Run for Your Life: The American Police State Is Coming to Get You

By John W. Whitehead

“This is what happens when you allow the government to call the shots.”

Daily, all across America, individuals who dare to resist—or even question—a police order are being subjected to all sorts of government-sanctioned abuse ranging from forced catheterization, forced blood draws, roadside strip searches and cavity searches, and other foul and debasing acts that degrade their bodily integrity and leave them bloodied and bruised. (more…)

Brainwashing People: The Ten Steps of Mind Manipulation

If you can get people to believe that Scotsmen wear saris, you can get them to believe almost anything.

WOMEN IN SARIS (left), MAN IN KILT (right)

According to recent research into the “illusory truth effect“,  it is relatively easy to brainwash people into believing a lie even after they know the truth. This is done simply by repeating the lie endlessly until it erases the truth formerly impressed on their minds. (more…)

Notes on Pythagoras

Reference Notes: 24,000 words approx.
For private members of the Golden Stairs Society.


1.  Pythagoras: A Brief Summary of his Philosophy.
2.  Pythagoras: His Life and Philosophy. (Detail)
3.  Pythagoras and Pythagoreanism.
(The Catholic Encyclopaedia)
4.  Bertrand Russell on Pythagoras.
‘The History of Western Philosophy’ (Chapter III)
5.  Pythagoras Through Quotations.
6.  The Complete Pythagoras.
7.  Life of Pythagoras, by Iamblichus (270 pp.) 

1. Pythagoras:
A Brief Summary of his Philosophy


Trump Has Killed Beautiful Babies in Four Countries


April 18, 2017.  US president Donald Trump sounded sincere when he described how he felt after seeing pictures of “beautiful little babies” allegedly killed by a Syrian government chemical weapons attack on April 4. 

“These heinous actions by the Assad regime cannot be tolerated,” said Trump, and hours later, the US launched nearly 60 tomahawk missiles in response to the allegations. 

But what about the beautiful little babies killed by US bombs since Trump became president? Is Trump not concerned about those children because they were killed by his missiles, and not Assad’s chemical weapons?


In the first three months of his presidency, Trump has dropped bombs – and killed children – in Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. (more…)

Horst Mahler’s last public appearance before returning to prison (15-minute video)

LD: By a curious coincidence, this moving video was sent in by Graham yesterday two minutes just after I’d finished viewing it. He requested its publication. So here it is. This is what these sick bullies in Occupied Germany do to Holocaust revisionists who have the courage to speak their minds.
Horst Mahler, I wish you could read my words. Accept my deepest respect and admiration for your work. And may God bless you and be with you in prison.

UPDATE: The video below is in the original German with English subtitles (15 mins). A more recent video with an English voiceover has just been sent to me, so if you prefer to listen to this in English, click HERE.

North Korean Dictator Threatens To Nuke America If Trump Doesn’t Back Off

By Larisa Brown
Defense Correspondent

NORTH Korea warned yes­ter­day that it would pulverise the United States if it was at­tacked by Wash­ing­ton and ac­cused Don­ald Trump of push­ing the world to the brink of nu­clear war.

‘We’ll pulverize you all!”

Supreme leader Kim Jong-un’s mil­i­tary said there would be a mer­ci­less re­sponse to any act of war by the US Pres­i­dent in which no ag­gres­sors would sur­vive.

American Psycho Drops Mother Of All Bombs On Afghanistan

Trump drops big­gest weapon since Na­gasaki on Afghanistan

Mail Foreign Service

DON­ALD Trump last night dropped the world’s largest ever non-nu­clear bomb in com­bat. Nick­named the Mother Of All Bombs, the 21,600lb de­vice was de­ployed by the US mil­i­tary to de­stroy a com­plex of caves and tun­nels hid­ing Is­lamic State fight­ers in Afghanistan, the White House said. The crater left by the blast is be­lieved to be more than 980ft wide and any­one at the site would have been va­por­ised. (more…)

The Psycho Revealed: Trumpenstein Removes His Mask


I submit that Trumpenstein is mentally deranged. He is simply not fit to hold the office of president, even if Jews were not pulling the strings. The thing is, Trumpenstein is escalating conflict everywhere. He’s loosening the rules of engagement and killing people en masse.

Tillerson is now making statements about “punishing criminals” anywhere in the world. Trumpenstein is a psychopath drunk on power. The world is going to have to stop this madman. (more…)

Trump’s Attack on Syria: Two Different Viewpoints

LD : We publish below two different articles, slightly abridged, from the mainstream media on Donald Trump’s recent attack on Syria. The first article is written by Sir Christopher Meyer, former British ambassador to Washington, who happens to be Jewish. You won’t like this article and will question its factual accuracy and its glib assumptions. The second article you will like a bit more. This is written by Peter Hitchens, a non-Jew, and it presents a diametrically opposite viewpoint. Oddly enough, both articles come from the same edition of the same newspaper, The Mail on Sunday. (more…)