Britain’s Jewish Communist Traitors

. . . by Francis Carr Begbie

Sourced from the Occidental Observer
with notes and comments by Lasha Darkmoon

LD: Our American readers are intelligent enough to know that Britain is in many ways America’s 51st state and that both our countries are now firmly under Jewish control, as is the European Union (EU).

Americans are also aware that the US has had more Jewish spies undermining America’s security than spies from any other ethnic group. What is little known is that Britain, too, has had an enormous number of Jewish spies—many of them Jewesses—eating way at the foundations of Britain like rats under the floorboards.

This article by Francis Carr Begbie throws light on this murky subject, explaining how the Jew-dominated British establishment has done its best to suppress these facts and even glamorize the Jewish traitors in their midst.   Read More