Pizzagate: Satanic Sex and Pedophilia in High Places

Is Pizzagate a hoax or is it for real? 


I have prefaced the 42-minute video featured below with our usual disclaimer. This doesn’t mean I necessarily disbelieve in the shocking events that form the basis of this bizarre sex exposé which has gone viral all over the internet recently. It’s just that I wish to remain totally neutral and let other people make up their minds. A certain amount of skepticism, I believe, is in order.

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Pizzagate is 100% Real — Why Is Media Lying? (Video, 8 mins)

LD:  This video will serve as a brief introduction to my article on the Pizzagate scandal which will be published tomorrow. In the opening paragraphs of my article I made it clear that I remained absolutely neutral about Pizzagate, equally prepared to believe in the authenticity of these shocking events as to believe it could all be a carefully orchestrated hoax. You, dear reader, are invited to make up your own mind: is Pizzagate for real or is it a hoax?