Fallout from Paris attacks: UK on alert to crack down on anti-Semitism

British politicians are now seeking unprecedented new powers to snoop on internet sites such as ours. Our days as a viable website are probably numbered. Lasha has been advised by an anxious friend, “Stop writing these articles you keep writing! It’s no longer safe!”
— Editor 
John Scott Montecristo

Comments in italics by Pandora Pushkin 

UK HOME SECRETARY THERESA MAY:  "Please don't leave Britain—we love you!"
Please don’t leave Britain—we love you!

British Home Secretary Theresa May said she “never thought I’d see the day” when members of the Jewish community would be “fearful” of remaining in the UK.

She pledged to introduce more police patrols in key Jewish areas, including synagogues and schools, after counter-terror officers warned of a “heightened concern” about the safety risk to the Jewish community. Read More