Nietzsche’s Jewish Problem

Essential reading
(Work of reference)

. . . by Andrew Joyce, Ph.D.

Introductory Note by Lasha Darkmoon

f809147a07c37dafd5256d1af2e0cd69This 2-part article (6,750 words)  is sourced from the Occidental Observer and is published here as an invaluable work of reference. An alternative title for the article would be, Nietzsche’s Conversion: How Nietzsche did a Dramatic U-turn from Anti-Semite to Philosemite.

The article, which takes the form of a book review,  is of value not only for what it reveals about Nietzsche’s attitude to the Jews but for the penetrating light it sheds on the Jews themselves and the remarkable stranglehold they had acquired over Germany even before their full emancipation there in 1871.  Read More