In Defense of Donald Trump

By Peter Incognito


Donald Trump (pictured). ‘Not a fascist, but an alpha-male nationalist.’

The recently published article by Chris Hedges, The Revenge of the Lower Classes and the Rise of Fascism, is hopelessly misguided. From beginning to end, it is wrong in all its assumptions and in virtually every idea it puts forward.

I’m not going to address every false idea it advances,  just a few.

First, Trump is not a fascist, not that I think being a “fascist” makes someone a bad person. There may be a time and place for fascism, like in Europe in the thirties when the Jewish dominated Soviet Union was murdering tens of millions of Soviet citizens. Read More

The Revenge of the Lower Classes and the Rise of American Fascism

By Chris Hedges

sinclair-lewis-fascism-quoteCollege-educated elites, on behalf of corporations, carried out the savage neoliberal assault on the working poor. Now they are being made to pay. Their duplicity—embodied in politicians such as Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama—succeeded for decades. These elites, many from East Coast Ivy League schools, spoke the language of values—civility, inclusivity, a condemnation of overt racism and bigotry, a concern for the middle class—while thrusting a knife into the back of the underclass for their corporate masters. This game has ended. Read More

The Walking Dead–Donald Trump as an enemy of ‘Greater Israel’ living every day of his candidacy in Netanyahu’s crosshairs

Mark Glenn, 2016

Sourced from The Ugly Truth


Just as thunder, lightning, and wind announce an impending storm, likewise, certain political rumblings oftentimes dictate likely futures, and one of those very-likely ‘tomorrows’ figuring powerfully in world events may very well be a short speech by Sen. Marco Rubio following the assassination of one Donald J. Trump that might sound something like this–

‘There are no words, no condolences that suffice in expressing the grief that all Americans feel tonight at the terrible tragedy that’s taken place…On a political level, yes, Donald was my adversary, but there is no doubt that he was also a true American who believed in his country, and in the end, he paid the ultimate price for doing so. I for one will not allow his death to go in vain, but instead vow to all of you, the great people of America, that as President I will continue the work that Donald sought to accomplish in repairing this great country of ours. May Donald rest in peace and may God bless the United States of America…’

Read More

What Would Prophet Mohammad Do To Trump?

By Mahmoud El-Yousseph
December 15, 2015

donald-trump-banning-muslims-immigration-statement-twitter__oPtLeading GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump calling for “Total and Complete Ban on Muslims Entering US” is the worst public insult directed against Muslims I have ever heard in 40 years living in America.

He has even suggested that American Muslims be required to register in a database and having their mosques be put under surveillance or completely shut down. The proposal will affect US citizens visiting abroad and US Muslim soldiers returning back home from tours of duty and risking their lives. Read More

Trump — ‘No More Muslims In America!’

The world reels with shock as Trump says: “I am calling on a complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States!”



“We should definitely disallow any Muslims from coming in. Any of them. The reason is simple: we can’t identify what their attitude is…. We have no idea whether they love us or hate us or want to bomb us…. I am calling for a TOTAL AND COMPLETE  SHUTDOWN OF MUSLIMS ENTERING THE UNITED STATES!”  Read More