Has Donald Trump confounded his critics and routed his enemies?

Is Trump now all set for a Nobel prize like Obama? Has he “come up Trumps” at last, much to the delight of his most loyal supporters? Read this pro-Trump article and decide for yourself.

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Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump, Singapore, June 12, 2018  

Little more needs to be said about events in Singapore. Slings and arrows finally parked after a 65-year war in which millions died on a divided Korean peninsula where a nuclear slingshot was assembled and decommissioned.
The world was taken to the brink of war and then back again. That Donald J Trump will now become a Nobel Laureate is axiomatic however surprising such a sentence might be, but a second term as president, which is looking more likely by the day, may almost be as surprising. Read More

Eyeball to Eyeball: Trump And North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un Share The Kiss Of Peace

The Daily Mail

How long will the lovey-dovey act last? Will the smiles return to snarls at any moment? Or will Trump usher in a new golden age of peace and harmony between the US and a united Korea?  Trump is teetotal and loves Twitter. Kim swills fine wine and has banned the internet. But they do have one thing in common – “they both love a good execution” (Daily Mail, June 12). Read More

North Korea — Hurtling Toward ‘Fire and Fury’

By Jonathan Marshall
August 11, 2017 “Information Clearing House”

Under congressional and media pressure to confront U.S. “adversaries,” President Trump alarmed the world with rash rhetoric about inflicting “fire and fury” on North Korea, a frightening prospect, says Jonathan Marshall.

“Be prepared, there is a small chance that our horrendous leadership could unknowingly lead us into World War III.” – Donald Trump, August 31, 2013 Read More

North Korean Dictator Threatens To Nuke America If Trump Doesn’t Back Off

By Larisa Brown
Defense Correspondent

NORTH Korea warned yes­ter­day that it would pulverise the United States if it was at­tacked by Wash­ing­ton and ac­cused Don­ald Trump of push­ing the world to the brink of nu­clear war.

‘We’ll pulverize you all!”

Supreme leader Kim Jong-un’s mil­i­tary said there would be a mer­ci­less re­sponse to any act of war by the US Pres­i­dent in which no ag­gres­sors would sur­vive.
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