The Mass Invasion of Europe by the Migrant Hordes
Recent excerpts from  selected News Reports
followed by a shocking YouTube video
October 5, 2021

Here they come . . . in unstoppable  numbers . . . when will it stop? 

The fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban has sent thousands of panicked Afghans scrambling to flee the country. But it has also panicked European politicians who are terrified of another mass movement of Muslim asylum seekers. They worry that new migrants will fan the embers of the far-right and populist movements that reshaped politics after a wave of asylum seekers from the wars in Syria and Iraq made their way to Europe in 2015. Read More

ISIS terrorists sneak into Europe disguised as ‘refugees’

Sourced from RT: 5,000 ISIS militants trained in Syria & Iraq walk free in Europe – Europol

Pictures, captions and brief commentary by Lasha Darkmoon

Supporters of anti-immigration right-wing movement PEGIDA protest in Cologne


LD:  5000 ISIS terrorists are believed to have slipped into Europe, using forged Syrian passports. It makes you wonder: how many of the so-called “refugees” responsible for the 1049 crimes committed in Cologne on New Year’s Eve were ISIS terrorists in disguise?  

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