America in Humilistan: Apocalypse Yesterday, Apocalypse Tomorrow

As mothers throw their babies over barbed wire fences to their erstwhile invaders, the big question is: ‘How fast can we run?’

By Lasha Darkmoon
August 23, 2021
(Includes 12-minute video)


“America is a mistake, a giant mistake!” wailed Sigmund Freud long ago. Perhaps Papa Sigmund was on to something. Recent events have borne him out. Because please take note: the current situation in Afghanistan is Saigon 1975 on steroids.  America’s ignominious retreat from Vietnam 45 years ago looks like a nun’s picnic in comparison. It is humiliation writ large. Read More

UN Report:Taliban conducting ‘targeted door-to-door visits’

PressTV – Aug 20, 2021 — via Truthseeker
(Short video added by Darkmoon site)

Taliban fighters stand guard near an Ashura procession
along a road in Herat, Afghanistan, on August 19, 2021.

A secret UN document says Taliban militants now ruling Afghanistan are “intensifying” efforts to hunt down elements that collaborated with US and NATO forces despite pledges of general amnesty by the group. Read More

Six Things You Need to Know About Afghanistan and the Taliban

Trouble lies ahead. Big trouble. The storm has only just begun.

By Marc Vandepitte
Global Research
August 18, 2021

Presented by Lasha Dakmoon
with pictures, captions and  commentary

1. Monstrous covenant with jihadis

The story starts in 1979. Afghanistan had a left-wing government, which of course was not to the liking of the US. 

Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Carter’s adviser, devised the plan to arm and train jihadists–then still called mujahideen–in Afghanistan. The aim was to provoke a Soviet invasion, in order to saddle Moscow with a Vietnam-like scenario.

Carter followed Brzezinski’s  advice and provided the mujahideen the necessary help. The plan worked. The government in Kabul ran into difficulties and asked the Kremlin for help. The Afghan quagmire forced the Soviet Union to remain in the Central Asian country for ten years. Read More