In Defense of Benevolent Colonialism

By ‘White Warrior’


Disclaimer. It must not be assumed that we agree with this comment in its entirety just because we single it out for publication as a feature article. We publish it because it is well written and presents an intellectually defensible point of view. It questions the myth of the Noble Savage (pictured) and pushes the philosophy of the “White man’s burden”, i.e., the duty of the technologically and morally superior White man to improve the life of people in backward countries.

It has been argued, for example, with much plausibility, that India became a better country when the the British took over and abolished the cruel custom of suttee, the burning to death of widows after the death of their husbands. Similarly, the abolition of cannibalism in Africa is hardly something for which the Brits can be blamed. White Warrior’s comment falls into this category of critique. However politically incorrect, it constitutes an intellectually defensible point of view. Hence our reason for publishing it — as a matter for polite and intelligent discussion. (LD)

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