The Migrant Invasion of Europe: Get Ready for Riots and the Abolition of the White Race


“Lasha Darkmoon explains why Angela Merkel has probably wrought greater damage to Germany and Europe as a whole than Hitler.” (Rixon Stewart, Truthseeker)

The material presented below, based on previous articles published in The Occidental Observer, will serve as a short introduction to an electrifying video which forms the centerpiece of this article. I am told the 19-minute video could be removed from YouTube any day soon. This is because of constant complaints about it from the Usual Suspects, particularly about the shockingly damning quote by Jewish activist Barbara Spectre which forms the climax of the video.   


§  “There will be riots in Germany soon… I always thought Merkel was a great leader… [but] what she’s done in Germany is insane, insane…”  — Donald Trump in video below, 13.35 ff.

§  “Merkel is at the risk of an imminent mental breakdown and now represents a danger to Germany.” — Hans-Joachim Maaz, top German psychiatrist and best-selling author Read More

Moscow’s Problem: Dealing with American Imbeciles and European Vassals

It is in the interests of Europe, as represented by France and Germany, to seek closer rapprochement and peace with Russia. Unfortunately, France and Germany are vassals of America — and America seems determined for all-out war.

. . . by Finian Cunningham

THE BIG THREE: HOLLANDE  (France), MERKEL (Germany), PUTIN (Russia)
HOLLANDE (France), MERKEL (Germany), PUTIN (Russia)

LD: It is in Europe’s interests to forge closer ties with Russia and not antagonize it. Unfortunately, Russia is unable to negotiate properly with Europe—in particular with Europe’s economic powerhouse Germany—since Europe in general and Germany in particular are now vassals of America. Meanwhile America, itself under Jewish domination, is led by neoconservatives hellbent on starting a war with Russia.

Note that the author of this article, Finian Cunningham, while arguing correctly that the Americans are impossible to reason with, fails to make the obvious point  that the root cause of the American soul sickness is that America itself has fallen under bondage to international Jewry and has become an Israeli colony.  Read More