Sensational New Book Savages Donald Trump As Locker Room Boy Unfit To Be President

According to Trump biographer Michael Wolff, the President is a 12-year-old boy in a man’s body who boasts that he doesn’t need Viagra — he needs a pill that does the opposite!

The Daily Mail

Here’s Michael Wolff, again. The remarkable reporter whose inside account of the Trump White House, Fire And Fury, sold an estimated two million copies within weeks of publication, is back — so soon! — with a sequel.

But while the author was actually given access to the corridors of power for his first volume, here he is on the outside. His principal source, Steve Bannon, had been peremptorily fired by Trump after Fire And Fury was published, complete with highly disobliging remarks about the President and his family from the man who had been his chief strategist.

This volume continues to use Bannon as its main source, and we are asked to take it on trust (a rare commodity in these circles) that he is still a reliable conduit of information about what is going on in the Oval Office. Read More