The Little Boy on the Beach : Israeli-American Aggression Responsible for Invasion of Europe

The refugee crisis that threatens to inundate Europe with endless “swarms” of Third World immigrants must be blamed on the US, Israel, and the Nato countries fighting Israel’s wars. These are the refugee creators.

syrian-migrant-boy-turkeyBy John Kaminski

The image of the dead Syrian child lying inert on a Turkish beach choked up anyone who saw the image splayed over the front pages of every newspaper in Europe this week.

There, in stark, irrefutable relief, lay the indelible image of Jewish America’s cynical demolition of Syria.

This destruction of Syria, combined with the recent annihilation of the completely innocent and now destroyed country of Libya, has become the terrifying emblem of a U.S. foreign policy which conducts its murderous crimes at the behest of its Israeli masters and the oil companies who seek at all costs to run a pipeline through Syria.

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