Zionist Stooge Donald Trump Gives Full Backing to Israel’s Illegal Occupation of Golan Heights

By Moon of Alabama
March 22, 2019

Trump’s Golan Move Was Timed To Guarantee Netanyahoo’s Reelection

NETANYAHU : You wanna give me a nice gift? Give me the Golan Heights!
TRUMP : No problem! Just get me lotsa Jewish money for my re-election campaign!

The people who paid for Trump’s election campaign, foremost casino magnate and zionist Sheldon Adelson, want to keep the Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahoo in office. Netanyahoo is under investigation in several corruption cases and has a serious competitor in the upcoming general elections in Israel. Trump needs money for his re-election campaign and is willing to do anything to get it. Trump is colluding with Netayahoo to influence the Israeli election. It is the reason why he decided yesterday to claim that Israel has sovereignty over the Golan Heights. Read More