Bobby Fischer: The Chess Genius Who Hated Jews

Bobby Fischer is the best example of the ‘self-hating Jew’ at his most extreme, sounding almost pathological in his antisemitic ravings. 

Originally published on
October 20, 2019

Edited by Lasha Darkmoon
with commentary and minor additions including a video.

(Republished on Truthseeker)


“They’re lying bastards. Jews were always lying bastards throughout their history. They’re a filthy, dirty, disgusting, vile, criminal people … These God-damn Jews have to be stopped! They’re a menace to the whole world!”  — Radio Interview, March 10, 1999  Read More

Is Antisemitism Dead? A Philosophical Consideration

by Andrew Lowden

Published on The Occidental Observer, 13 September 2018

LD:  The importance of this article cannot be overestimated. Kudos to Kevin MacDonald and The Occidental Observer for bringing it to our attention.  It is hoped that the more extreme, diehard antisemites who hover round this website like demented dung flies will have the good sense not to attack the writer of this article or The Occidental Observer for publishing it. Constructive criticism is welcome, but crude ad hominem attacks on individual writers we publish and obviously respect will no longer be tolerated here.

“The remarkable thing about anti-Semitism is that there is an overwhelming similarity in the complaints made about Jews in different places and over very long periods of historical time.” — Kevin MacDonald, Separation and Its Discontents

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Web of Deceit: The Jewish Puppet Masters Behind World War II

Edited by Lasha Darkmoon

LD:  This is a revised and updated version of an article published over five years ago on other websites under a different title. I have added bits and pieces to the original text (and made some cuts) in an attempt to clarify and strengthen the author’s original arguments. It is my sincere hope that Jason Collett, with whom I have now lost contact, will approve of the changes I have made.  [LD]


It was these three powerful individuals, the winners of WWII, who decided to carve up the world between them by manufacturing pretexts for a catastrophic world war that would claim 60-80 million lives, roughly 3 per cent of the world’s population, and reduce Germany to a wasteland of rubble. Behind them, lurking in the shadows, stood their Jewish Puppet Masters, egging them on and telling them exactly what they had to do. Read More