Is Russia a Paper Tiger?

By Justin Raimondo

Paper tiger


According to Raimondo, Russia is a paper tiger. The Russians, he argues, don’t have any major weapons to wipe the floor with the US army. That’s just propaganda and lies put out by the US army itself to justify further increases to its already bloated military budget. “Help! Help! The Russian are coming!” they keep crying cry, hoping to see more money shoveled their way. Read More

Thou Shalt Not Kill: How American Soldiers Are Systematically Brutalized

by Chris Hedges

“I know why they do not tell us the truth about war. We have a volunteer Army. If people knew the truth it would decrease the numbers who want to join. I had been betrayed.” — Chris Hedges

hedgessoldier_590Specialist Robert Weilbacher (pictured) during an outing on Dobongsan Mountain in South Korea.

He says he would go to the picturesque area “to escape the military and clear my head.”

Another way he dealt with stress while stationed in South Korea was to meditate in Buddhist temples.  Read More