Israel’s ‘Operation Protective Edge’ : Barbaric human sacrifice taking place in Gaza’s real-life Apocalypto

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Rivers of Blood: The Massacre of Innocents in Gaza (video)

To listen to this moving 5-minute video of Patrick Willis (‘The Snordster’) reporting on the ongoing massacre of the Palestinians in Gaza . . .

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The Enemy of Mankind — by Arch Stanton

What is mankind expected to do when faced with the “Enemy of Mankind”? Is this what it all boils down to in the end: kill or be killed?

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indexLest this account be difficult to accept, one should read Thomas Goodrich’s unforgettable exposé Hellstorm to see what Jews are capable of doing to a hated, conquered race.

What the Jews did to the Germans after World War II was far worse than any of the horrors inflicted on the nations of Europe by Genghiz Khan, or on the Jews themselves by Adolf Hitler — even if we accept the dubious premise that a holocaust of six million Jews in gas chambers actually took place. Continue reading

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When lies turn into madness

When Lies Turn Into Madness, by John Kaminski

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World War 3, anyone? — by John Kaminski

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