Life in the American Gulags

Prisons are the prototypes for the future community at large. Life outside prison will soon resemble life in prison.

An edited abridgment by Lasha Darkmoon of Chris Hedges’ The Prison State of America.

Introductory note by Lasha Darkmoon


We all know that the economy of Stalin’s Judeo-Bolshevik terror state was based on slave labor in the Siberian gulags, with tens of millions of innocent people being incarcerated and worked to death.

We also know that Stalin’s Soviet Union was essentially a Jewish regime, and that not only top government officials but that those who ran and staffed the slave labor camps known as “gulags” were mostly Jews. Witness Lazar Kaganovich, the so-called “Wolf of the Kremlin”.

It would seem that the same system of cruel exploitation of the masses has now taken root in neo-bolshevik America, another country run by Jews, and that Jewish-owned corporations such as Goldman Sachs are helping to turn America into one vast gulag. This time it is a capitalist gulag, however, not a communist one. 

There is another striking difference between the Soviet gulag system and its American counterpart: a concerted attempt is now being made in America not only to make life an exploitative hell for prisoners but to replicate those oppressive conditions within American society at large—by making life equally hellish for the teeming masses outside prison  who are doing their best to survive in an Israelified police state

The incarcerated poor have become the nation’s most exploited workers,” Chris Hedges notes bleakly. “They are the prototype drones for the corporate totalitarian state…. Life outside prison walls will soon resemble life in prison.” 

We now have in America a totalitarian government, essentially run by Jews, in which the worst aspects of Communism have been combined with the worst aspects of Capitalism. Worse still, it has been cleverly disguised as a democracy. If there is one word to describe this system of misrule and organized chaos, based on the methodical enslavement of the masses in a vast prison state where even torture is freely practiced, it would  be “hellocracy” — the rule of Satan.

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