Arthur Schopenhauer: The Pessimist Philosopher Who Hated Existence

LD: Schopenhauer was a brilliant German philosopher (1788-1860), but he is also the ultimate pessimist and misanthrope, more so perhaps than anyone else who has ever lived. Disillusioned by Christianity, he found refuge in Buddhism and Vedanta. He hated Jews, women, noise, and most of the people around him. This stimulating article is Part 1 of Schopenhauer and Judeo-Christian Life-Denial by Thomas Dalton, PhD., recently published on the Occidental Observer. I have added a 9-minute video on Schopenhauer’s worldview at the end of this article. Try not to miss it. [LD]


“This world is the worst of all possible worlds. . . . Consequently, the world is as bad as it can possibly be, if it is to exist at all. ” — Arthur Schopenhauer, The World as Will and Representation, vol.2, p. 584

“In my 17th year I was gripped by the misery of life, as the Buddha had been in his youth when he saw sickness, old age, pain and death. The truth was that this world could not have been the work of an all loving Being, but rather that of a devil, who had brought creatures into existence in order to delight in their sufferings.” — Arthur Schopenhauer  

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