When we start to sing, we start to win!

By Alison Chabloz


LD: Alison Chabloz, British patriot and political activist, is facing a possible jail sentence in Britain for composing and singing satirical songs which she uploaded to the Internet. These songs gave no offense to most people I know; they did, however, ruffle the feathers of a particular Jew who allegedly represents the entire Jewish community in Britain, namely, one Gideon Falter (pictured here). (more…)

The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution and Russia’s Early Soviet Regime


(Major reference work : 6000 words)

Begin at TOP RIGHT (date 1900) and proceed clockwise to 1929
when Stalin became supreme dictator of the Soviet Union

LD:  It is important to note that Jews made up roughly 82% of the Bolshevik government in 1917 when the Russian Revolution began. This was a revolution instigated entirely by international Jewry, with Jacob Schiff in America playing a predominant role in helping to fund and kickstart the revolution with the help of Lenin who was at least one-quarter Jewish. Of the 545 officials in the Bolshevik government in 1917, as many as 447 were Jews. In 1917, however, Jews made up only 1.8 per cent of the population of Soviet Russia.


Meet the Zionist Puppet who takes Orders from his Jewish Son-in-Law

Trump’s Transition Team Colluded With Israel
via Information Clearing House

Trump has let his Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner dictate his foreign policy to him in regard to the expansion of Jewish settlements. It seems Trump not only doesn’t mind more illegal settlements being built on Palestinian land, he actually approves of them. He is Netanyahu’s man, Adelson’s man, Kushner’s man—only too happy to play fairy godmother to all the Jews around him. [LD]

“Anything you want, Jared, just ask!”


Anger Erupts as Trump Declares Jerusalem Israel’s Eternal Capital

Has Trump been blackmailed by Mossad
into handing over Palestine to Israel on a platter?

By Julian Borger (Washington)
and Peter Beaumont (Jerusalem)
The Guardian, 7 December, 2017 

The main article and the seven selected comments that follow have all been abridged by Lasha Darkmoon. Only the highlights have been presented and the minor details omitted. In each case, links have been provided to the eight original sources. (more…)

Donald Trump has lost all credibility by his outrageous behavior


LEFT: Jayda Fransen, a virulently anti-Muslim ‘White Nationalist’ extremist, is the Deputy Leader of a banned right-wing racist party in Britain called ‘Britain First’. A little research on the internet reveals that ‘Britain First’ is not a bona fide White Nationalist party consisting of genuine British patriots who are rightly concerned with checking out-of-control mass immigration. On the contrary, it appears that ‘Britain First’ is a Zionist front whose two leading lights, Chairman Paul Golding and Deputy Leader Jayda Fransen, are both ultra-Zionist crypto-Jews. (more…)

Progress Report on the US-Russian War

The Unz Review

I am often asked if the US and Russia will go to war with each other. I always reply that they are already at war. Not a war like WWII, but a war nonetheless. This war is, at least for the time being, roughly 80% informational, 15% economic and 5% kinetic. But in political terms the outcome for the loser of this war will be no less dramatic than the outcome of WWII was for Germany: the losing country will not survive it, at least not in its present shape: either Russia will become a US colony again or the AngloZionist Empire will collapse. (more…)

America Betrayed


America is going down the toilet bowl as a reckless President
drives us relentlessly toward Armageddon . . . 

“Trump was our last hope, but Trump turned out to be just another shameless liar and consummate Jew-controlled fraudster, so we’re definitely screwed.” — Harold Smith (more…)

Is Washington the Most Corrupt Government in History?

by Paul Craig Roberts

“Think about this. The bin Laden story, including 9/11, is fake from start to finish…. Where is there any evidence that the United States is a functioning democracy?” — Paul Craig Roberts

November 29, 2017.  Robert Mueller, a former director of the FBI who is working as a special prosecutor “investigating” a contrived hoax designed by the military/security complex and the DNC to destroy the Trump presidency, has yet to produce a scrap of evidence that Russiagate is anything but orchestrated fake news. As William Binney and other top experts have said, if there is evidence of Russiagate, the NSA would have it. No investigation would be necessary. So where is the evidence? (more…)

Shadow of the Future


The real world remains hidden by the lies that wreck our lives

How many of them were psychopaths and war criminals?

Just imagine if we have to deal with presidents for the next 24 years who are of the same caliber as our most recent past three White House residents — Clinton, Bush II and Obama, all of them psychotic poseurs linked to sex deviance.(1) Simply reflect upon the moral and psychological decline that occurred during the quarter century of their administrations, and consider the depth of depravity we will reach if our next three presidents continue to erode society with their own similar versions of immorality.


Shock News: Female IDF Soldiers Work As Weekend Prostitutes In Tel Aviv Brothels

They even earn extra cash ‘servicing’ Arab clients in kinky massage parlors.

An edited abridgement of an article in the Jerusalem Post, containing additional commentary by Lasha Darkmoon and an extended footnote called “Sex Slavery in Israel”. 

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“The situation is enough to make you cry in despair, or vomit from shame.” — Jewish author David Weinberg in an article called Not So Holy Land, quoted below.

The Miraculous Power of Placebos

‘The Daily Mail’

Abridged by Lasha Darkmoon

This is by an Oxford academic who has spent 10 years researching the healing power of these wonder pills. Even when you KNOW they are placebos they work wonders—and fake operations can be just as effective as real ones.

‘Placebo’  = ‘I will please’ in Latin. A fake pill or sham treatment that often works as effectively as the genuine pill or treatment, even when the patient has been told it IS a placebo. It has been shown that some antidepressants, such as prozac, are no better than placebos. [LD]