Caring for a Mother Ravaged by Dementia — ‘I was happy when she died’

The Daily Mail, 8 July 2019

Published as  ‘Why all I felt was relief when my mother died’

It sounds a callous confession. But in this utterly candid account, novelist Deborah Moggach dares to tell the truth about caring for a parent ravaged by dementia. Deborah Moggach said she didn’t cry when her mother Charlotte Hough died. The British novelist felt she had already lost the person she’d loved three years earlier to dementia. Her beloved mother  had been a lively, witty children’s writer and illustrator . . . but by the age of 80 she was getting increasingly odd in her ways.

British novelist Deborah Moggach shown with her mother Charlotte (top right) who had been jailed in 1984, aged 60,  for the mercy killing of an old lady who had pleaded for her help in committing suicide. Read More