Ukraine’s Tragicomedy — Made in the USA

by Justin Raimondo

A map of Ukraine with the region of Crimea highlighted. The callout mentions that Crimea was transferred from Russia to Ukraine in 1954.
A map of Ukraine with the region of Crimea highlighted. The callout mentions that Crimea was transferred from Russia to Ukraine in 1954.

Remember that “imminent” Russian invasion of Ukraine that was supposed to take place over a year ago? Well, it’s still “imminent”!

President Poroshenko has just announced that the Russians are about to undertake a “full-scale” invasion of his country and that therefore the military budget must be increased, while “traitors” who refuse to be drafted – and who persist in criticizing his government – must be dealt with harshly.

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Ukrainians Dispossessed: Americans are next

Mass poverty is on the way. The government is about to steal your pensions and stop all welfare payments. Dystopia is round the corner. 


Over the last 15 months Ukrainians have paid for Washington’s overthrow of their elected government in deaths, dismemberment of their country, and broken economic and political relationships with Russia that cost Ukraine its subsidized energy. Now Ukrainians are losing their pensions and traditional support payments. The Ukrainian population is headed for the graveyard.

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Why the US is Finally Talking to Russia

 . . . by Pepe Escobar

VICTORIA NULAND The Jewess who is in charge of American foreign policy
The Jewess who is in charge of American foreign policy

“So a woman walks into a room…” —  That’s how quite a few jokes usually start. In our case, self-appointed Queen of Nulandistan Victoria “F**k the EU” walks into a room in Moscow to talk to Russian deputy foreign ministers Sergei Ryabkov and Grigory Karasin. Read More

Who pulls the strings of Femen and Pussy Riot?

. . . by Francis Carr Begbie

Christmas is a wonderful time at the Paris city centre church of La Madeleine. The magnificent vaulted ceilings echo to the sounds of baroque organ music and the choir rehearsing for the famous Christmas Eve concerts.  But mainly it is a haven where generations of devout Catholics sit, pray and re-charge their spiritual batteries.

Then on December 20, 2013, it became the scene of an obscenity. A young woman, naked to the waist apart from a blue veil, marched to the altar and proceeded to enact an “abortion” using a calf’s liver as a foetus. Then while screaming pro-abortion slogans she proceeded to urinate on the altar.  After striking defiant poses for photographers she walked calmly back out.

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Putin As Rescuer: Will He Deliver Us From The Evil Empire?

“In the interests of world peace, it would be the best possible outcome if the US were decisively defeated in the coming war between East and West.” — Lasha Darkmoon


This is an edited abridgement, with commentary by Lasha Darkmoon, of a major new article by Rostislav Ishchenko called What Does Putin Want? According to the Saker, on whose website the article first appeared, this is the best article he has read on the Ukraine situation — “a masterpiece: a comprehensive analysis of the geostrategic position of Russia.” Read More

Putin Smiles as Ukraine Unravels

An edited abridgement by Lasha Darkmoon
of this article by Justin Raimondo


Lasha Darkmoon notes. “The US-backed Poroshenko government in Kiev is facing its biggest problem: no one in western Ukraine, the region under its control, is willing to fight and die for it.

Nor are these ordinary Ukrainians willing to attack and kill their ethnic brethren in the rebel-controlled regions of eastern Ukraine. “We’ve had enough of this war!” they cry, and are either deserting Poroshenko’s army in droves or fleeing across the border into Russia for protection.

Naturally Vladimir Putin has reason to smile as the Kiev regime, increasingly perceived as an American puppet, slowly unravels before his eyes.”           Read More

Moscow’s Problem: Dealing with American Imbeciles and European Vassals

It is in the interests of Europe, as represented by France and Germany, to seek closer rapprochement and peace with Russia. Unfortunately, France and Germany are vassals of America — and America seems determined for all-out war.

. . . by Finian Cunningham

THE BIG THREE: HOLLANDE  (France), MERKEL (Germany), PUTIN (Russia)
HOLLANDE (France), MERKEL (Germany), PUTIN (Russia)

LD: It is in Europe’s interests to forge closer ties with Russia and not antagonize it. Unfortunately, Russia is unable to negotiate properly with Europe—in particular with Europe’s economic powerhouse Germany—since Europe in general and Germany in particular are now vassals of America. Meanwhile America, itself under Jewish domination, is led by neoconservatives hellbent on starting a war with Russia.

Note that the author of this article, Finian Cunningham, while arguing correctly that the Americans are impossible to reason with, fails to make the obvious point  that the root cause of the American soul sickness is that America itself has fallen under bondage to international Jewry and has become an Israeli colony.  Read More

Paul Craig Roberts – The World Is Now On The Cusp Of Total War

As the world grows increasingly concerned about the fighting in Ukraine, especially in the aftermath of a large bomb being detonated last night, former US Treasury official Dr. Paul Craig Roberts warned that the world is now on the cusp of total war.

KWN-Roberts-X-292015At this time we do not know the outcome of the meeting in Moscow between Merkel, Hollande, and Putin.

The meeting with Putin was initiated by Merkel and Hollande, because they are disturbed by the aggressive position that Washington has taken toward Russia and are fearful that Washington is pushing Europe into a conflict that Europe does not want. Read More

Anti-Putin Propaganda is not working

By Mike Whitney


Anyone who follows the news regularly, knows that the media has done everything in its power to smear Vladimir Putin and to demonize him as a tyrant and a thug. Fortunately, most people aren’t buying it.

Yes, I’ve seen the polls that say that Putin and Russia are viewed “less favorably” than they were prior to the crisis in Ukraine. In fact, here’s a clip from a recent PEW survey which seems to prove that I’m wrong:

“Across the 44 countries surveyed, a median percentage of 43% have unfavorable opinions of Russia, compared with 34% who are positive. Negative ratings of Russia have increased significantly since 2013 in 20 of the 36 countries surveyed…” Read More

Russia Rising

Russia is on the way up, America on the way down. Will Washington start a major new war in a desperate attempt to reverse its decline and deal a death blow to its increasingly confident competitor? 


An edited abridgment of Dmitri Orlov’s How to Start a War and Lose An Empirepresented with pictures, captions and comments by Lasha Darkmoon

A year and a half I wrote an essay on how the US chooses to view Russia, titled The Image of the Enemy. I was living in Russia at the time, and, after observing the American anti-Russian rhetoric and the Russian reaction to it, I made some observations that seemed important at the time. It turns out that I managed to spot an important trend, but given the quick pace of developments since then, these observations are now woefully out of date, and so here is an update.

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