Political Correctness Gone Mad: 7-minute video

Note to the reader on off-topic material published on this website 

JSM:  As you have probably gathered by now, the main focus of our website is politics, with a special emphasis on Jewish power. However, we started off as a strictly poetry-and-translation website a few years ago and the word “Jew” was never once mentioned in the those days. Our readership was remarkably small; I doubt if we had more than six readers at that time. It is only since we branched out into politics, republishing some of Lasha Darkmoon’s political essays that had already appeared on other websites and been translated into various languages, that our readership grew. This persuaded us to publish less poetry and more politics.

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Jew Attacks “Dirty Goy” Christian on University Campus (9-minute video)

We will be back in harness tomorrow with more serious political commentary after the Christmas break. 

Meanwhile, here is a must-watch video of a psychopathic, homosexual, atheistical Jew having a hissy fit on campus at the University of California, Berkeley. He blames Christianity and White people for everything he doesn’t like. If anyone belongs in a mental institution, it’s this raving lunatic. 

9-minute video

Spanish Guitar (6-minute video)

With full acknowledgements to Red Onions for submitting this beautiful video in a previous comment. I’m posting this here so that we can all chill out a bit and catch up on our reading and reflections. Please use this thread for any off-topic comments you wish to make, or to post your own poems and philosophical musings. Alternatively, if you prefer to be serious, feel free to continue with your discussions on the dangerous situation brewing in Syria between the Russians and the Turks. (LD)   

Bhaja Govindam — Video (16 mins.)


Shankara (c.788—c.820 CE) is among the most highly revered sages of India, ranking second only to Gautama Buddha in his influence. He represents  the flowering of the Vedanta school of Hindu philosophy, the last of six schools which developed from extremely ancient foundations. His system of thought is known as advaita, or nondualism. Its central theme is an examination of the relation between Brahman, the divine power of the cosmos, and atman, the individual human self.

Anyone who is interested in quantum physics would do well to study Vedanta, for the two are closely connected, though the motive force behind each discipline is quite different. Quantum physics is primarily  concerned with the quest for Ultimate Reality, whereas Vedanta, like Buddhism, is more concerned with the moral perfection of man and the cessation of suffering. 

One of Shankara’s  greatest hymns, featured here in this 16-minute devotional video, is the Bhaja GovindamFor a complete transcript of the hymn in Sanskrit with an English translation, together with a brief account of the life and teachings of Shankara by Srila Prabhupada, click here.  [LD]


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