Rape Jihad: Dark Days for Europe (Part 1 of 2)

Dr Lasha Darkmoon
Published yesterday on the Occidental Observer


Consider these questions:

Do you help to solve the migrant rape crisis in Europe by eating pork, growing beards, and parading round the streets in miniskirts when you’re a man? Does it make sense to give “flirtation lessons” to the same migrants who are sexually assaulting European women in ever increasing numbers? Is it wise to help hostile migrants to “integrate” by giving them target-practice training, turning them into first-class snipers?  

These are some of the more surrealistic aspects of the migrant rape crisis in Europe which I hope to cover in this 2-part essay. 

The Race Traitor

ANGELA MERKEL, dressed in a Muslim headscarf,
the woman most often blamed for the migrant crisis in Europe
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White Genocide

by Greg Johnson

B9xCtRqCcAEhjZzLast week we published Greg Johnson’s White Extinction, an article which proved very popular. Today we publish Greg’s White Genocide, which can be regarded as the sequel.  White genocide, in contrast to White extinction, involves premeditated murder by  a specific enemy. So the questions that naturally arise are: Who exactly are trying to destroy the White race? How and why are they doing it? And what can be done to stop it? [LD] 
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