America Betrayed


America is going down the toilet bowl as a reckless President
drives us relentlessly toward Armageddon . . . 

“Trump was our last hope, but Trump turned out to be just another shameless liar and consummate Jew-controlled fraudster, so we’re definitely screwed.” — Harold Smith Read More

Trump finally caves in under intense Jewish Pressure


This 1400-word analysis of the Trump presidency by ‘Peter’ was posted this morning as a comment. We decided to delete the comment and run it as a feature article instead. As a committed member of the Alt-Right who voted for Trump, and who honestly believes that Trump started out with good intentions, Peter is certainly well qualified to give his informed opinion here.  

“After being elected and the attacks by the media didn’t let up,
Trump finally caved in. He has turned his back 180 degrees . . . “

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Under the Heel of the Rothschilds



“And one man, Donald Trump, is supposed to reverse all this?”
— Arch Stanton

That America is on “life support” has been clear for a long time—in fact, ever since the Swinging Sixties and the end of the Vietnam war. America’s rapidly deteriorating condition of the late seventies is what led to my search for what happened to the promise of “the American dream”.
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Trump to be Impeached For Treason? — An Interview with ‘The Saker’

“Will Donald Trump Survive the Storms Ahead? — An Interview with ‘The Saker’”EDITOR J.S. MONTECRISTO: This interview with ‘The Saker’ never took place. But as Lasha Darkmoon explains, every word spoken by the Saker here is an exact quote from the Saker’s own writings. 

“The Trump dream is probably over.
It was beautiful while it lasted.” — The Saker

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The Case Against Donald Trump: ‘Do Not Be Fooled!’

LD:  Harold Smith appears to have been a Trump supporter to start with, like so many others who couldn’t bear the idea of Hillary Clinton in the White House. Being a realist, however, Harold has weighed up the situation by examining the facts on the ground and has arrived at a disquieting conclusion. Trump is a fraudster, he believes, a corrupt politician who is most unlikely to “make America great again”. In fact, if the Iran situation is allowed to escalate, leading to an all-out war with Russia, the world could be heading for catastrophe — and Trump would be to blame for doing nothing to stop it.


in dialogue with Ungenius

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Palestinian Rage: Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem ‘will cause all-out war’

By Stanley L. Cohen

An 800-word excerpt from this article

Stanley L. Cohen is a New York lawyer and political activist who takes an anti-Zionist line in his defense of the Palestinian people and their rights. He sees Donald Trump’s support of Israel as morally indefensible. 


One need not be a soothsayer to note a steady unbroken pattern of Israel swallowing more and more of the occupied West Bank even as U.S. politicians, republican and democrats alike convene feel good peace conferences or wax on about the need for justice for Palestinians.
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Jews Throw Hissy Fit over Trump’s decision to crack down on illegal immigrants — ‘The Statue of Liberty weeps!’

Sourced from the Huffington Post

The “demonization” of Muslims and Mexicans recalls Jews’ treatment during the Holocaust, the center’s leader says.

“Today the Statue of Liberty weeps over President Trump’s discrimination. He is driving our nation over a moral cliff.” — Steven Goldstein, Political activist and Associate Professor at Rutger’s Law School.

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The Trump Speech That No One Heard


Donald Trump wants to fundamentally change U.S. foreign policy. The President-elect wants to abandon the destabilizing wars and regime change operations that have characterized US policy in the past and work collaboratively with countries like Russia that have a mutual interest in fighting terrorism and establishing regional security. Here’s an excerpt from the speech Trump delivered in Cincinnati on December 1, that presents Trump’s views on the topic: Read More

Storm clouds gather as hurricane Trump prepares to hit White House

Sourced from an article in the Daily Mail,
edited and abridged by Lasha Darkmoon
with additional notes and comments


Trump praises Brexit, dissses the EU, rubbishes Angela Merkel, speaks glowingly about Israel, and puts his Jewish son-in-law in charge of negotiating  a “peace deal” with the Palestinians. The CIA warns him to watch his step and “be very careful.”   Read More

Donald Trump In Danger (includes interview with Paul Craig Roberts)

The CIA is out to get Trump. If they can’t discredit and delegitimize him, they will almost certainly stage a coup and kill him sooner or later. (See controversial 32-minute video at end of article). Highly suspicious of the state’s own officially appointed bodyguards, Trump has now found it necessary to surround himself by his own carefully vetted security personnel. He feels safer at Trump Tower than in the White House. It’s come to that. 

The Establishment Is Trying To Steal The Presidency From Trump
And the Liberal-Left Is Helping

By Paul Craig Roberts

Reuters reports that 2,700 US troops accompanied by tanks are moving across Poland toward the Russian border. Col. Christopher Norrie, commander of the 3rd Armoured Brigade Combat Team, declared: “The main goal of our mission is deterrence and prevention of threats.” Apparently, the colonel is not sufficiently bright to realize that far from preventing threats, the force he is leading presents as a threat. And to no less a military power than Russia. Read More