Kevin MacDonald Interview: “I’m not optimistic about the future of the West”

By Kevin MacDonald
The Occidental Observer
May 21, 2020


Reposted from Demokracija , an influential Slovenian political weekly, this interview with Kevin MaDonald provides an excellent insight into MacDonald’s seminal work and career. The interview concludes with the ominous suggestion that “there may be a civil war brewing in the United States”. 

“I’m not optimistic about the future of the West. Unless something drastic changes, the West as we know it will be destroyed.” Read More

Classic David Irving Interview by BBC’s David Frost Programme (1977) released from original archives

David Frost returns . . . . . The original archive tapes of the BBC’s David Frost Programme, in which Frost attempts before an invited audience on June 9, 1977 to destroy Mr Irving’s just-published book Hitler’s War – and fails, as the U.K. Press admits next day: Thank you, YouTube

Three cheers for David Irving! The sparks really fly in this electrifying interview in which Irving’s implacable enemies try to destroy his reputation as a historian but signally fail to do so. Irving remains relatively cool and calm, despite the provocations of his malicious critics, and emerges as the clear victor. [LD]   

VIDEO  :  27.30 mins

Liberating America From Israel


Paul Findley (1921-2019) served as a U.S. Congressional Representative from Illinois 1961-1983.  He died in August 2019, age 98. During his 22 years in Congress, he became known as a conscientious and forthright legislator, authoring three controversial books on the Middle East in which he dared to speak out against Israel’s war crimes and AIPAC’s stranglehold over the American government.

Nine-eleven would not have occurred if the U.S. government had refused to help Israel humiliate and destroy Palestinian society. Few express this conclusion publicly, but many believe it is the truth. I believe the 9/11 catastrophe could have been prevented if any U.S. president had had the courage and wisdom to suspend all U.S. aid until Israel withdrew from the Arab land seized in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war. Read More

Israel Demands its Pound of Flesh from the Longsuffering American Taxpayer

By Alison Weir
If Americans Only Knew
(Excerpts followed by short video)

Despite tens of millions of Americans out of work, all impacted by coronavirus cutbacks, experts expect that Israel will get its full massive aid package, $10.5 million per day. An Administration official says that Israelis don’t have to worry “even if there is a depression”… and even though the aid is damaging to American.


Image from 2019 Israeli report:
“Israelis Among Top Gainers in Wealth Over Past Year” (Shutterstock)

Israel’s Jerusalem Post newspaper reports that “nearly all the experts” it consulted believe that Israel will get at least $3.8 billion from the U.S. in the coming year despite economic devastation to the U.S. economy caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The Jewish newspaper notes that the aid is expected even though “American economic activity has declined in recent weeks at a rate not seen since the Great Depression.” Read More

SHOCK NEWS! — Has Bill Gates Found a Vaccine for Killing God?


“I’ve made a vaccine that kills God by altering the genetic structure of the brain. If you are one of those silly people who still believes in God, this vaccine will immunize you against that erroneous belief and turn you into a nice normal person who doesn’t believe in God…. Yes, we’re thinking of vaccinating billions of people to cure them of their toxic God Delusion. This is my second most important aim in life, apart from world depopulation, which is my principal aim : to kill the God Demon that lurks in the sick mind of man.”

— Bill Gates, disputed quote, possibly invented by evil conspiracy theorist. Read More

Signs of the SECOND HOLOCAUST are upon us as Trump prepares military to force vaccinate every American at gunpoint with untested, unsafe Covid vaccine before 2021

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of anyone associated with this website. Feel free to accept this article as gospel truth or to reject its basic premises and fear porn predictions.

By S.D. Wells,
Natural News via Truthseeker
May 14, 2020

“This is biological warfare being waged on domestic soil.
Deadly vaccines are coming to your doorstep with the US army soon.”
— S.D. Wells, Natural News
Read More

Israel To Annex the United States

By Philip Giraldi
The Unz review
May 12, 2020

Arch-Zionist US  ambassador to Israel,  David Friedman,
predicts a “deepening connnection
between Israel and the US”
if Donald Trump gets re-elected.

As the Beatles once put it, “I read the news today, oh boy…” One might argue that the “oh boy” has been part and parcel of one’s morning media review ever since 9/11, but depending on one’s own inclinations, the daily content might well be considered particularly depressing over the past several years. As regular readers of will already know, my particular perception is that the American “special relationship” with the Jewish state has been a disaster for the United States and for the entire Middle East region, to include even Israel itself. Read More

Contact Tracers: Snitches Sent by Big Pharma Aim to Extinguish Your Privacy


By John Kaminski
10 May 2020

Hiring Contact Tracing Investigators All Over the US
to Hunt Down and Remove the Infected

Remember where you are from. Think back to that exact time and try to imagine that you would ever have to worry about your neighbors coming to your home and then later reporting everything you told them to a government agency which was paying them to do exactly that! Think about how rare and odd it would have been, back in the old days, to even contemplate this idea. Now think about how commonplace it is today. Read More

BREAKING: Trump Rejects Fauci’s Advice and Accuses him of Fraud (Video)

LD: This video put out by Alex Jones on Info Wars was sent to me by a valued correspondent who is unashamedly pro-Trump. We have no problem running this on our website, given that many of our articles and videos in the past have been highly critical of President Trump .

This video will help to rectify any imbalance in our past reportage and make Trump supporters feel good.  It will also please those who are sick of this lockdown and want life to get back to normal. The video ends with these rousing words: “We salute President Trump for desperately trying to get our country out of cardiac arrest. Now we’ve got to come to the aid of our country, ourselves, and our president.”  

If you can’t access the video directly, try clicking on the link below:

VIDEO  :  8.40 mins

BREAKING! President Trump Sidelines Fauci For Fraud

David Icke: The Takeover of Planet Earth by Reptilian Humanoids from Outer Space

Are evil Space Lizards behind Covid-19 and the plot to depopulate the planet with killer vaccines?  

May 8, 2020

A lively Debate on the Darkmoon site 
edited by Lasha Darkmoon for concision and clarity.
Includes a  3-minute video clip.


They arrived in massive spacecraft, some of them miles in length…. These were extraterrestrials who came [here] hundreds of thousands of years ago…. [They] could levitate objects and themselves at will; they could cause spontaneous combustion…. Their bodies were less dense than ours and they could float above the ground through the power of their consciousness…. The time arrived when [these] Luciferic extraterrestrials sought to take over the planet….  An organisation, which I shall call the Brotherhood, has been used over thousands of years to manipulate the human race, and never more so than today.” — David Icke, The Robots’ Rebellion, Chapter 1, ‘The Takeover Bid’, pp. 7-12    Read More