The Old Testament: For and Against — A debate between Christopher Jon Bjerknes and Lasha Darkmoon (Part 1)

This 2-part article gives you the two sides of the Old Testament debate: for and against.

In Part 1, Christopher John Bjerknes launches an all-out attack on the Old Testament and tell you why he thinks this is an evil and dangerous book. Bjerknes can be described as an unabashed and indeed virulent anti-Semite.  He takes the line that the Jews themselves are an evil race, without any redeeming features, and that the Old Testament is one of the earliest manifestations of that intrinsic evil.  

In Part 2 of the article, Lasha Darkmoon attempts to counter these extreme views and puts in a good word for the Old Testament. She points out that Christianity rises out of the soil of Judaism and that any radical rejection and repudiation of the Old Testament leaves Christianity in ruins. The Bible, she also argues, is the holy book of 2.1 billion Christians: they cannot all be wrong to read the first half of the Bible, the Old Testament, with respect and appreciation.  

Readers are welcome to listen to both sides of the argument and make up their own minds.

— Editor John Scott Montecristo  

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