The peace they promise is neverending war

“Throughout its history, but even more vividly in recent days, the United States has revealed itself to be a warmongering liar, with a president who is a proven criminal directing a heartless staff of homicidal maniacs, invading one defenseless country after another, blaming others for crimes the U.S. commits, and wreaking destruction and chaos that kills innocent people in one-sided wars that never seem to end…” — John Kaminski

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Heroism Required

An extract from JB Campbell’s latest article, Heroism Required

Any American who enters another country carrying a weapon with intent or readiness to kill is a criminal. Anyone who actually kills someone is a war criminal. Anyone who now regrets committing crimes for the DC gangsters has to deal with it in his or her own way. If you’re going to do any more killing, don’t kill yourself. Kill the ones who took advantage of your youth and ignorance and sent you to kill for them. They need killing, not you. (more…)

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ISIS: a Frankenstein monster created by the US and Israel

10530882_10203744551993189_3262620492132671210_nISIS is terrorist organization controlled and financed by the US and Israel in order to destabilize the Middle East and advance Israeli interests. 

They call themselves Islamic State (IS). They pretend to be a new caliphate.

But their behavior is radically un-Islamic… even satanic. And their so-called caliphate is actually a false-flag operation against Islam. (more…)

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