In Memory of Rachel Corrie


In Memory of Rachel Corrie

Like all things pure and precious
Like holy bread and wine
I love the radiant Rachel
Who died for Palestine.

Once through a green field drifting
In the doldrums of the day
Watching ravens peck out lambs’ eyes
In their cruel, gloating way:

I remembered, I remembered,
How those raptors vulturine
Seized the land and plagued the people
Of historic Palestine.

How the snipers on the rooftops,
Armed with Uzis, standing tall,
Splash the blood of little children
On the weeping classroom walls.

How the settlers spit on Christians
In the land where Jesus died,
And how those who do the spitting
Have the world upon their side.

How they bulldoze people’s houses
Till the roofs crash on their heads
And the women lie all broken
With their babies in their beds.

How the wolfish killers wander
Through a vale of endless tears
Shooting children in their faces

While the world stands by and cheers.

How the bright-eyed Rachel Corries
Lie in cemeteries dead
While the birds of prey grow fatter—
And the world just turns its head.

Christ, come back and save these children,
Put an end to all their pain!
Put an end to evil Zion!
Palestine, come back again!