What Russia Hopes To Achieve In Syria: The Saker’s viewpoint

downloadThe Saker has dismissed as “crap” the story we published a few days ago entitled “Exclusive: Russia Threatens To Shoot Down Israeli Jets Over Syria,” a story that went viral all over the internet.  The Saker seems anxious to present Israel in a more favorable light as a responsible nation that is far too “smart” and “pragmatic” to get itself into a humiliating imbroglio with Russia.

He writes: “Moscow has no hostile plans towards Israel whatsoever and, by all accounts, the Russians and Israeli officials get along famously, if only because both sides are smart and pragmatists (they don’t need a love fest, they need responsible behavior).”

In the following article, the Saker presents an overall picture of the current situation in Syria with the practiced eye of a military expert.  (LD) Read More