Blowback in Manchester: Britain pays the price for the crimes of its own government in Libya

By John R. Bradley
in The Daily Mail

JOHN R. BRADLEY asks: Are we now paying the price for the chaos Cameron unleashed in Libya?

NATO’s decision to launch a ferocious bombing campaign to help Islamist rebels overthrow Colonel Gaddafi in 2011 hangs over Britain today like a toxic cloud. For the Manchester bomber, Salman Abedi, hailed from a Libyan family accused of being aligned to one of the many jihadist movements in that country.

(‘Blair Lied, Thousands Died
shaking hands with Colonel Gaddafi
who was later to die a horrendous death
thanks to British meddling in Libya
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False Flag in Manchester?

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Government assisted killing of their own citizens for political purposes has become a common pattern. The media are getting ever bolder in disguising such events as ‘Terror’, spreading fear. The public swallows these lies again and again.

THERESA MAY :  “Hi, Everyone! I’m British Prime Minister Theresa May, a vicar’s daughter and a regular churchgoer. I know I don’t look particularly evil, but I intend to kill 22 people and injure 59 others on May 22 and make it look like this was a dreadful atrocity committed by a Libyan terrorist. It goes without saying that bumping off a few school kids and blowing off a few arms and legs is no big deal for a good Christian like me!”   Read More

The Manchester Terror Attack — ‘Why Do They Hate Us So Much?’

My own immediate reactions to this latest terrorist attack are mixed. The less I say the better. So I invite commentary from our readers. Feel free to express your thoughts and ask the pertinent questions our cowardly media shy away from and refuse to address. This reminds me so much of the fatuous response to 9/11: “Why do they hate us so much?”  That’s a bit like Jack the Ripper asking: “Why am I so unpopular among prostitutes?” 

“Why am I so unpopular among prostitutes?”

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