The Bolshevik Destroyers Have Been Targeting Small Businesses and Supply Chains

By Kyle Hunt
Renegade Tribune
June 3, 2020


First the coronavirus hoax was used as an excuse for the government to mandate the closing of many small businesses in the United States. Our supply chains were also severely disrupted as workers were not able to go do the jobs that keep America running. We were told that this was alright, since big government was handing out trillions of dollars to big banks and big businesses. We just needed to shelter in place and weather the storm, since safety is much more important than doing business. Read More

When the Shooting Starts

As race riots convulse America in 140 cities, Trump threatens the rioters with “vicious dogs and ominous weapons”.   

By Lasha Darkmoon
June 3, 2020


As race riots hit 140 American cities, President Trump decided to take control and talk tough. Addressing the governors of all the states where violence had escalated, the president urged them to get their acts together and taunted them for being “weak”. Unless they started cracking down hard on the rioters—if necessary shooting some of them for good measure—“you’ll end up looking like jerks.” Read More