The New Iranian Crisis: E.Michael Jones interviewed by Press TV (video)

LD:  Don’t miss this interview whatever you do. E. Michael Jones is at his most eloquent here. I was deeply moved by  his moral indignation at the injustice done to Iran by this latest act of American aggression.  Jones does not mince his words or shy away from using the J-word, fearlessly pointing the finger of blame for this abomination on Israel and the cabal of malevolent Jews who run America through AIPAC and the media.

Trump is a tool of the Jews,  Jones tells us, and every patriotic American who is worth his salt will know that what Trump has done is not in American interests but in Israel’s interests alone.

Jones ends with the sobering reflection that Trump, at the end of his tether with stress,  may have been “tricked” into this appalling war crime by his Deep State advisors—their one and only aim being the destruction of Iran’s infrastructure on behalf of Israel.   

VIDEO   :   27-28 mins