podbity. Irak, Afganistan leżą w ruinie, dzięki żydowskim machinacjom. Iran jest na celownikach, czekając na sądny dzień. A tymczasem Ameryka, gdy spływają do niej z zagranicy plastykowe worki na ciała i upiorny cyrk chleba i igrzysk bezustannie warczy zewsząd, nie ma już praktycznie z czego żyć oprócz seksu i śmierci.

Najbardziej ochoczy kaci stalinowscy, żydzi, teraz stali się rządzącą elitą Ameryki. Jak w weimarowskich Niemczech, żydzi większość pieniędzy zarabiali na tworzeniu kultury neopoganizmu i nihilizmu, dekadencji i rozpaczy. Nic się nie zmieniło, tylko inne państwo.

Rosja, Niemcy, Ameryka – wszystkie runęły w gruzy jak kręgle stojące w szeregu.

Jeśli chcesz wiedzieć, jaka będzie przyszłość, wyobraź sobie but depczący ludzką twarz – wiecznie”. — George Orwell, 1984

The Mass Murder of Russian Christians and the Destruction of their Churches

STALIN’S JEWS (See here)

The other day I received a polite email from one of my many critics. He was less than satisfied with a controversial statement I had made in one of my articles. He had detected what appeared to be a serious discrepancy in what I had written about the Bolshevik Jews who had engineered the Russian Revolution (1917) and had managed to kill, in the process, some 66 million Russian Christians.

Here is what my critic had to say:

Email from Mark. E. Moore,
February 12, 2013
RE: The Building of
Synagogues under Stalin

Dear Lasha:

In your online article, “Satan’s Secret Agents: the Frankfurt School and their Evil Agenda (posted 02/13/13), you wrote:

“In the Soviet Union, under Stalin and his Communist Jews, the emptying of churches was accomplished by the simply expedient of burning the churches down—thousands of them—and building synagogues instead.” (Boldness added.)

However, the source cited (see here) for your statement contradicts your statement itself:

“For a few years, Soviet Jews were allowed to use Yiddish in Jewish schools and to publish Yiddish and Hebrew newspapers. However, synagogues were closed down. In fact, while Yiddish and Hebrew were tolerated, or at least encouraged, the official policy was to use these languages as instruments to effect the total assimilation of the Jews. Thus, while the Soviet government officially condemned anti-Semitism, it aimed at eradicating the Jewish faith.

“There was also renewed persecution of the Jews. Apart from having their synagogues closed and their Rabbis arrested, they were discriminated against in education as well as in military, political, and educational careers.”

(Boldness added)

Please explain the discrepancy and cite other sources for your statement that Stalin built synagogues in the stead of Christian churches.

Very truly yours,

Mark E. Moore

*          *          *

This was a valid criticism, impeccably expressed, but I resented something in the tone of the writer which seemed to suggest that he was trying to make excuses for these Jewish revolutionaries led by Lenin who was himself partly Jewish: that he was trying to diminish their role in these atrocities, and, so to speak, let the Jews off the hook for having committed mass murder on an unprecedented scale.

This is what I wrote in response to him. My apologies if the language here is a bit emotional at times. Mass murder, I guess, is an emotional subject. So bear with me.

“The unprecedented catastrophe of the Russian revolution required an explanation… For very many this lay in the coming to power of the Jews, and their hatred for the Russian people. For after the revolution of February, 1917, the Jews acquired full rights with the rest of the population, and the barriers set up by the Pale of Settlement were destroyed. Jews poured from the western regions into the major cities of European Russia and soon acquired prominent executive positions in all major sectors of government and the economy…. The mainly Jewish nature of the Bolshevik leadership—and of the world revolution in general—cannot be doubted….

“The Jews were especially dominant in the most feared and bloodthirsty part of the Bolshevik State apparatus, the Cheka, which, writes Brendon, “consisted of 250,000 officers (including 100,000 border guards). In the first 6 years of Bolshevik rule it had executed at least 200,000. Moreover, the Cheka was empowered to act as ‘policeman, gaoler, investigator, prosecutor, judge and executioner’. It also employed barbaric forms of torture….

“So complete was the Jewish domination of Russia as a result of the revolution that it is a misnomer to speak about the ‘Russian revolution’; it should more accurately be called the ‘Russian-Jewish revolution’.”

(Scroll down to “Bolshevism and the Jews”, here)

Email from Lasha Darkmoon,
February 16, 2013

Dear Mark,

Thank you for pointing out the defective link in my article. How it got in there I have no idea. Sometimes these things happen when one is writing and publishing in haste. I have deleted the defective link and substituted the following paragraph in its place: “See here, here, here, here and here for more details on the systematic destruction of Christian churches and the persecution of Russian Christians under the Jewish leaders of the Russian Revolution. See also extended endnote” 

The extended endnote (duplicated below) will be of particular interest to you, though it may not satisfy you if you are a committed Zionist and wish to find excuses for the well-documented crimes of the Bolshevik Jews after the 1917 Russian Revolution.

I am well aware that Jews were among those killed in Stalin’s purges and that some synagogues may have been closed down, but that occurred at a much later date and it does not in any way exculpate the Jews for their strikingly prominent role in the Bolshevik Revolution—and it certainly does not make the Jews the victims of the Revolution, no matter how hard they strive for victim status. They are the war criminals here. Period.

The authority you quote, and to which I mistakenly provided a link, appears to be a Zionist source. I do not trust Zionist sources as a matter of principle. They are known to lie and exaggerate and indulge in elaborate fantasies. Weren’t they the ones who got us into the Iraq War on false pretenses, relating to non-existent weapons of mass destruction? And aren’t they trying to pull the same fast one on us right now in regard to Iran?

Even after the Stalinist purges, organized Jewry remained entrenched in power in the Soviet Union. Jews continued to occupy all the most important posts in the Soviet government. And Stalin who was head honcho, though not a Jew nominally, was the ultimate Shabbat goy, a Jew in all but name or what some might wish to call a “spiritual Jew”. He married into a Jewish family ¶, had Jewish mistresses and friends, and at every point in his career was surrounded by Jewish commissars. Lenin, who was partly Jewish, had always been his role model and chief ideological influence.

¶  “He married into a Jewish family…”  This article was written several years ago, but I now doubt the accuracy of this statement. Stalin married into a Jewish family only if he married Rosa Kaganovich, Lazar Kaganovich’s sister. However, there appears to be no solid evidence that Stalin married Rosa Kaganovich. Stalin married twice, not three times as is sometimes asserted, and neither of his two wives was Jewish. The story that Stalin married three times, and that all his wives were Jewish, is a complete fabrication.


Stalin with Lazar Kagaonvich.
(Hard to tell them apart)

Lazar Kaganovich, remained Stalin’s constant advisor, confidante and close friend. And Kaganovich was the greatest mass murderer of them all, reportedly claiming responsibility for the death of 20 million people. Funnily enough, Kaganovich was to outlive all the other Bolshevik killers, dying only in 1991—whereas Stalin met his Maker in March 1953 after one of his closest associates, probably Comrade Beria, slipped some rat poison into his wine.

On a former occasion, when in debate with Israel Shamir, I had this to say about Lazar Kaganovich and the other omnipotent Soviet Jews who helped to make life a living hell for millions of Russian Christians. These mass murderers, purportedly running a revolution in support of the working classes—“the dictatorship of the proletariat”—managed to kill tens of millions of innocent peasants in the process. To improve the world these psychopaths needed to wade through seas of blood.

Kaganovich and his evil crew of natural born killers certainly knew how to break heads as easily as you and I know how to break eggs. “The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of a million is a statistic,” Stalin is said to have joked on one occasion.

Here is what I wrote roughly a year ago in an article:

“One Jew alone, the infamous Lazar Kaganovich, personally claimed responsibility for killing twenty million [people]. It was he who stood atop the rubble of a Christian church and proclaimed, “Mother Russia has been cast down! We have torn away her skirts!”

“Apart from Kaganovich, there were other Jews who contributed to the massacre of Christians under the cruelest circumstances: Ilya Ehrenburg, Natalfy Frenkel, Mathias Berman, Genrikh Yagoda (lingerie pervert), and, last but not least, Lavrenti Beria—though Beria may or may not have been Jewish. Mainstream historians assert that he was not. But they would, wouldn’t they?—given that Beria was not only a mass murderer of peasants, but also a bloodthirsty sex maniac and pedophile who buried children in his basement—probably alive. (See here and here, pp. 516-519).

“At no other time in the history of the world has a country been so saturated with Jewish influence as it was between 1917 and 1953 in the Soviet Union: the time of the great gulags and the merciless slaughter of the peasants.”

Incidentally, I will be dealing with this topic in more detail in a separate article soon.

You quote me as writing the following in my article on the Frankfurt School, objecting to the four words in bold font: “In the Soviet Union, under Stalin and his Communist Jews, the emptying of churches was accomplished by the simply expedient of burning the churches down—thousands of them—and building synagogues instead.” You will be pleased to hear that I have decided to delete these four words in bold font, since I have been unable to locate my original source for this statement or to find any reliable documentary evidence of synagogue substitution for demolished churches.

However, these four words in bold font, “and building synagogues instead”, are not really necessary. In principle, I see no reason why these Jewish revolutionaries, who actually went out of their way to demolish Christian churches, should raise any objections to the erection of synagogues if their fellow Jews should request such new synagogues. Suffice to say that we have more than enough evidence that Orthodox Christian churches were demolished in huge numbers, which is all that really needs to be said.

Note (two years later) : My critic was right and I need to concede this point to him now. Tens of thousands of Christian churches were destroyed by the atheistic Communists in the Stalin era but there is vey little evidence to suggest that synagogues were constructed as replacements. This was because the Communists, though many of them were Jewish, had no time for Judaism either. As atheists, they were against all religions, including Judaism. So why would they want to replace Christian churches with synagogues?
My point is that, since so many of the Bolshevik were Jews, their  enthusiasm for destroying synagogues was arguably far less than their enthusiasm for destroying Christian churches. This is because, however hostile they might have been to Judaism as adult atheists, they nevertheless grew up in Jewish households and probably attended synagogue services in their childhood along with their devoutly Orthodox Jewish parents.

See “Endnote” HERE (but also duplicated below) for more details on the destruction of Orthodox Christian churches and the systematic torture and mass murder of Russian Christians by the Bolshevik Jews.

Sincere best wishes,

Lasha Darkmoon

Note that quote carefully: “Kaganovich also ordered the shocking demolition in downtown Moscow of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in 1931. It was replaced by a giant swimming pool.”

*          *          *

Endnote 1

American historian Edwin Schoonmaker writes:

“Fifteen years after the Bolshevist Revolution was launched to carry out the Marxist program, the editor of the American Hebrew could write: “According to such information that the writer could secure while in Russia a few weeks ago, not one Jewish synagogue has been torn down, as have hundreds—perhaps thousands of the Greek Catholic Churches… In Moscow and other large cities one can see Christian churches in the process of destruction… the Government needs the location for a large building,” (American Hebrew, Nov. 18, 1932, p. 12) Apostate Jews, leading a revolution that was to destroy religion as the “opiate of the people” had somehow spared the synagogues of Russia.” (“Democracy and World Dominion,” 1939, p.211). 

Wikipedia tells us that the Communist state after the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution  was “committed to the destruction of religion”, and destroyed churches, mosques and temples — no mention of synagogues being destroyed  and that it “ridiculed, harassed and executed [Christian] religious leaders, flood[ing] the schools and media with atheistic propaganda.”

Since the Russian Revolution was essentially a Jewish revolution, with an overwhelmingly high percentage of its leaders being Jewish, one can understand why synagogues were NOT destroyed. The animosity of the Jewish leadership was directed almost exclusively toward the Christian clergy and their churches. Monks, nuns and priests were put to death in large numbers, often after being cruelly tortured in the process, their eyes gouged out and in some instances being boiled alive.

(For graphic details of the systematic torture of Christians under the Bolsheviks, see here and section 7, “Fiendish tortures devised by the Jewish cheka”, here).

According to the Atlantic, September 1991, p.14, “In 1919, three-quarters of the Cheka staff in Kiev were Jews, who were careful to spare fellow Jews. (See footnote 21, here)

For more on the specifically Jewish character of the Russian Revolution, see here and here.

Russian-born Jewish writer Sonya Margolina goes so far as to call the Jewish role in supporting the Bolshevik regime the “historic sin of the Jews.” She points, for example, to the prominent role of Jews as commandants of Soviet Gulag concentration and labor camps, and the role of Jewish Communists in the systematic destruction of Russian churches. Moreover, she goes on, “The Jews of the entire world supported Soviet power, and remained silent in the face of any criticism from the opposition.”

In light of this record, Margolina offers a grim prediction:

“The exaggeratedly enthusiastic participation of the Jewish Bolsheviks in the subjugation and destruction of Russia is a sin that will be avenged. Soviet power will be equated with Jewish power, and the furious hatred against the Bolsheviks will become hatred against Jews.” (Cited here)

A red-hot poker, when pushed through the bars of the cage, would force the maddened rat to escape by gnawing its way into the stomach of the human prisoner. This is one of the tortures the Bolshevik Jews are reported to have introduced from China. They certainly had Chinese torturers working for them, just as today the American government has relied heavily on the expertise of Israeli torturers at Abu Ghraib and elsewhere.

Further corroboration for the horrendous crimes committed by the Jewish Bolsheviks will be found in part 2 of this 2-part article by Lasha Darkmoon. The most detailed and impassioned account of Jewish atrocities committed against Christians is probably  Eustace Mullins’ cult classic article, The Secret Holocaust: The real holocaust was a Christian Holocaust by Jews of sixty-six millions, mostly Christians.


The High Commissaries of the People in 1919, two years after the Bolshevik Revolution:

ALIAS. . . . . . . . . . . . . REAL NAME. . . . . . . . ETHNICITY

Lenin ………………………..Oulianoff ……………….Partly Jewish
Trotsky……………………….Bronstein …………….. Jew
Stekloff ………………………Xachamress …………. Jew
Gottsief ………………………Prapkine………………  Jew
Bogdanoff ……………………Silberstein ……………Jew
Sverdloff ……………………..Sverdloff……………….Jew
Kamkoff ……………………..Katz ……………………..Jew
Parvus……………………… Gelphanat……………….Jew
Adromovitch ………………….Rein…………………..Jew
Macklakowsky………………. Rosenblum…………..Jew
Lapinsky……………………… Levenson………………Jew
Glasounoff…………………… Schulze…………………Jew
Larine…………………………… Lourie…………………..Jew

Soviet Government (1919): Summary

Bureaucracy……………..Total number………….Jews
Peoples Commissaries……………22……………………….17
Provincial Commissaries………  23……………………….21
Commissariat of War…………     43……………………….33
Foreign Affairs………………………16……………………….13
Justice…………………………………. 21……………………….20
Public Instruction…………………..53………………………42
Social Assistance……………………..6………………………..6

Total number of Bolshevist Government officials in 1919 : 545 
Total number of JEWS in Bolshevist Government in 1919: 447

SOURCE (scroll down):  http://theinfounderground.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=13845

Laughing through her tears, by Darrell Wright [*POEM*]

Laughing through her tears

I’m drawn to men who make me laugh
So I forget my pain,
So I forget my hollowed heart,
So I don’t go insane.

I like it when I laugh so hard
That tears come to my eyes:
The tears that wash away the tears
From men who tell me lies,

From feeling down another day,
From all my many fears.
I wonder if there is no joy
Except in laughter’s tears.

O how I’d love to laugh all day,
Then happy go to sleep,
Just laugh and cry those happy tears,
So I don’t have to weep.

Satan’s Secret Agents: The Frankfurt School and their Evil Agenda

Based on an original article (see here) by Timothy Matthews.
Abbreviated and adapted with additional material  by Lasha Darkmoon.

— Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spake Zarathustra

Let’s begin by considering the corrosive work of the Frankfurt School: a group of German-American scholars, mostly Jewish, who developed highly provocative and original perspectives on contemporary society and culture, drawing on Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche, Freud, and Weber.

Their idea of a “cultural revolution” was not particularly new. Joseph, Comte de Maistre (1753-1821), who for fifteen years had been a Freemason, had this to say: “Until now, nations were killed by conquest, that is by invasion. But here an important question arises: can a nation not die on its own soil, without resettlement or invasion, by allowing the flies of decomposition to corrupt to the very core those original and constituent principles which make it what it is?”

What was the Frankfurt School?

Well, in the days following the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, it was believed that a Workers’ Revolution would sweep into Europe and, eventually, into the United States. It failed to do so. Towards the end of 1922, the Communist International (Comintern) began to consider the reasons for this failure.

On Lenin’s initiative, a meeting was organized at the Marx-Engels Institute in Moscow. The aim of the meeting was to throw light on the meaning of Marx’s Cultural Revolution. What did “cultural revolution” entail?  What was it all about?

First, among those present, was Georg Lukács, a Jewish Hungarian aristocrat and son of a banker. He had become a Communist during World War I. A good Marxist theoretician, he had developed the idea of “Revolution and Eros” — sexual instinct used as an instrument of destruction.

Then there was Willi Münzenberg, another revolutionary Jew whose proposed solution to the problems besetting society was to organize the intellectuals and use them to make Western civilization stink. Only then, after they have corrupted all its values and made life impossible, can we impose the dictatorship of the proletariat.”

“It was”, said Ralph de Toledano (1916-2007), the conservative author and co-founder of the National Review, “a meeting more harmful to Western civilization than the Bolshevik Revolution itself.”

Lenin died in 1924, but by that time Stalin had risen to power and was beginning to look on Willi Munzenberg, George Lukács and other Jewish revolutionaries (like Trotsky) as dangerous Marxist “revisionists”, introducing concepts into Marxism that were alien to Marxism and which served only a Jewish agenda.

In June 1940, on Stalin’s orders, Münzenberg was hunted down to the south of France by a NKVD assassination squad and hanged from a tree.

In the summer of 1924, after being attacked for his writings by the Fifth Comintern Congress, Lukács moved to Germany. Here he chaired the first meeting of a group of Communist oriented sociologists. This gathering was to lead to the foundation of the Frankfurt School.

This “School”, designed to put flesh on their revolutionary program, was started at the University of Frankfurt in the Institut für Sozialforschung. To begin with, school and institute were indistinguishable. In 1923, the Institute had been officially established, and funded by Felix Weil (1898-1975). Weil, born in Argentina into a wealthy  Jewish family, was sent to attend school in Germany at the age of nine. He attended the universities in Tübingen and Frankfurt, where he graduated with a doctoral degree in political science. While at these universities he became increasingly interested in socialism and Marxism.

Carl Grünberg, the Institute’s Jewish director from 1923-1929, was an avowed Marxist, although the Institute did not have any official party affiliations. But in 1930 Max Horkheimer (also Jewish) assumed control. He believed that Marx’s theory should be the basis of the Institute’s research.

When Hitler came to power, the Institute was closed and its members, by various routes, fled to the United States and ended up as academics at major US universities: Columbia, Princeton, Brandeis, and California at Berkeley.

LD:  The fact that they spoke very poor English was no disqualification. They were Jewish, and so they managed to obtain prestigious academic appointments through Jewish influence, i.e., through networking — a system that works exceptionally well even today and which accounts for the huge and unfair preponderance of Jews in academia.

The School included among its members the 1960s guru of the New Left Herbert Marcuse — denounced by Pope Paul VI for his theory of liberation which “opens the way for [sexual] licence cloaked as liberty” — Max Horkheimer, Theodor Adorno, the popular writer Erich Fromm, Leo Lowenthal, and Jurgen Habermas. All these individuals except Habermas were of Jewish origin.

Basically, the Frankfurt School believed that as long as an individual had the belief — or even the hope of belief — that his divine gift of reason could solve the problems facing society, then that society would never reach the state of hopelessness and alienation that they considered necessary to provoke a socialist revolution.

Their task, therefore, was as swiftly as possible to undermine the “Judaeo-Christian legacy.”

LD:  “Judeo-Christian” is an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms, given that Judaism and Christianity are at opposite ends of the religious spectrum. Since most Jews are  actively hostile to Christianity, and since Talmudic Jews actually take pleasure in the thought of Christ being boiled in excrement in hell, to speak of the “Judeo-Christian legacy” is clearly nonsensical.

To undermine Western civilization, the Frankfurt School Jews called for the most negative and destructive criticism possible of every sphere of life. To de-stabilize society and bring it to its knees, to engineer collapse, to produce crisis and catastrophe — this became the aim of these maladjusted and mentally sick Jewish revolutionaries masquerading as high-powered intellectuals.

Their policies, they hoped, would spread like a virus — “continuing the work of the Western Marxists by other means”, as one of their members noted.

To further the advance of their “quiet” cultural revolution, the Frankfurt School made the following twelve recommendations — all of them calculated to undermine the foundations of society and create the dystopia we now see all around us:

1.  The creation of racism offences and hate speech laws.
2.  Continual change to create confusion (e,g., in school curricula).
3.  Masturbation propaganda in schools, combined with the homosexualization of children and their corruption by exposing them to child porn in the classroom.
4.  The systematic undermining of parental and teachers’ authority.
5.  Huge immigration to destroy national identity and foment future race wars.
6.  The systematic promotion of excessive drinking and recreational drugs.
7.  The systematic promotion of sexual deviance in society.
8.  An unreliable legal system with bias against the victims of crime.
9.  Dependency on state benefits.
10. Control and dumbing down of media. (Six Jewish companies now control 96 percent of the world’s media. LD).
11.  Encouraging the breakdown of the family.
12.  All all-out attack on Christianity and the emptying of churches.

LD:  In the Soviet Union, under Stalin and his Communist Jews, the emptying of churches was accomplished by the simple expedient of burning the churches down—thousands of them.
(See here, here, here, here and here for more details on the systematic destruction of Christian churches and the persecution of Russian Christians under the Jewish leaders of the Russian Revolution. See also extended endnote.)
Coincidentally, most of the 12 aims and objectives mentioned above were set out prominently in the pages of that alleged  “forgery”, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The Jewish philosophers of the Frankfurt School, it seems, had been heavily influenced by the Protocols. They were clearly impressed by what they read there and decided to implement its recommendations in their own sinister agenda.
One of the main ideas of the Frankfurt School was to exploit Freud’s idea of “pansexualism”: the search for indiscriminate sexual pleasure, the promotion of “unisex”, the blurring of distinctions between the sexes, the overthrowing of traditional relationships between men and women, and, finally, the undermining of heterosexuality at the expense of homosexuality — as, for example, in the idea of “same-sex marriage” and the adoption of children by homosexual couples.

Willi Münzenberg summed up the Frankfurt School’s long-term operation thus: “We will make the West so corrupt that it stinks.”

“We must organise the intellectuals and use them TO MAKE WESTERN CIVILIZATION STINK! Only then, after they have CORRUPTED ALL ITS VALUES AND MADE LIFE IMPOSSIBLE, can we impose the dictatorship of the proletariat.” (Emphasis added)

LD:  According to Sean McMeekin’s The Red Millionaire: A political biography of Willi Münzenberg, Münzenberg was “the perpetrator of some of the most colossal lies of the modern age…. He helped unleash a plague of moral blindness upon the world from which we have still not recovered.”

The Frankfurt School believed there were two types of revolution: (a) Political revolution and (b) Cultural revolution. They were more concerned with cultural revolution, the demolition of the established order from within. “Modern forms of subjection are marked by mildness”, they taught. So-called “reforms” were to be made so slowly and subtly that these changes for the worse were barely perceptible. The School saw the undermining of the social order as a long-term project.

LD:  The systematic erosion of Christian moral values and the promotion of sexual perversion is known as cultural Marxism. Today, thanks to the efforts of organized Jewry which controls 96 percent of the world’s media, cultural Marxism has largely triumphed and Christianity lies in ruins. To many dispassionate observers, society has now reached its rockbottom moral nadir — as Jewish Marxists such as Willi Munzenberg (see quote above) would have been only too happy to witness — had he been around today. 
These iconoclasts kept their sights firmly fixed on the family, education, media, sex and popular culture. Each of these would be their target. If things did not go from bad to worse, year after year, they were not succeeding. To these revolutionary Jewish thinkers, bad was good — and worse was better.

The Destruction of the Family and the Promotion of Feminism

The School’s Critical Theory preached that the “authoritarian personality” was a product of the patriarchal family — an idea directly linked to Engels’ Origins of the Family, Private Property and the State, which promoted matriarchy.

Already Karl Marx had written, in the Communist Manifesto (1848), about the radical notion of a “community of women”. In The German Ideology (1845), he had written disparagingly about the idea of the family as the basic unit of society. This was one of the basic tenets of the Critical Theory: the need to break down the family unit.

LD: All families were essentially evil, these thinkers believed — even happy families — so they had to be destroyed. It was better if children had no parents, or did not know who their parents were. Or if they were orphans of the state. It was better if romantic love between the sexes, leading to stable long-term marriages, were destroyed in favor of short-term, unstable, promiscuous relationships. After all, the former might lead to happiness for all concerned, and that was clearly impermissible — for the whole point of the Cultural Revolution was “to create a culture of pessimism” (Lukács) and “to make life impossible for everyone.” (Münzenberg).

Georg Lukács (1885–1971):
“I want a culture of pessimism … a world abandoned by God”

The Institute scholars therefore preached that “Even a partial breakdown of parental authority in the family might tend to increase the readiness of a coming generation to accept social change.”

LD:  These neo-Freudian Marxist philosophers of the Frankfurt School were clearly out to create trouble: to drive a wedge between parent and child and sow division in the family. Whatever was good in human relationships simply had to be destroyed. If people didn’t have problems, then problems would have to be manufactured “to make life impossible.” (Munzenberg).

All this prepared the way for the warfare against the masculine gender promoted by Marcuse under the guise of “Women’s liberation” and by the New Left movement in the 1960s. They proposed transforming our culture into a female-dominated one.

LD:  The idea that women should run society and wear the trousers, telling men what to do, had an enormous appeal to certain bossy types of women with a surplus of testosterone, particularly to butch lesbians and man-hating matriarchs. Many of these misguided females were to become evangelists for radical  Feminism, some even proposing to cut themselves off from the male sex completely and live in communes of their own. Curiously enough, the number of Jewish feminists is huge—out of all proportion to their percentage in the population.

In 1933, Wilhelm Reich, an honored and adulated member of the Frankfurt School, wrote in The Mass Psychology of Fascism that matriarchy was the only genuine family type of “natural society.” He was, as such, to be an inspiration to the feminists.

LD:  Reich, incidentally, a compulsive masturbator and sexual pervert, had entertained incestuous longings for his own mother and practiced bestiality with horses while still a child. (See here).
This versatile sexual deviant, now a cult figure on the left, along with the equally sex-obsessed Herbert Marcuse—popularizer of the slogan MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR—were to be godfathers of the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s as well as the patron saints of the Feminist movement.

The Indoctrination of Children through Education

Bertrand Russell was to join the Frankfurt School in their efforts at mass social engineering. He spilled the beans in his 1951 book, The Impact of Science on Society. He wrote:

“The social psychologists of the future will have a number of classes of school children on whom they will try different methods of producing an unshakable conviction that snow is black. Various results will soon be arrived at. First, that the influence of home is obstructive. Second, that not much can be done unless indoctrination begins before the age of ten. Third, that verses set to music and repeatedly intoned are very effective. Fourth, that the opinion that snow is white must be held to show a morbid taste for eccentricity.

But I anticipate. It is for future scientists to make these maxims precise and discover exactly how much it costs per head to make children believe that snow is black, and how much less it would cost to make them believe it is dark gray.

When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for a generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen.”

LD:  The irony is unmistakable, but that is beside the point. Russell was all for turning the world upside down and ushering in Brave New World: atheism, feminism, and “sexual liberation” i.e., the green light to promiscuity, perversion, and abortion on demand.
The devaluation of values so sought after by the luminaries of the Frankfurt School  has now largely been achieved through sex education and media propaganda: in particular, by the promotion of masturbation, pornography, and the systematic high pressure salesmanship of  homosexuality in schools.   


LD:  This, then, is the secret agenda of organized Jewry as represented by the Cultural Marxists of the Frankfurt School: the destruction of traditional values, the destruction of the moral order, the destruction of the family unit, the destruction of religion, the destruction of meaning and purpose, and, finally, the destruction of happiness itself.
These are the people who now rule over us. They are in control. They create new wars with the same rapidity that a stage magician pulls rabbits from a hat. And they make sure that the people they rule over, their subject populations, are either demoralized debt slaves in insecure jobs or unemployed bums living on state benefits and a diet of junk food and sleazy junk entertainment laid on by the Jews.
Satan’s Secret Agents have been only too successful in creating a New World Order that bears a remarkable resemblance to hell.

*          *          *

Endnote by Lasha Darkmoon

American historian Edwin Schoonmaker writes:

Fifteen years after the Bolshevist Revolution was launched to carry out the Marxist program, the editor of the American Hebrew could write: “According to such information that the writer could secure while in Russia a few weeks ago, not one Jewish synagogue has been torn down, as have hundreds—perhaps thousands of the Greek Catholic Churches… In Moscow and other large cities one can see Christian churches in the process of destruction… the Government needs the location for a large building,” (American Hebrew, Nov. 18, 1932, p. 12) Apostate Jews, leading a revolution that was to destroy religion as the “opiate of the people” had somehow spared the synagogues of Russia.” (“Democracy and World Dominion,” 1939, p.211). 

Wikipedia tells us that the Communist state after the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution  was “committed to the destruction of religion”, and destroyed churches, mosques and temples — no mention of synagogues being destroyed  and that it “ridiculed, harassed and executed [Christian] religious leaders, flood[ing] the schools and media with atheistic propaganda.”

Since the Russian Revolution was essentially a Jewish revolution, with an overwhelmingly high percentage of its leaders being Jewish, one can understand why synagogues were NOT destroyed. The animosity of the Jewish leadership was directed almost exclusively toward the Christian clergy and their churches. Monks, nuns and priests were put to death in large numbers, often after being cruelly tortured in the process, their eyes gouged out and in some instances being boiled alive. (For graphic details of the systematic torture of Christians under the Bolsheviks, see here and section 7, “Fiendish tortures devised by the Jewish cheka”, here).

According to the Atlantic, September 1991, p.14, “In 1919, three-quarters of the Cheka staff in Kiev were Jews, who were careful to spare fellow Jews. (See footnote 21, here)

For more on the specifically Jewish character of the Russian Revolution, see here and here.

Russian-born Jewish writer Sonya Margolina goes so far as to call the Jewish role in supporting the Bolshevik regime the “historic sin of the Jews.” She points, for example, to the prominent role of Jews as commandants of Soviet Gulag concentration and labor camps, and the role of Jewish Communists in the systematic destruction of Russian churches. Moreover, she goes on, “The Jews of the entire world supported Soviet power, and remained silent in the face of any criticism from the opposition.”

In light of this record, Margolina offers a grim prediction:

“The exaggeratedly enthusiastic participation of the Jewish Bolsheviks in the subjugation and destruction of Russia is a sin that will be avenged. Soviet power will be equated with Jewish power, and the furious hatred against the Bolsheviks will become hatred against Jews.” (Cited here)

One Night I Lay, by Charles Baudelaire (trans. Darkmoon)

One night I lay next to a hideous whore
like a corpse cuddling a rotting cadaver.
Then I began dreaming of a far more
attractive female. Wow, how I fancied her!

I began picturing this lady’s noble air
of command. The cool authority of
her eye. The perfumed helmet of her hair.
Such hot thoughts!  Jeeze, I’m all steamed up for love!

Lady, I’d like to cover you with kisses!
Wild kisses! Are you ready for caresses
from head to foot, my charming chickadee?

If only, cruel temptress, you could try
to melt the glacier in your icy eye!
No? You mean you can’t spare a tear for me?

The Sexual Subversion of America (Part 2 )

An edited abridgement of E. Michael Jones’ 2003 essay, Rabbi Dresner’s Dilemma: Torah v. Ethnos, presented with pictures and captions by Lasha Darkmoon

der sturmer

Anti-Jewish cartoon from a German school book for children (c. 1935) alleging  the sexual exploitation of German women by Jewish men. 

8.  The sexually corrupted have now become the corrupters

The impression one gets by reading Rabbi Dresner’s book—Can Families Survive in Pagan America?—is that over the course of the twentieth century in America the Jews have suffered one of the greatest defeats in their history.

Dresner blames this defeat on assimilation, but the irony is that the Jews were corrupting America’s morals at the same time that they were undergoing moral corruption themselves by assimilating so successfully in America.

Assimilation means the adoption of pagan sexual mores of the sort that nearly destroyed the Israelites at the time of the Book of Kings. The Jews who came to America, who arrived from the Polish shtetls, arrived to find a ruling class more interested in Darwin than in Christ. They adopted the worst aspects of modernity and became both the corrupted and—because of their influence in the media—the corrupters simultaneously.

*          *          *

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 —    John Scott Montecristo, Editor

THE Sexual Subversion of America (Part 1)

An edited abridgement of E. Michael Jones’ 2003 essay, Rabbi Dresner’s Dilemma: Torah v. Ethnos, presented with pictures and captions by Lasha Darkmoon

“Sexual morality is contemptible. I advocate an incomparably freer sexual life…. If only Americans knew, we are bringing them the plague!” — Sigmund Freud

Here is a quote from Part 2 of this essay:

“A really efficient totalitarian state,” Aldous Huxley once noted, “would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude.”
A population of slaves will quickly swear its allegiance to what it sees as the source and guarantor of its pleasures.
These pleasures, in the form of the most addictive pornography, are now being promoted by organized Jewry as a form of political control. By demoralizing the masses, Jews help to weaken the power of the non-Jewish majority.

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Our End … and Then? by Darrell Wright [*POEM*]

“The last act is bloody, however fine the rest of the play. They throw earth over your head and it is finished for ever.”  — Pascal, Pensées

Mother brought us forth at birth
astride a yawning grave,
to teach us that we have
a soul—just one!—to save;
immortal—forever—or never—
one soul: our own.

Recall this when your chains—
self-forged—daily make you groan.
When scratching scabs of lust
upon your sordid bed,
remember you were made from dust—
and soon you will be dead.


Darrell Wright  has written several poems for this site. They may be read  here.

Always and Forever, by Gilbert Huntley [*POEM*]

Always and Forever

“Always and forever,” my lover said to me,
“Always and forever will I give my love to thee.”
Then I to her bestowed a kiss in token of reply
Knowing “always and forever” would amend
As time goes by.

That “always and forever” is a fantasy of rhyme
Becomes more clearly certain with the passages of time,
For flesh and blood does age and wilt—back to dust, again;
And where Always and Forever is—
No mortal can attain.

For “always and forever” is not for flesh and blood.
Always and Forever is a province of the gods;
And for the price of loving, they exact from us the pain
Of knowing “Always and forever” is
A promise made, in vain.

But, breaking not tradition, I bespoke the tale anew,
Saying “always and forever” would I, likewise, love her, too;
For the concept of Forever makes our love seem fine, and high,
So for always and forever will be told
The soothing lie.


Gilbert Huntley is a talented poet and American patriot about whom very little is known. He has provided us with no biographical details about his background, which makes us think that Gilbert is a very mysterious individual—a diver in deep seas—who has been to many strange places and done many strange things. One day, perchance, Gilbert will reveal all his dark secrets. 


For Jill Karlin

“The universe is not only stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine.”  — JBS Haldane

Christmas and New Year are a time for stock taking. People tend to make good resolutions during this period. Here is this author’s Christmas meditation. She dedicates it to her good friend Jill Karlin, an advanced yogini and visionary artist, who will probably understand what she is trying to say — better than this dimwitted mortal does herself!

Many years ago, the author of this meditation spent six months in the Himalayas where she received various rules of good conduct from her Indian guru, a sage of the Vaishnava school who lived in a Himalayan cave 10,000 feet above sea level and who claimed to be a distant disciple of the legendary saint Mahavatar Babaji.

It is of Babaji and related spiritual matters that this author now wishes to write.

Babaji, born in Tamil Nadu on 30th November 203 A.D., is said to have discovered the secret of immortal youth and to be “in constant communion with Christ”, according to Paramahansa Yogananda in his Autobiography of a Yogi. Though now 1,809 years old, Babaji is reported to resemble a handsome young man in the flower of his youth. Some say he is seldom seen nowadays except in the higher regions of the Himalayas, either meditating on the shores of Lake Manosarovar (15,000 feet above sea level) or on Mount Kailash (21,700 feet above sea level).

Though skeptics will naturally claim that Babaji is a mythical figure, he has in fact been seen in relatively recent times by a number of witnesses of unimpeachable reputation, including the sage savant Lahiri Mahasaya in 1861.

While walking in the hills of  Dunagiri above Ranikhet, Lahiri Mahasaya heard a voice calling his name. Following the voice up the mountain, he met a “tall, divinely radiant sadhu”, who, to his amazement, knew his name and everything about him.

Mahavatar Babaji told Lahiri Mahasaya that he was his guru in a past life, then initiated him into Kriya Yoga and told him to pass on his teachings to others. Though Lahiri wished to remain with Mahavatar Babaji, this was not possible because of the austere conditions under which Babaji was accustomed to live, subsisting on little or no food and at piercingly cold temperatures in rarefied atmospheres.

Many others eyewitnesses, mostly disciples of Lahiri Mahasaya, have reported meeting Babaji in the Himalayas in more recent times and speaking with him on various spiritual matters. These include Lahiri Mahasaya’s chief disciple, Sri Yukteswar, and several other religious teachers such as Pranabananda Giri, Kebalananda Giri, Keshabananda, and Ram Gopal Muzumdar. (See here)

Lahiri Mahasaya went on to have many further meetings with Mahavatar Babaji. These are recounted in several books, including Paramhansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi, where this unworthy author, aged 9, read of Babaji for the first time and instantly fell in love with his noble countenance.

said to be over 1,800 years old, and still living in the High Himalayas

However extraordinary all this may seem, it is possible to argue that Babaji’s longevity is not necessarily a miraculous event. It may have a scientific basis. It may well have been achieved through cryogenics or life lived at exceptionally low temperatures.

Evans-Wentz writes of the yogic condition of “suspended animation or yogically induced hibernation.” These are temperatures approaching absolute zero, less than −269 °C (4 Kelvin), a point at which helium liquefies and at which advanced yogis can continue to exist like mammoths trapped in ice. With one significant difference, however: the yogi is still alive, though barely ticking over, suspended in a dream state lasting several centuries in which both full consciousness and out-of-the-body travel is possible.

“A practiced yogi,” Dr Evans-Wentz tells us, “may hibernate for very long periods—according to some yogis for centuries.” (See W.Y. Evans-Wentz, Tibet’s Great Yogi Milarepa, p.193, n.1).

It was while this author was still in the High Himalayas, receiving instructions from her beloved guru, that she first heard of Tummo, a form of yoga deriving from Tibetan Buddhism. This explained much to her feeble and uninformed mind that had hitherto caused her much bewilderment. She learned that it was possible to sit naked in perennial snows, by frozen rivers, in temperatures that would turn a polar bear into a block of ice, and generate an inner heat that would make one’s body feel like a warm stove—with the sweat literally oozing from one’s pores and running down one’s limbs.

The essence of Tummo Yoga is the recognition that all external phenomena (i.e., the outer world) are simply mirror images of one’s own mind. The practice of this form of meditation has a strange byproduct: the ability to produce intense body heat. Miranda Shaw writes:

This energy generates warmth as it accumulates and becomes an inner fire or inner heat (candālī) that burns away the dross of ignorance and ego-clinging.

— Miranda Shaw, Passionate Enlightenment: Women in Tantric Buddhism. Princeton University Press. p. 31.

In an old travel book written by a German scholar full of of esoteric lore, this curious passage will be found:

I also heard a great deal about Thumo, a combination of meditation and a particular breathing technique by means of which Tibetan yogis increase their bodily temperature. Thumo is supposed to render the yogi capable of meditating for days on end almost naked in a cold cell, or even in snow and ice, without any ill effects. Furthermore, so I was assured by Tibetans who had mastered this Yoga method, Thumo produces a gratifying sensation of lightness. Those who have learned the art of Thumo sometimes wear nothing but a single cotton garment known as a repa. Such yogis are called Repa after this garment; Mila Repa, the great poet, was one of them.

Where the Gods are Mountains: Three Years among the people of the Himalayas, by Rene von Nebesky-Wbjkowitz, translated from the German by Michael Bullock, p.227.

Tummo yoga… meditating in the snow (Pyrennes)

French explorer and expert on Tibetan Buddhism, Alexandra David-Neel, who died incidentally at the age of 101, had herself witnessed extraordinary yogic feats in the Himalayas. Writing of tummo yoga in the 1920s, she has this to say:

To spend the winter in a cave amidst the snows, at an altitude that varies between 11,000 and 18,000 feet, clad in a thin garment or even naked, and escape freezing, is a somewhat difficult achievement.

[This] is kept secret by the lamas who teach it.

Upon a frosty winter night, those who think themselves capable of victoriously enduring the test are led to the shore or a river or lake. If all of the streams are frozen a hole is made in the ice. A moonlight night with a hard wind blowing is usually chosen.

The neophytes sit on the ground, cross legged and naked. Sheets are dipped in the icy water, each man wraps himself in one of them and must dry it on his body. As soon as the sheet has become dry, it is again dipped in the water and placed on the novice’s body to be dried as before. This operation goes on until daybreak.

It is said some dry as many as forty sheets in one night.

It is difficult to get a perfectly correct idea about the extent of the results obtained through tummo training, but these feats are genuine. Hermits really do live naked, or wearing one single thin garment during the whole winter in the high regions I have mentioned. It has been said that some members of the Mount Everest expedition had an occasional glimpse of these naked anchorites.

—    Alexandra David-Neel, Magic and Mystery in Tibet

In the 1980s a group of scientists from Harvard Medical School, led by Dr Herbert Benson, went to study tummo yoga in Tibet. The scientists attached temperature sensors to the monks’ bodies. They discovered, to their surprise, that the temperature of the monks’ fingers and toes immediately shot up by as much as 15 degrees Fahrenheit, though their internal temperatures remained normal.

Tibet’s greatest yogi Milarepa is said to have been among the first to discover tummo yoga and to have practiced it while meditating in different caves in the mountains of Tibet. He passed it on to his student Gampopa. Gampopa in turn passed it on to his various disciples and it is in this way, through the student-teacher relationship, that these methods of ancient esoteric practice have been kept alive.

Modern western witnesses of this practice include not only the French explorer and Tibetan savant Alexandra David-Neel, but also Lama Anagarika Govinda and anthropologist Dr. John Crook.

During this author’s long sojourn among the snow peaks several years ago, in the company of her beloved guru and a handful of other aspirants to enlightenment, she was to witness many strange events and learn many secrets which she is forbidden to disclose. Enlightenment she did not herself achieve, though others apparently did so. All this author managed to do was to write a few poems, the bulk of which remain unpublished. These poems are of a mystical nature and she is at a loss to understand them, let alone know what to do with them. They are called, provisionally, Ten Canticles of the Angel Ayesha, and were written at lightening speed one after the other, as if to dictation. These ten prose poems, written in a semi-trance over ten days, were couched in a strange archaic language akin to seventeenth-century English, not unlike the prose found in the King James Version of the Bible.

Completely unconnected with the Ten Canticles, but written during the same transcendental period of rapture in the high Himalayas, in the flight from the alone to the Alone, was this short poem that has already been published here.

The original title, The Garden of Earthly Delights was later changed to Magic Kingdom.

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